nearmap for the Insurance Professionals


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A presentation of the features and benefits of nearmap for Insurance Industry professionals. Learn how our proprietary technology helps save time and money.

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  • distance to large tree; size of area of vegetation; length of driveway; roof area; distance to neighbouring property; distance between pool and hous
  • Beach erosion. Nagle Avenue, Miami Beach Queensland
  • Beach erosion. Nagle Avenue, Miami Beach Queensland
  • Pause to give the audience time to view…then point out various features real estate professions would be interested in i.e., did you notice…“block sizes”; “park”; “pools/tennis courts etc”; “patio/extension”; “proximity to the beach/school etc” … Ask audience – “what else did they notice”
  • Pause to give the audience time to view…then point out various features insurers would be interested in i.e., did you notice… “location of vegetation, density” (risk, security); “property is fully fenced” (security); “pool / tennis court / solar panels / etc”; “roof construction material”; “# buildings on block”; “trees blocking…”; “patio/extension”; “proximity of neighbours”; … Ask audience – “what else did they notice”
  • Bundaberg floods. January 2013.
  • Anatomy of PhotoMaps. These are the key components of the PhotoMaps browser application.
  • Manage multiple users. Reset passwords and change administration or billing contact rights Monitor usage for the current month and histori
  • HyperAnimate is a stand alone application for creating video animations using nearmap images. Create timelapse videos or virtual tours and export in a variety of video formats that can be included in presentations or uploaded to video hosting services such as YouTube or Vimeo.
  • nearmap for the Insurance Professionals

    1. 1. Clear. Current. Change. nearmap for Insurance Professionals
    2. 2. 2 Contents • About us • Product overview • Insurance Industry applications • Product features • Image gallery • Live demo
    3. 3. About us
    4. 4. Australia’s leading provider of high resolution aerial imagery • We fly and capture regularly • Covering more than 80% of the population • Our surveys are consistently online within a few days of capture
    5. 5. Stable. Reliable. Consistent. • ASX listed (NEA) • Operating since 2009 • Consistent growth
    6. 6. What our customers say • “The product was invaluable in assisting with projects involving floods in QLD and storm damage in NSW over the last 3 years - especially confirming whether a property has been damaged or not” • "Saves 100s of hours in potential site visits" • "nearmap allows us to conduct property surveys and assessments from our desks" • "Love the 'historical' capability of the imagery, as well as the 'recency'. Great work!!“ • “searching and navigating around the maps is always very quick and helps me give instant quotes over the phone” • “I love the fact that it just works all the time. I never have to wait for it to load and it’s always there when you need it. It’s like our own private eye in the sky” 6
    7. 7. Product Overview
    8. 8. PhotoMapsTM • High-resolution aerial PhotoMaps™ served straight to your web browser 8
    9. 9. Clear • nearmap’s state-of- the art technology provides unrivalled clarity, capturing images at 7.5cm and 10cm 10
    10. 10. 11
    11. 11. Current • Unmatched currency through regular updates and rapid publishing consistently provides images within a few days of capture 15
    12. 12. Barangaroo Development– August 2013
    13. 13. Change • Timeline feature enables changes to be tracked over time 17
    14. 14. 18 Bundaberg Floods –
    15. 15. Bundaberg Floods –
    16. 16. Applications for Insurance Professionals
    17. 17. Use the measurement tool to understand sizes and distances 21
    18. 18. Macquarie Park Fire
    19. 19. 23
    20. 20. Understand if the property is at risk from environmental issues 24
    21. 21. Beach erosion. Nagle Avenue, Miami Beach Queensland -
    22. 22. Beach erosion. Nagle Avenue, Miami Beach Queensland -
    23. 23. View an intersection from your desktop 27
    24. 24. Quickly understand the features of the surrounding area 29
    25. 25. What do you see? Flood zone? Front door not visible from the street Overhanging trees Pool Fence? Broken boundary fence? 3 street frontages No off-street parking
    26. 26. Search an address to quickly and clearly identify property features 31
    27. 27. Get the most up-to-date view of properties and track changes over time 33
    28. 28. Include high resolution images in your reports and presentations 37
    29. 29. Bundaberg Floods –
    30. 30. Summary of benefits for Insurance Professionals • Save time by remotely assessing and surveying properties • Understand the features of the surrounding area • Understand if the property is in a risk zone • Get recent property views and track changes over time • Measure distances and areas from the desktop 39
    31. 31. Application Features
    32. 32. Map Browser 41 • PhotoMaps • Terrain view • MultiView • StreetMap
    33. 33. SearchSearch ZoomZoom controlscontrols SearchSearch resultsresults TimelinTimelin ee CurrentlyCurrently selectedselected surveysurvey LayersLayers menumenu ToolsTools menumenu CurrentCurrent survey datesurvey date ScaleScale Survey dateSurvey date selectselect Historic surveyHistoric survey markersmarkers Right-clickRight-click menumenu
    34. 34. Account Management • Manage users • Monitor usage • Upgrade plan 43
    35. 35. HyperAnimate 45
    36. 36. Upcoming features
    37. 37. Features in development 47 • Property Reports • Demographic data overlay • Drop pins and save notes • Survey update notifications
    38. 38. Image Gallery
    39. 39. Live demo
    40. 40. Try for yourself 56 experience a fully featured, geographically limited area of Adelaide Log in using: Username: demo Password: demo
    41. 41. 57 See full details of our coverage
    42. 42. Contact us Enquire Now Call us 1800 nearmap (1800 632 762) 58
    43. 43. Thank You