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Case Study: Old spice for PRSA
Case Study: Old spice for PRSA
Case Study: Old spice for PRSA
Case Study: Old spice for PRSA
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Case Study: Old spice for PRSA


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Caso de Estudio: Old Spice para PRSA en Español.

Caso de Estudio: Old Spice para PRSA en Español.

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  • 1. Old Spice Rides Horse Into History PainePR and Wieden+Kennedy and Old Spice, Jan 1,2011 Summary: 2011 SILVER ANVIL AWARD WINNER — INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIONS — CONSUMER PRODUCTS Smell Like a Man, Man Campaign: Old Spice Rides Horse Into History Generating publicity for a great commercial seems simple, especially when it's the Old Spice Guy. However, securing 2 billion+ media impressions from 1,000+ placements, including Oprah, Ellen and Jay Leno, and helping make the campaign – and its break-out star – one of the most buzzed about cultural icons in marketing and on the Internet was the result of a carefully integrated PR launch-and-build strategy, designed with Old Spice marketing and advertising agency. During all campaign phases, PR amplified and extended coverage, as well as consumer conversations to drive awareness, sales and share of voice for Old Spice in the male grooming space. Full Text: SITUATION ANALYSIS Generating publicity for a great commercial should be a simple task, especially when it's the Old Spice Guy. However, securing more than 2 billion earned media impressions from 1,000+ placements, including Oprah, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jay Leno and many, many more, and helping make the campaign – and its break-out star – one of the most buzzed about cultural icons in marketing and on the Internet was the result of a carefully integrated PR launch-and-build strategy, designed from the outset with the Old Spice marketing team and advertising agency for what we felt could become an extraordinary advertising campaign for the Old Spice brand. In 2010, Old Spice was looking to increase awareness and trial of its line of scented body washes among its target audience – men ages 18-24 and for the first time – speak directly to the women in their lives who influence (and often purchase for) them. With product scheduled to arrive in retail locations in March 2010, Old Spice was set to unleash its groundbreaking "Smell Like a Man, Man" advertising campaign to introduce its new line of scented body washes as well as the brand's towel-clad pitchman, The Old Spice Guy. The first spot called "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" debuted on February 8, 2010, and with its now-legendary opening words “Hello Ladies” and seamless transitions from shower to ship to horse, quickly became a viral sensation and garnered unprecedented buzz. The Old Spice Guy returned on June 30, 2010 with a second spot, followed two weeks later with two days of Personal Response Videos targeting key media, influencers and consumers. During all campaign phases, the PR team was tasked with amplifying and extending coverage as well as consumer conversations to drive awareness, sales and share of voice for Old Spice in the male grooming space. RESEARCH Through our landscape analysis research process, the PR team identified the following challenges, including: 1) A crowded ad/marketing news cycle dominated by Super Bowl commercials. Old Spice elected to debut its new television advertisement online instead of during the game; 2) Securing Old Spice product mentions at launch and after The Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa
  • 2. became an Internet phenomenon; 3) Keeping the story fresh over the duration of the campaign's various pulse points; and 4) Overcoming the "old brand for old men" mentality despite a significant improvement in brand perception over the last several years. With Old Spice's challenges in mind, the team executed the following research to determine the best strategic approach: Reviewed past Old Spice ad campaign launches, along with other massive breakout advertising campaigns, to evaluate, identify and apply key success elements. Conducted men’s and women’s media/influencer audit to ensure we had the unique content to engage them. Studied past three years of Super Bowl advertising round-up coverage for potential media and online opportunities, and more importantly the timing and cascade of them (e.g., which media follow which media). Studied key media/influencers and how they use social media to strategically determine with whom to seed the commercial and Personal Response Videos. Brainstormed potential media spikes and pitch angles in order to conduct timely outreach. Through primary research, determined that a major trial barrier for guys is the misperception that Old Spice comes in only one scent and that scent messaging must be featured in our efforts. PLANNING Based on our research, the following objectives were established: 1) AWARENESS: Drive sustained news coverage throughout the campaign, with spikes around commercial and response video launches. 2) PREFERENCE: Secure influencer endorsements to drive buzz around product and campaign. 3) TRIAL: Increase sales of Old Spice body wash. The PR team created the following strategies: 1) Garner coverage by treating the ad creative as an entertainment property – offering exclusive previews to influential media and bloggers during all phases. 2) Stagger the release of supporting campaign assets to engage our targets, including behind-the-scenes footage and taking The Old Spice Guy on the road for high-profile in-studio appearances and editorial meetings. 