The Ultimate Guide to
Edmonton Garage Door
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5 garage door Issues you can’t afford to Ignore
Garage door issues are not uncommon. Yet, it is often noticed that homeown...
Ignoring your garage door can lead to potential damage. You may have to cough up large cash in repair and
replacement. A l...
However, Security features should not be ignored. Digital locks, restricted entry controls, secured remote
operation and l...
doors from trusted brands. The Edmonton garage door repair professionals will offer you advice on the right
 Roller...
These are known for their quiet operation. Belt drive systems are reliable and high in performance for residential
The best thing you can do to maintain your garage in optimum working condition is to sign an annual contract with
Camrose ...
High quality doors need less maintenance. This means that the parts installed in the door undergo wear and tear at a
slow ...
The other side of the coin should also be considered. When garage door is not insulated, energy from within your home
is l...
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Edmonton garage door services


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Edmonton garage door services

  1. 1. The Ultimate Guide to Edmonton Garage Door Direct From Experienced Experts Managing a Garage is never an easy job, but with this Guide you will come to now all the basic things you need to know. FIRST time in history a direct guide from experts about Garage Door Repairs
  2. 2. 5 garage door Issues you can’t afford to Ignore Garage door issues are not uncommon. Yet, it is often noticed that homeowners do not pay much attention towards maintenance. Only to be stuck with a non-functional door one day and pay huge sum for repair or replacement. But garage door repair Edmonton professionals suggest that simple maintenance and servicing can help avoid various issues plaguing your door. Here are some issues (and remedies) that homeowners can take care of easily. 1. “My garage door is making a strange squeaking noise when operated.” – The most widely heard concern of homeowners. Modern doors have metallic parts including chains, pulleys and tracks. Regular use can cause these moving parts to develop friction due to rust. A simple lubricant can be applied to rollers, springs and bearings to stop noise. Tracks and belts, however, must not be lubricated. Call the professionals if nose persists as the parts may need replacement. 2. “Garage door Cable looks frayed.” – Garage door cables carry a lot of weight. So, the tension over the years can cause fraying of cables. This poses serious problems to the operator of the door. Do not try to repair them on your own. There is a lot of tension in the cable which, if snapped, can cause fatal injuries. Do not touch the attached spring either. Always call professionals to repair cables and springs. 3. “My door operates in a bumpy fashion with a lot of noise.” – Irregular motion and loud noise can be attributed to zero maintenance. Regular servicing takes care of the balancing and alignment issues in the doors. If the balance is off, a simple spring check can solve the issue. There may be other factors also such as beam alignment, metal tracks alignment etc that may be causing bumpy motion. Photo sensor alignment can also cause irregular motion. If maintenance does not solve the issue, call the garage door repair experts. 4. “Why doesn’t the Door open when I arrive with my car?” – Most modern doors operate with a remote opening/closing function. The remote is fitted in your car and the sensor on the door. So, if such a problem arises there may be a fault in this wireless network connection. Either the remote batteries are dried-up or the sensor on the door is faulty. If the door operates using the manual button, try replacing the batteries. Otherwise, check the sensor signal strength. Also, check the opener when you are at it. 5. “My opener deformed the panels when opening the door.” – This is what happens when you don’t use steel stiffener. It has to be installed in combination with the opener. It helps regulate the opener action and prevent any unnecessary bending or deforming of the panels during opening and closing. Also, the opener must be installed right in the middle of the door. If installed at either side or off the center, the opener tends to move the panel onto one side. This can seriously damage the panels.
  3. 3. Ignoring your garage door can lead to potential damage. You may have to cough up large cash in repair and replacement. A little servicing and maintenance can go a long way in extending the life of your door. And with garage door repair Edmonton getting cheaper by the day; why not call a reputed servicing company. Edmonton Garage Door Repair Company offers exclusive installation, repair and parts replacement services throughout British Columbia. We deal in all the major brands, makes and models. Take advantage of our discounts and offers and keep your garage door in pristine condition. How to Buy Garage Doors – A Guide for Homeowners and Businesses Garage doors are the largest and most expensive doors installed in your home. Though they have a shelf life of around, 15-20 years they have to be replaced due to many reasons. If you are in the market for a new door, you are sure to be overwhelmed with choices. There are so many brands, models, and makes to choose from. The right guidance of garage door repair Edmonton specialists can help customers make an enlightened decision. What to look for in Garage Doors  Brands – Your budget will determine the brand and model. Make a budget and stick to it before walking into a shop. There are many brands available in the market including Wayne Dalton, Sears, Lynx, Amarr, Clopay etc. All these brands offer a variety of models with a host of features I each one of them. As the features and material options rise, the price also tends to go higher. Don’t fall into the traps of salesman and choose according to your needs.  Materials - Before you are lured in by various features, pay attention to the material of the garage door. Steel, wood, aluminum, and fiber are the most widely used materials for manufacturing doors. Steel offers sturdy built and reliable performance. Wood also offers reliability and great aesthetics. But these materials require regular maintenance. Aluminum is the best alternative to steel doors. They are light, well-built, low maintenance and economical as well.  Features – Different people require different features. There are simple security features to the ones that just make operation easier. It is advised that do not go for extremely technical features as they will be as expensive to maintain. Many times, most of the features are nothing more than a show off rather than serving a practical purpose.
