Digital marketing - An Emerging Career Option


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Are you passionate about technology and the increasing impact it has on people's lives everyday? Do you feel creativity is one of your strengths? Do you believe in the potential of Internet as a new medium of communication? Would you rather have an exciting career rather than a traditional marketing job? Well, a career in Digital Marketing may be the right one for you.

Listen to the Interview with Jamshed.V.Rajan, Country Head, Nimbuzz (Naspers Group) who shares his experience and opportunities in Digital Marketing arena.

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Digital marketing - An Emerging Career Option

  1. 1. An Emerging Career Option
  2. 2. Are you passionate about technology &increasing impact it has on people’s lives everyday?
  3. 3. Do you feel creativity is one of your strengths?
  4. 4. Do you believe in the potential of Internet as a new medium of communication?
  5. 5. So , Here’s an exciting Career option for you Internet Marketing
  6. 6. Jamshed V Rajan Country Head, India at Nimbuzz (Naspers Group)Jamshed Rajan has around 12 years of professionalexperience – in building online communication both oninternet & intranet. His exposure to the internet saw himhoning his skills in product management, including but notrestricted to content, community building, user trends, andpage views/user sessions/activities target management. Hehas been associated with brands like The New Indian Express, Pvt. Ltd, Yahoo India, ibibo Web Pvt. Ltd & manymore.
  7. 7. Career in Digital Marketing• Exciting Career• Constant changes in technology & competition• Constant interaction with advertisers & vendors• A booming sector poised for huge growth.• Better paying domain
  8. 8. Digital Marketing• Most democratic Marketing Channels• Marketing through Internet, Mobile, Television & Radio• More the traffic on site, more prominent in search engines• More the traffic, more is the advertising rates• Advertising money is spent only when people click
  9. 9. Growth Trend of Digital MarketingComprises 4 parameters:• Gadgets available for common man• Adoption of gadgets by common man• Time required for technology to reach users• Advertisers reaching users Louder the advertiser shouts, Faster the technology reaches users
  10. 10. Growth Trend of Internet Market in India• Biggest nation in Broadband usage• Highest number of mobile users in world• Strengthening of the Infrastructure• Job opportunities are emerging in the sector
  11. 11. Types of Websites• Customer to Customer Websites –• Business to Business Websites –• Business to Customer Websites –• Job sites –• Content Creators – company specific websites• Portals –
  12. 12. Types of Digital Advertising
  13. 13. Paid Advertising• Involves buying Advertisements• Biggest advertisers are Google, Yahoo & Microsoft.• Marketing Challenge is to minimize the cost per acquired customer
  14. 14. Free Advertising• Website Promotions/Contests• Word of mouth/Referrals• Search Engine Optimization• Social Networks• Really simple syndication
  15. 15. Qualification/Personality Traits Required• Requires people with knowledge• Start a career in Internet Marketing as Graduates• MBA’s are preferred
  16. 16. Careers in Digital Marketing
  17. 17. Job Opportunities• SEO• Search Engine Marketing• Affiliate Marketing• Brand Marketing• Blogger• Social Media Marketing
  18. 18. Companies providingCareer Opportunities in Digital Marketing• New Media & Digital Media Agencies• Advertising Agencies• E-business & E-commerce companies• Companies providing Online Marketing Product & Services• Corporate Employers recruiting for In-House Online marketing related jobs• SEM & SEO Firms
  19. 19. Digital Marketing An Emerging Career Option