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Edgefx Technologies Pvt. Ltd provides 100% output guaranteed electrical and electronic project kits for 3rd and final year engineering students. We are helping thousands of ECE, EEE & EIE students in improving their practical knowledge in electronics.

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EdgefxKits Presentation

  1. 1. Product Presentation „DIY(Do It Yourself)Edgefx Kit Edgefx Project Kit‟ “360 Degree Education Approach” INFORMATION www.edgefxkits.in TECHNOLOGY
  2. 2. About usEdgefx Kits & Solutions delivers precisionengineered DIY Edgefx Project Kits andaccessories for the engineering and technicalstudents powered with a complete learningand full technical support. INFORMATION www.edgefxkits.in TECHNOLOGY
  3. 3. Existing SystemIn the context of limited time and resources forthe Engineering students, institutions are lookingfor resources and guidance in completing theproject work as per the university guidelines andthus help students in maneuvering the practicalside of electronics. INFORMATION www.edgefxkits.in TECHNOLOGY
  4. 4. Proposed SolutionPrecision engineered „DIY Edgefx Project Kit‟are exclusively designed to provide best overallproject solution and complete support in the formof audio-visuals which explain the functioningand practical applications of each and everycomponent used in the project with 100%guaranteed output. INFORMATION www.edgefxkits.in TECHNOLOGY
  5. 5. Job ProspectsAccording to NASSCOM- Embedded Industry would employ 7,50,000 professionals by 2015. INFORMATION www.edgefxkits.in TECHNOLOGY
  6. 6. Technology AreasEdgefx Kit is available in the areas of:• Embedded Systems• Robotics• Electrical• Communication• General Electronics• Power Electronics• Solar• Sensor Based• Emerging technologies INFORMATION www.edgefxkits.in TECHNOLOGY
  7. 7. Key Differentiators• Assurance of service and back up• 360 degree customer education approach• 100% Guaranteed output• World class Processes and Systems INFORMATION www.edgefxkits.in TECHNOLOGY
  8. 8. Features, Advantages & Benefits-I Features Advantages Benefits ‘Edgefx Kits’ are You adhere to a Your acceptance inorganized exactly like how professional industry increases a project needs to be approach of solving enormously handled problem statement‘Edgefx Kits’ are designed You are not duped or In the process youas self-learning kits which spoon-fed by complete the project by are user-friendly and self- outsiders yourself explanatory You can learn as well as ‘Edgefx Kits’ have You save time and work on your projectscomplete, robust, built-in spare frustration constructively without support system any external help. INFORMATION www.edgefxkits.in TECHNOLOGY
  9. 9. Features, Advantages & Benefits-II Features Advantages Benefits ‘Edgefx Kits’ are You can be confident You can enjoy 100% quality tested by highly about your learning guaranteed output qualified engineers process You can utilize your‘Edgefx Kits’ have all the You need not waste valuable time in carryingmaterial and information in time in searching for out your exciting them the same experiments You get great assistance ‘Edgefx Kits’ are Your students learn in qualifying for a job professionally designed the industry standards interview successfully! You don’t need to ‘Edgefx Kits’ are priced spend on any externalreasonably and we train your You save a lot of time and assistance to manpower technically to money complete your handle kits free of cost projects INFORMATION www.edgefxkits.in TECHNOLOGY
  10. 10. Edgefx Kit Education www.edgefxedu.in Programming conceptsFault finding Simulation skills 360 Degree Hardware education PracticalAssembly & approach Electronics SolderingTechniques Component Circuit design Identification parameters INFORMATION www.edgefxkits.in TECHNOLOGY
  11. 11. Edgefx Kit Contents Box Packing Zero Audio Board Visuals Loads Code & Docume ntation Consu mablesAnother setof SolderableComponents Tool Kit Detachable Acces Assembled Components sories Bare & tested -MC, IC’s etc. PCB INFORMATION PCB TECHNOLOGY
  12. 12. Edgefx Kit Hardware Contents HARDWAREA fully Assembled & Tested PCBPlain PCBZero BoardAnother set of Solder able ComponentsA set of detachable components (Microcontroller,Loads, LCD, other ICs etc.)Tool Kit (Multimeter, Screwdriver, Cutter &Soldering Iron)Consumables INFORMATION www.edgefxkits.in TECHNOLOGY
  13. 13. Edgefx Kit Hard Copy Contents HARD COPY CONTENTSAssembly procedureBill of materialCircuit diagramCircuit voltage parameters for testingComponent Layout Diagram INFORMATION www.edgefxkits.in TECHNOLOGY
  14. 14. Edgefx Kit Soft Copy Contents SOFT COPY CONTENTSAbstractBlock DiagramCircuit diagram with explanationSource CodeComponent datasheetProject DocumentationSeminar power point presentation INFORMATION www.edgefxkits.in TECHNOLOGY
  15. 15. Edgefx Kit Audio-Visual Contents• Practical Electronics• Component testing & functioning• Soldering techniques • 2 hours AV on general assembly• Project output procedure of the kit• AV on general handling of the kit INFORMATION www.edgefxkits.in TECHNOLOGY
  16. 16. Sample Output Audio-Visual INFORMATION www.edgefxkits.in TECHNOLOGY
  17. 17. Sample-Component Audio-Visual INFORMATION www.edgefxkits.in TECHNOLOGY
  18. 18. What do you Learn ?Programming Concepts Practical Electronics and Complete Knowledge about the project Circuit Design parameters Hands on Assembling experience De-bugging independently and enhancing the fault finding skills Component Identification, Soldering & Hardware Assembly TechniquesTo take up higher order practical research work in Embedded System INFORMATION www.edgefxkits.in TECHNOLOGY
  19. 19. Do It Yourself INFORMATIONwww.edgefxkits.in TECHNOLOGY
  20. 20. Avail Free Service!• Connect on Skype-Id : egdefxkits• E-mail us on : support@edgefxkits.in• Call us on our Toll Free number: 1 800 108 7475• Send us your assembled board and we will service it for free!! INFORMATION www.edgefxkits.in TECHNOLOGY
  21. 21. How to purchase the projects ? • Offline Purchase: Locate a Dealer near you on website and get going! • Online Purchase : Safe & Secure purchase on our website www.edgefxkits.in INFORMATION www.edgefxkits.in TECHNOLOGY
  22. 22. Contact us• Website : www.edgefxkits.in• Toll Free number : 1 800 108 7475• Mobile : 0 99591 78000• E-mail : info@edgefxkits.in INFORMATION105, 3rd Floor, Liberty Plaza, Himayatnagar, Hyderabad- TECHNOLOGY 500029. AP- India.
  23. 23. Dealer Achin Jain, Hi-Tech Communication (p) Ltd.,39F/215 Sky Tower Sanjay Place, Agra - 282002 Mobile:-9219508245, 9897950245 E-mail: ptbagra@yahoo.co.in 105, 3rd Floor, Liberty Plaza, Himayatnagar, Hyderabad- INFORMATION 500029. AP- India. TECHNOLOGY