  4. 4. However, Security features should not be ignored. Digital locks, restricted entry controls, secured remote operation and lighting are some features that you should pay close attention to. Also, do research before you go and buy a door. Know about all the security features and the purpose they serve. Compare the various features offered in different models of doors.  Garage Door Openers – Openers are the heart of every garage door. They open and close the panel. So, the right opener must be synchronized with the appropriate door. While selecting opener, consider the HP rating, chain type or belt type, match with the door type etc. They must be installed carefully. Add steel stiffener to the opener in order to avoid bending/deforming of panels.  Insulation – A well insulated door can save you hundreds of dollars inutility bills. Doors which have good R value for insulation help maintain a normal temperature inside garage. So, there is hardly any need for additional heating or cooling. Garage professionals should be consulted before putting your money on the table. These professionals have years of experience and know the industry like the back of their hands. Think before replacing the door as sometimes garage door repair discounts can save you considerable money. Edmonton garage door repair provides world-class repair and installation services to BC residents. Our experts have installed hundreds of doors and helped residents with emergency services. Garage Door Repair Edmonton Professionals Reveal their Secret Tips It is surprising to notice how many people prefer to choose expensive replacement instead of repairs. In case your garage door is causing trouble, you should look into repair as well. Most of the times, the companies prefer that customers buy a new door. If you happen to notice the issues concerning your old garage door, you will observe that a repair job will cost significantly less. Here are some tips from Edmonton garage door repair professionals that can help you do some DIY repairs. DIY garage Door Repair Tips As per Edmonton garage door repair professionals, the reasons for garage door malfunctioning can be myriad. Usually, the reasons may not be the ones you think. So, let’s see the reasons and probable solutions to your garage door woes.  Poor Garage door Installation – This is an inherent problem right from the start. You will notice it the first time you open/close your door. The only solution to this problem is to ensure that the right professionals install your garage door. It must be installed with high precision by the right individuals. The slightest flaw can cause abrupt functioning or even complete breakdown. The garage door manufacturer instructions must be followed diligently.  Low Quality Products – with market today flooded with cheap garage doors, it is easy to be conned into buying a low quality garage door. Do some research before buying a garage door. Choose only high –quality garage
  5. 5. doors from trusted brands. The Edmonton garage door repair professionals will offer you advice on the right door.  Roller and Rail – These are perhaps the most common cause of garage door breakdown. Your garage door might be infected with misaligned guide rails or bad rollers. This could occur due to improper guide rail installation or jerks during daily functioning. Also, jammed rollers can be cured by some lubrication. Use the right oil for lubrication as recommended by the manufacturer.  Opener Breakdown – garage door opener is the life and soul of the door. It helps lift the heavy door and close it as well. It works in tandem with the garage door springs. It consists of both mechanical as well as mechanical moving parts. So, a lot can go wrong here. Garage door openers usually suffer from poor installation, inadequate power, excessive usage and spring mismanagement. All of these problems must be looked into by a professional.  Dry Parts – Garage doors work through a watch-like coherent movement of many parts. Its working depends on the right moving action of all the mechanical parts. And all these parts require regular lubrication for smooth functioning. Make sure that you oil the important parts of your Edmonton garage door or it will jam.  Wiring Issues – There are electrical components in the garage doors that need to be handled carefully. The cable and wires can run their lifetime and need to be replaced. Know the ratings of the wires and electrical equipments installed.  Alignments – The tracks or the railings can be misaligned due to continuous operation. This will put load on the opener as well as cause the panels to bend/twist. Check the alignment of the railings and tracks for optimal operation. Besides these, there are many other tricks up the sleeves of garage door repair Edmonton professionals. Call them to solve your garage door issues. Garage Openers – Excerpts from Garage Door Repair Edmonton Professionals There is a glut of information on the web about garage door openers. But it becomes difficult to decipher the enormous information into good data that can be used by residents to help themselves. Garage door purchase and repair are very important decisions. So, garage door repair Edmonton professionals are going to discuss some of their secret knowledge that will help you, the average homeowner, to successfully purchase and repair the garage door openers. Residential Garage Door Openers Garage door openers are the most important part of the residential garage doors. Many brands manufacture garage door openers. All of them offer good features combined with great efficiency. Choose models as per the garage door openers as per your door’s weight and horsepower requirements. According to the Edmonton garage door repair professionals, choose an opener that can withstand heavy usage and also stand to harsh weather conditions. You should also pay attention to the accessories that go along with your door opener. Here are some types of garage door openers Edmonton available in the market. 1. Belt Drive Systems