3) Identify media and influencer targets, segmented to reach both male and female target – prioritizing for high profile media that targets Old Spice consumers. 4) Select strategic key media/influencers to seed Personal Response Videos with to drive buzz and coverage. 5) Develop and push PR messaging to ensure Old Spice body wash and scents featured in the campaign were incorporated as part of the story. EXECUTION Phase 1: Campaign Launch Leveraged existing media and blogger relationships to generate buzz surrounding the new ad creative to effectively broaden the campaign’s reach. Recognized the potential star power of Isaiah Mustafa – The Old Spice Guy – and used interest around his fast road to fame to drive additional coverage for the brand in national entertainment and pop culture media. By sustaining this buzz, the brand was able to stay relevant in between the launch of the new commercials. Message trained Isaiah Mustafa, and secured in-studio appearances in New York and Los Angeles, as well as numerous phone interviews with print and online media/influencers. Shared relevant data, such as consumer engagement metrics, to drive news value.
  • 3. Sample social media pitch angles included: Old Spice achieved status as the #1 all-time most viewed brand channel on YouTube, the #2 most subscribed to brand channel on YouTube and generated eight out of the top 11 most popular YouTube videos in one day. Leveraged different facets of story – from Isaiah Mustafa’s appeal to both men and women to his experience as a former NFL football player to consumer-generated parody videos – to engage a wide variety of media channels, including men’s, women’s, top sports programming, entertainment and pop culture outlets. As the campaign grew in popularity, we continued pitching the top-tier talk shows. This resulted in a major segment on Oprah in which she Skype-interviewed Isaiah Mustafa from his home bathroom in Los Angeles. She also played the entire commercial on air and gave Old Spice a major shout out that resulted in a very positive in-studio audience response. Leveraged Ellen’s love for the spot (after seeing multiple tweets from her), to secure an in-studio interview with Isaiah Mustafa, which led to a second appearance on the show in which she played her favorite Old Spice Guy parody video. Phase 2: Second Commercial Launch Continued communicating the Old Spice story with the launch of the second spot called "Questions" on June 30, 2010, securing an exclusive with Associated Press to announce the new commercial and launch the second wave of buzz and coverage. Took Isaiah Mustafa on the road for a second round of high-profile editor meetings and in-studio appearances. Leveraged popularity of campaign to reach top grooming/style sources for men and break through top women's outlets. Further targeted and secured coverage in pop culture/entertainment outlets, including Mashable, Perez Hilton, Gawker, Entertainment Weekly, People, Huffington Post, and, to solidify Old Spice's position in pop culture history. Phase 3: Response Videos Holistic agency planning created a strategy to launch Phase 3 with an air of mystery through a first- of-its-kind, personalized video response campaign leveraging the brand’s fan base on Twitter. Identified select influencers and media, including Ellen, Perez Hilton and GQ, to have video responses ready if needed at the start of the two-day event, followed by a broad media push to bring in the masses. Media and influencer seeding drew high-profile celebrities with massive followings on Twitter, who saw the campaign and tweeted about it, helping to spread the videos like wildfire. The response videos were about 70 percent consumers and 30 percent media and influencers. Due to high demand, we tiered media requests for personal video responses and provided reporters with the most newsworthy videos to generate additional coverage, including the video from an Old Spice consumer, Johannes Beals, who asked The Old Spice Guy to help him propose to his girlfriend. (She said YES) EVALUATION AWARENESS: The overall campaign garnered more than 2 billion media impressions and strengthened Old Spice's leading position in the male grooming space . Amplified coverage around the commercial launches (February and June) and 2 days of personal response videos (July), and ensured steady flow continued throughout the campaign's duration, as evidenced by the hundreds of placements coming out of media tours with Isaiah Mustafa and ongoing strategic pitching.
  • 4. PREFERENCE: Secured key media/influencer endorsements, including Oprah, Ellen, Jay Leno, TODAY Show, Early Show, Good Morning America, ESPN, etc. "The manly man Old Spice commercial has women everywhere wishing their guys looked and smelled like this... I love this commercial so much, I'm about to buy me some Old Spice!" – The Oprah Winfrey Show "Every man in the world wants to smell like our next guest." – The Ellen DeGeneres Show "Too bad you don’t have smell-o-vision at home…" – ESPN First Take "The commercials have everyone talking, an online sensation… they are hysterical and they’ve gone viral." – The Early Show Personal Response Videos allowed brand to actively engage with consumers and key influencers, which became a media story in itself, including Alyssa Milano, Ashton Kutcher and George Stephanopolous. TRIAL: During the height of the campaign, Old Spice became the number one brand of antiperspirant/deodorant and body wash in both sales and volume with growth in the high single/double digits. According to Nielsen for the week ending July 13, 2010 versus one year ago – Old Spice body wash sales increased 27 percent after February campaign launch, 55 percent after the second spot and 107 percent after the response videos. Public Relations Society of America © 2011 Product #: 6BW-1116A27