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INFOGRAPHIC: Festive Motivation: Creating the Snowball Effect in your business


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The festive period provides the perfect opportunity to show your employees and channel partners your appreciation and create momentum & motivation for 2013, this infographic show how you can create the Snowball Effect in your business.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Festive Motivation: Creating the Snowball Effect in your business

  1. 1. Creating In your Business Everyone likes (and expects) to receive gifts at Christmas. Festive rewards for customers, employees and associates are a great way of encouraging brand loyalty and increasing motivation. An estimated OCT NOV DEC Over 50% is spent on gift cards 45% of this spend of this is b2b and vouchers every year occurs in the last three months of the year “Vouchers are a popular way to Gift Cards are the motivate employees” MOST REQUESTED gift in Europe Sam Barrett of consumers ask for gift cards for Christmas Guarantee you get the full value of your Christmas rewards by taking these steps The planning and delivery of rewards is rarely given the attention needed to maximise the return on the investment. not only improve motivation and employee engagement in the short term, but have 1. Get Your Planning Right Plan early. Check your rewards Incorporate measurable meet expectations. objectives, processes and outcomes into your plan. September Cash can get lost in the Non-cash can be as useful Non-cash has double the as cash but stands out impact. First when it is given more. and then later, when it is redeemed. 3. PersonaliseEmployees are accustomed Personalised gifts have A relevant reward has to personalisation. greater perceived value. more impact. EMPLOYEE OF THE EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR! YEAR! EM PLOYE E OF T H E YEA R 4. Get your Communications Right Ensure communications A one-to-one thank Try to reinforce these are consistent. you from the managers messages from a corporate is critical. perspective. 5. Spread your Investment Assess when rewards will Think about spreading your Consider how budget could have the greatest impact. rewards into the next year. support business objectives at other times of the year. January Beating The New Year Blues After the excitement and indulgence of the Christmas holidays, returning to work in January can be a daunting prospect for many employees. Poor weather Poor health The longest time Financial worries (due to over-eating until a statutory holiday (due to over-spending at Christmas) at Christmas) 20% of people exhibit symptoms of poor weather causes depression. 20% of people describe themselves as ‘happy’ during January. 50% describe themselves as ‘happy’ during August. Give the gift that keeps on giving For the cost of a bottle wine - from as little as £4 a head - you can give your employees access to our Employee Savings platform. With access to the largest collection of reloadable gift cards and over 2,000 exclusive saving, discount and cashback offers on their everyday and lifestyle spending, a typical employee could save an average of £1,000 across the year, so it’s a gift you can be sure that everyone will appreciate. Introducing the biggest family of ‘Compliments’ available in the B2B industry maximise your expenditure and fully exploit their value. Compliments Select Let your recipients choose their reward for themselves from our complete range of retail, experience, travel and ethical rewards ng Em poweri Cho Capital Bonds ice Edenred’s market leading multi-store gift retailer options to redeem from. Compliments Card Custom is able and deliver it to your recipients with a card customised in your company’s image. Single Store Gift Vouchers & Cards Select a reward from one of over 70 leading retailers guaranteed to make a l your reward appreciated. Person Compliments Experiences A gift that can be put towards any of over Exciting 1,000 once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Imp Compliments Passport ress ive n oured Time-Ho Christmas Hampers The traditional Christmas gift. A customisable festive hamper that can have any other reward added to it. Wine & Dine Vouchers or their families with a reward that helps them dine out or eat in on your behalf. Genero us About Edenred market, along with the biggest retailer redemption network of over 140 retailers and 20,000 outlets nationwide. administrative burden, and our Communication Services team can help to ensure that any reward that you issue is understood and appreciated. For more information, click hereSources:— Data from Insight Consulting Visit Call 0843 453 0209 Email