  6. 6. These are known for their quiet operation. Belt drive systems are reliable and high in performance for residential purposes. DC motor offers smooth running operation. The rubber belt ensures that there is less noise during opening and closing of the garage door. So, in case, your garage door is very close to a room, you can rest assured that you will not be disturbed. Some of the models offer battery backup for improved performance and safety. Remote operation allows owners to operate their garage doors from anywhere in the city. 2. Screw Drive Openers These are more suitable for extreme climates. Screw-drive garage door openers also offer extremely quiet operation and smooth motor. When you need the ultimate performance, choose screw-drive garage door openers. 3. Chain Driven Openers This is the model that most people install. Most of the companies manufacture large stock of chain drive garage door openers. But they have one huge disadvantage. They make a lot of noise during the opening and closing operation. The metal chain involved in the operation creates a lot of disturbance. But price wise, these are the best choice for residential purposes. Programming Garage Door Openers Most of the garage door repair Edmonton professionals will complete the opener programming when they install the door. These are default settings as per your requirements. Also, the manufacturer has some default settings in the opener that will work for most situations. But you can read the instructions manual and set your own preferences. You can change the opening and closing time, the speed of operation, security settings, passwords and even lighting during the operation. Getting Technical Support for Edmonton Garage Doors Garage doors can be quiet confusing to operate and repair. There are certain components that should be handled with extreme care. So, it is imperative that garage door Edmonton professionals be called in times of emergency. These people have years of experience to back their skills. Experts are known to install and repair garage doors within hours. Do not get involved in the dangerous repair tasks of a garage door. Trust professionals to handle the garage door repair Edmonton. Camrose Garage Door Service – Advantages Of Regular Inspection and Necessary Repair Garage door are mechanical elements that are prone to damage over a period of time. This happens to all doors, both automatic and manual. Wear and tear is something that you cannot avoid. However, if you ignore the wearing, you could end up having to replace the door. A good way to avoid trouble is to hire a good Camrose garage door service and have the door inspected once or twice a year. The benefits that you enjoy are many. Save money by regular inspection
  7. 7. The best thing you can do to maintain your garage in optimum working condition is to sign an annual contract with Camrose garage door service. Our contracts are very affordable. In return, you get guaranteed service of the garage door as per a prefixed schedule. Although you spend a bit more on such an annual contract, the service is worth it because you save expenses in the long run. In a garage door, all elements are closely connected and the entire system works with clockwork precision. If one of the components suffers damage, the entire machinery is affected. If neglected, the problems go beyond repair and replacement becomes the only solution. Timely detection and repair can save you a lot of expenses. Additionally, technology has developed numerous repair solutions for garage door these days. So, many problems that were considered irreparable in the past can now be repaired. However, in case of excessive wear and tear, replacement is still the best solution. Ensure the safety of your family Garage doors can become very dangerous when they begin to malfunction. Depending on the kind of damage caused, the door might come crashing down when you open it. This usually happens when the spring assembly is damaged. The thing is, nothing happens without intimation. Before a garage door can become dangerous, it gives you certain indications. The most common indications are creaking or squeaking noise and imbalance in the door when opening and closing. Imbalance refers to the condition in which one side of the door raises more or less than the other side. So, when the door is opening, it appears tilted. Another factor that indicates damage is unsmooth movement. While opening, the door jerks and get stuck for no seeming reason. Timely inspection can unearth the real cause of these problems and protect your family from hazards. In the long run, regular inspection pays off because the longevity of the door increases by several notches. Residential Garage Door Repair – Why the Quality of Door Is More Important Than Its Cost Garage doors are an important part of your home. They lend security to your vehicles. Additionally, if you buy and install insulated garage doors, you can reduce the energy consumed by the heating cooling devices installed in your home. However, if you want to make the most of your garage doors and obtain a high ROI from your investment, you need to buy high quality doors. In the long term, you save money and avoid a lot of hassle because high quality doors do not need frequent repairs. In addition to installing high quality doors, you must also ensure proper installation and maintenance in order to ensure their longevity. Installation plays a major role in ensuring smooth functioning of the door. However, since all garage door parts are mechanical elements, they undergo wear and tear. So, timely residential garage door repair is a must for hassle free door handling experience. Benefits of high quality garage doors
