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Infographic: The Sporting Legacy of 2012 – Lessons from London 2012 on how to can create winning teams within your organisation


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The application of British athletes during this summer’s Olympics, Tour De France and Ryder Cup has been an inspiration to the nation. …

The application of British athletes during this summer’s Olympics, Tour De France and Ryder Cup has been an inspiration to the nation.

Businesses can learn a lot from these incredible performances. Each individual medal or competition won was not the result of the athleteʼs effort alone.

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  • 1. The Sporting Le gacy of 2012 The application of British athletes during this summer’s Olympics, Tour De France and Ryder Cup has been an inspiration to the nation.Businesses can learn a lot from these incredible performances. Each individual medal or competition won was not the result of the athleteʼs effort alone. The hard work and management from the coaches were crucial for success.In the business world, the coaching that managers and leaders provide is a driving factor in helping their business create and support winning teams. Seven (Legal) Ways to Enhance the Performance of Your Team 1. Set Targets to Motivate and Measure Success. 2. Create a Supportive Culture that Inspires Performance. 3. Engage with Mentors from Outside of Your Team. 4. Seek Out the Small Changes that can Make Big Differences. 5. Ensure all your Team are Fully-Focussed on the Right Task. 6. Build a Process for Spotting and Developing New Talent. 7. Take Time to Plan Ahead. Target Setting to Motivate and Measure Success Team GB came third in the medal table. This outstanding achievement was a target set and met by their management team. usa china team gb When we set our performance targets and goals, we stated very clearly that we believed, on the basis of the track record of sports and athletes, that a top four finish on the medal table was very achievable Liz Nicholl OBE, Chief Executive of UK Sport After initial targets were not met Team GB revised its maximum predicted medal haul down from 70 to 60 to make it achievable. Target Setting Is essential in communicating Encourages collective Should be flexible, in case conditions expectations. pride (team building). change, so as not to demotivate. Creating and Maintaining a ‘Home Advantage’ During the Olympics a positive tone was encouraged in the UK media; supporting winners and losers a like. This helped to reduce the pressure on the Olympiads as well as increasing the enjoyment of the audience. Everybody was feeling more upbeat and more cheerful (during the Olympics). It drew people together. Bridget Grenville, Cleave, Positive-Psychology Trainer and Lecturer on the effect of the Olympics 86% of the British public have felt that the 2012 Olympics has been positive for their mood. Create a ‘Home Advantage’Because it creates a supportive culture Where you celebrate loudly To drive out negativity, that drains that inspires performance. and criticise quietly. potential and hampers performance. The Power of Mentoring For Team GB it was important to create a culture and framework where team members can learn from other peopleʼs experiences to understand how to improve when their performance doesnʼt meet expectations. Every Great Athlete Needs a Great Coach John Naber, Holder of Five Olympic Gold Medals and Olympic Mentor An athlete of Team GB will have a average of 7 people dedicated to supporting them. Encourage Mentoring As team members can learn from the Look outside of the business Borrow and adapt ideas experience of others and understand for learning opportunities. for your own use. how to improve. Creating the Environment for Success Dave Brailsford is the General Manager of Team Sky, the British based cycling team that competes in the Tour de France and propelled Bradley Wiggins to be the first British Winner. Brailsford has been lauded for creating the medal machine that was the UK cycling team. His Approach comes down to identifying 100 things which can be done 1% better in order to deliver that competitive edge. If a mechanic sticks a tyre on, and someone comes along and says it could be done better, its not an insult - its because we are always striving for improvement, for those 1% gains, in absolutely every single thing we do. Dave Brailsford, Team GB Cycling Coach Brailsford got permission for Wiggins to wear a specifically made Team Sky yellow skinsuit that he thought may be faster and more comfortable, compared to the one originally provided. This was without knowing that Wiggins would be race-leader when the time trials took place. Team GB cycling bike-pedal axels are 200 grams lighter than competitors. Every little helps. Create an Environment for Success bySeeking out the small changes that, in Ensuring that managers and Ensuring all employees have the toolsaggregate, can make a big difference. leaders help their staff focus on they need to perform best. relentless improvement. Getting a Performance Mentality 2012ʼs Ryder Cup was dubbed the ʻMiracle of Medinahʼ as Europe clinched victory over the USA on the last day of the event. Team Europeʼs win showed the importance of the performance mentality in never giving up or accepting defeat. I might not have been born with the talent of some people, but I’ve got quite a big heart and I’m prepared to go out on the line. I’ve got as much confidence as anyone who has ever played the game and as much confidence that I can hit the right golf shot at the right time. Ian Poulter, Europes saving grace at the Ryder Cup 2012 Englishman Poulter has the highest winning percentage of anyone to have played a minimum of 15 matches in the Ryder Cup. This is despite him never winning a Major Title. A great manager or leader will help their employees get a ‘performance mentality’ by Defining success. Setting the right goals. Keeping their team on track.Building Successful Teams - Planning and Succession New talent will continually emerge and push the boundaries of performance. The Olympics showed the importance of not allowing anything to take you by surprise and to build an approach to bring in and nurture new talent in every team. Britain is not just focused on a boom or bust approach, its dedicated to making sure there is a pipeline of development Chelsea Warr, head of athlete development at UK Sport commissioned by the Olympic committee 6 to find new talent Identified Major potential medal-winning athletes. Campaigns For a Successful Team you Need to Build a relentless process for spotting Focus on the talent and performance talent and identifying winners. lifecycle so success can breed success.The Importance of Planning Without sports administrators overseeing how investment in the Games would be used, the resultcould have been very different. The sports administrators helped to deliver successful athletes to the Games, making sure investment was placed in the right sports. It is hard to see how we could have invested the resources in in a different way to make a greater impact. We had to answer the question: Why are we doing this? And it wasn’t until we started to articulate, internally as an organisation... that we each understood what we had to do. Lord Sebastian Coe, Olympic Ambassador for London 2012 The Olympics required a workforce of over 200,000 people to deliver an event equivalent in scale to staging 46 World Championships simultaneously. When Planning, it is Critical for Success to Step back and plan a firm course forwards. In Brief The mind-set of a manager and a leader will always play a key role in creating an environment for people to succeed in the organisations we work in. Whether you are working in sport or business, what can matter most is the ability of managers and lead- ers to coach, mentor, inspire and – where necessary – show tough love. In emulating the practice of the coaching methods demonstrated by this yearʼs successful sporting teams, we may just emulate their success, allowing our businesses to create winning teams. About Edenred Edenred is the worlds leading supplier of benefits, incentives and rewards and prepaid services. Weʼre constantly innovating to offer organisations the latest solutions that will motivate their employees, partners and customers, and make their lives easier.Sources gold-medal.html 20summ.pdf