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Founders Den App Store Optimization by Yann Kronberg
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Founders Den App Store Optimization by Yann Kronberg


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Founders Den App Store Optimization by Yann Kronberg

Founders Den App Store Optimization by Yann Kronberg

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  • 1. 1 App Store Optimization How to optimize your game or get your app ready for massive distribution and monetization Yann Kronberg, Director of Product Mobile Advertising March 14, 2014
  • 2. 2 •  Introduction •  App Store Optimization –  How to market your App/Game ? –  App stores – does it still matter ? –  Nailing the most important conversion levers –  How to achieve successful ASO in 1-2-3 steps –  Privacy a key differentiator •  Get your game ready: Data driven –  The most important metric –  Real time dashboard –  Metrics you need to put in place. –  Ready for CPI campaign Agenda
  • 3. 3 •  8 years in Mobile advertising (Adinfuse / Velti / Mobclix / Lifestreet / TRUSTe) - 100 Millions + of apps/games downloads •  Angel invertor: Liftmedia, Royal Wheel, GoPhigital, Loopme Media * •  Love for building cool products, currently playing with hadoop/big data Introduction
  • 4. 4 How to market your app ? Native App Store COST Effort Third Party App Store User Acquisition: Incentive User Acquisition: Non Incentive PR Blog Social Media Cross Promotion Social, SSP, Ad Network US, Europe, Asia
  • 5. 5 Native App Store – Does it still matter ? $1.3 billion in 2013 | 150 billions downloads * Source app Annie – 2013 retrospectives / Statistic brains 2013 / Forbes $10 billions in 2013 | 125 billions downloads $0.95 billion in 2013 | 4.1 billions downloads $ 0.55 billion in 2013 | 2.4 billions downloads
  • 6. 6 •  Users go to the app store, Search for apps using 1 or 2 keywords. (95% of the time will pick the one of the 3 apps that is returned). •  On average users spend only 5 seconds deciding whether or not they will download your app. Learn here how to capitalize on this buying spontaneity. –  Icons / Tile & Screenshots –  Your keywords –  Your reviews Nailing the most important conversion levers
  • 7. 7 •  Optimize App Title (Apple App Store & Google Play) –  Your app title should both brand your business and communicate the benefit(s) to the user. –  Keep it simple. AB Test your icon / copy successful icon from somebody else –  Google play has specific guidance on keyword stuffing in app titles and penalties for doing so. Apple’s App Store does not. •  Optimize your screenshots –  Focus 95% of the your effort on the first screen shot. It is the screenshot that will get the looked at the most –  Test good customer quotes on screenshots (Apple app store) –  Google Play actually allows a mobile app promotional video to precede the screen shots How to achieve successful ASO - 1
  • 8. 8 Great first Screenshot
  • 9. 9 •  What counts for keywords? (Apple App Store & Google Play) –  Words in your app title (Apple App Store & Google Play) –  Short Description (Google Play only) o  What value your app offers and why someone would let it occupy their precious mobile storage space –  Long description (Google Play only) o  Benefits to the users, unique features –  Description of your company (Apple App Store only) –  Keywords in your itunes connect (100 characters) – (Apple App Store only) •  When you make an app/ game update it’s a good time for testing. How to achieve successful ASO - 2
  • 10. 10 •  Get some help: app store keyword research, competitive intelligence, search rankings, and analytics –  Searchman –  SensorTower –  Mobiledevhq –  Google’s Keyword Tool •  Primary Category (Apple App Store & Google Play) –  Primary category that accurately reflects the app’s features and benefits •  Secondary Category (Apple App Store) –  Does not do much in my humble opinion, just help with the discoverability of your app How to achieve successful ASO - 2
  • 11. 11 •  Ratings & Reviews –  Why don’t you build a great product ? –  Ask friends to review J –  Provide review feedback capability within the app so that they do not provide feedback only via the app store –  Ask for 5 stars review –  Use Apptentive for capturing feedback, messaging with users, and soliciting customer reviews How to achieve successful ASO - 3
  • 12. 12 •  Statistics / Research: –  The Path case – ($800k fine) –  78% will not download an app they do not trust. –  76% believe that they are ultimately responsible for their privacy –  69% do not like ad tracking. – •  Associate your brand with Trusted Partner: TRUSTe Privacy: A key differentiator
  • 13. 13 ASO is implemented – now what ? •  You need to understand your game and its user inside out. Meaning you need to measure everything you can. •  How am I making money ? •  How much money from Advertising, how much money from in app purchase ? •  How long do user stay active in my game ? •  What is the % of active user, passive user, Ultra Active user (95% of $) •  What can I do to make a passive user become Ultra Active ? •  Every gamer need to understand: –  AVG(REV) by country by Platform, by user
  • 14. 14 •  You need to compute a real time predicted revenue or rtPR for your user worldwide: How do you compute this formula for your game ? rtPR = (AVG(Ad$/Month)/User + AVG(In app$/month)/User) * P(LT) *1000 “ Can not optimize for you don’t measure” – Naghi Prasad The most important metric
  • 15. 15 Real Time Dashboard you need.
  • 16. 16 •  User engagement = return rate, session frequency, session length, time lapsed between sessions, intensity of play, average number of days played per week •  Payback Days: Cost - LTV •  Predicted churn: #User at risk of leaving based on user lifetime at a given time •  Remaining lifetime: Predicted #of days remaining for users •  Predicted lifetime value: $ and time associated to a user •  App store ranking: Rank in the app store •  DAU: Daily average users •  CPI: Cost Per install Metrics you need to put in place
  • 17. 17 You are ready to start global CPI campaigns
  • 18. 18 Questions? Email: @mobilegaraje