  8. 8. High quality doors need less maintenance. This means that the parts installed in the door undergo wear and tear at a slow pace and hence, you do not need frequent repairs. However, if you do see a high quality door performing inefficiently, it almost always indicates some problem in installation. So, get the door checked by a professional. Another advantage of a high quality door it is insulation capacity. Doors with high insulation capacity are stronger as well. Additionally, they conserve energy of your home interiors and reduce your heating and cooling bills. When you buy garage doors, there are two things that are your major considerations. First, the performance of the doors needs to be robust. Second, costs have to be within the affordable range. Unfortunately, these two aspects are sort of paradoxical because it is tough to find high quality doors within low costs. So, is there a solution? You can save costs without compromising on quality by choosing the right door material and style. For instance, steel doors are more expensive than fiberglass ones. So, you can select a strong fiberglass garage door with a robust overlay for enhanced strength at low costs. Wood doors tend to be expensive. So, you can avoid those. The style of door also makes a difference to costs. For instance, rolling doors are more expensive than the other doors because the mechanism required for them is more advance, especially when you order electronic doors. So, consider the different pros and cons, check out different combinations and make the right choice. Compromising on quality for the sake of costs is not the right thing to do. Camrose Garage Door Repair – Why Is Insulation So Important? When you buy a garage door for your home, what are the different things that you look for? Some of the most common things would be the material of the door, its style and functionality. Besides these, there is another factor that you must consider while choosing garage doors – its insulation factor. Also, if you notice any kind of damage to the insulation capacity of the garage door after it is installed, you need to hire a garage door repair Camrose service and get the door fixed at the earliest. Insulation is tremendously important and can help you save money in the long run Why insulate garage doors? Insulated garage doors give you two benefits. First, they enhance the ‘green quotient’ of your home. This means that your home becomes more eco friendly. Second, insulated doors are safer. Besides these two major benefits, there are several other unexpected advantages that you enjoy. Save money on energy bills You can understand the importance of insulation by analysing the repercussions of not insulating garage doors. Consider the heating and cooling requirements of your home. The best way to reduce energy consumption is to prevent external climate from influencing the climate inside your home. For this, you need to seal all openings. If a garage door is not insulated, you notice an increase the energy needed to counter the external weather. Subsequently, your energy bills increase.
  9. 9. The other side of the coin should also be considered. When garage door is not insulated, energy from within your home is lost, both in summers and winters. Heat always flows from places of high temperature to places of low temperature. In summers, hot air from outside enters the cooler space in your home and increases the power consumed by your air conditioning units. In winders, heat from within your home flows out because the external temperature is lower. As a result, the energy needed to heat your space increases. A robustly insulated garage door prevents such undesirable expenses by reducing energy loss by more than 70 percent. Increase the healthiness quotient of your home Garage doors that are not insulated allow small living creatures to enter your home and cause infestation. Small ants and insects can become a big nuisance and necessitate hiring a pest removal service. Moreover, these pests multiply very quickly. An effective way of keeping them off your home is to insulate your space. You can begin with the garage door. Protect your home interiors Moisture form rains and snow can cause major damage to your furniture and upholstery. Over a period of time, fabric and wood elements become moldy and begin to deteriorate. In order to prevent such an occurrence, you need to control the amount of moisture in your space. Insulating your garage door is a good way to do it. Noise insulation Insulated doors protect not only against temperature and heat, but also against sound. If you live in high traffic areas and want some peace when you are indoors, you must insulate your garage doors. For stronger insulation, you can insulate all the windows of your home. You can judge the insulation value of a garage door by its R-value. Higher the R-value, greater is the insulation efficiency. If you notice a sudden increase in your energy bills, hire a Camrose garage door repair because there could be some damage in the insulation capacity of your door. VISIT US FOR MORE: HTTP://WWW.EDMONTONGARAGEDOORSERVICE.CA/