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In today’s world, the growing need for insight and perspective from plugged-in individuals across the world, in real-time, is an imperative; not only is it crucial to ensuring we become better communicators, decided strategic thinkers and more inspired human beings who always remain relevant and at the fore, it’s fun to see what the world is up to!

In looking at trends and movements within different countries and how these develop and evolve, it is especially inspiring to witness the micro, grass roots activities of small communities become impactful beyond their original incarnation and alongside this, the social narrative that tells the story as these movements develop into what we call trends.

We welcome even more contributors to this issue from our offices in Brazil and Nigeria, both of whom have provided us with exciting insights into their markets and the happenings in their region.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any thoughts, questions or feedback on

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The Quarterly - Issue #02

  1. 1. We are really excited to bring you Issue #2 of In today’s world, the growing need for insight and perspective fromplugged-in individuals across the world, in real-time, is an imperative; not only is it crucial to ensuring we become better communicators, decided strategicthinkers and more inspired human beings who always remain relevant and at the fore, it’s fun to see what the world is up to! In looking at trends and movements within different countries and how these develop and evolve, it is especially inspiring to witness the micro, grass roots activities of small communities become impactful beyond their originalincarnation and alongside this, the social narrative that tells the story as these movements develop into what we call trends.We welcome even more contributors to this issue from our offices in Brazil and Nigeria, both of whom have provided us with exciting insights into their markets and the happenings in their region. As always, please feel free to contact us with any thoughts, questions or feedback on
  2. 2. PINTEREST AND SIMILAR PLATFORMS LIKE FANCY AND INSTAGRAM HAVE MADE IT REMARKABLY EASY TO TAKE AND SHARE VISUAL CONTENT. THE RESULT IS A REDISCOVERY OF OUR INNATE PREFERENCE FOR IMAGERY AND A HUGE SPIKE IN SPREADING AND SHARING THE IMAGES THAT RESONATE WITH US Brands Falling For Pinterest Online Protest, Canadian Style Indonesian Farmers Get SocialThe power of the image has over-indexed that of Against a backdrop of social media-fuelled revolution Indonesians are in the midst of a love affair with socialthe written word in terms of social collateral, as we across the globe – from the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall media – the country is currently home to the world’sincreasingly turn to visual platforms as the channel- St – we’ve seen socially motivated protest occur at a third-largest group of Facebook users and has a higherof-choice for communication with the share element micro, localised level also. proportion of users signing on to Twitter than any otherbecoming even more engaging and social. Which country. Although mobile connectivity in rural areas isbrands are getting it right? Earlier this year, Canadian’s took to Twitter to respond still improving, we are now seeing the country’s farmers to internet privacy act Bill C-30, which proposed greater utilise social media in a movement that proves even• Low-cost British airline bmi placed their stake in police powers for searching online activity. Canada’s the online ground with the launch of the first ever the most traditional industries can benefit from a social Public Security Minister Vic Toews and his Twitter feed business model. Pinterest lottery, inviting users to re-pin potentially provided the stage for the protest #tellviceverything, which winning images for a chance to win holidays in a matter of hours, became the top-trending Canadian 8villages is a business social network start-up that• Kotex’s ‘Woman’s Inspiration Day,’ targeted 50 topic and briefly trended worldwide. The matter reached provides farmers with a channel to link up with local influential female Pinterest users by taking the time the House of Commons and garnered global support from buyers, sellers and other farmers and includes access to to analyse their pins and understand their interests people protesting against similar internet privacy acts. essential information on pesticides, fertilisers and local before creating customised gift boxes intel such as current crop prices. A similar movement was sparked following Google’s• British retail icon Harrods engaged with fans in the announcement of changes to their privacy policy with The service is currently being trialled with 900 farmers lead up to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, inviting fans many tweets and social media outputs offering tips on with plans for a nationwide roll-out in the next six months to design one of the store’s famous windows via a how to avoid the intrusion. and further expansion to Vietnam and The Philippines if Pinterest board with the winning design unveiled in seen as a success. June
  3. 3. Blogging Books Pinterest Style Social Shopping Online-Socialists, Offline-HobbyistsThe medium in which we consume the written word has Pinterest’s global popularity has not yet proved enough Tech-savvy young executives in Singapore arerapidly evolved over the years, heralding in new channels to break through the barriers of the Great Firewall of increasingly seen to be clustering around passion pointssuch as e-books, e-zines and blogs. Advancing how we China but despite this, the image-sharing phenomenon via online networks and are becoming adept at creatinginteract with words even further is San Franciscan start- is making its own mark on the country as a wave of off-line activities and communities centred around these:up HyperInk and their Blog Books. ‘Pinterest-clones’ continue to emerge, evolving the concept • is a social networking platform for groups even further to include social commerce. of unrelated young professionals to meet over drinks.Compiled of a series of posts from a popular blog,the content is edited and formatted for multiple e-book Websites such as and act Attendees purchase a drinks package at a designatedplatforms and sold for $3-5 USD. The concept has as social forums that facilitate purchase at the same bar, turn up and socialise! Attendance is limited to 12already been tested and proved a success, with the time. They feature selections of fashion photography persons to keep each session intimatehuge followings and eager audiences these blogs on Pinterest-style boards and arrange items by category, • Books & Beer is a bi-monthly book swap sessiontypically have fervently waiting to consume more. accumulating numerous user groups and assisting held in popular bars. The aim is to recycle books that purchase by linking through to an online marketplace. In would otherwise be thrown away in a fun, socialBlog Books are a great example of online outlets keeping with the social elements of sites such as Pinterest environmentmanifesting in offline, physical offerings– as bloggers and Facebook (Liking, Re-pinning and Commenting)look to monetise their lifestyle and take on their craft • Purple Lights is a weekly social running event on sales are increased through the social interaction and beautiful urban routes and encourages the idea thatin more of a full-time way. The medium also sets an the user-generated content that takes place on the sitesinteresting challenge for brands wishing to explore more running socially, inspires mutual motivation as people browse.creative ways to work with this new outlet.
  4. 4. BRINGING THE DIGITAL WORLD BACK HOME TO A LOCAL LEVEL IS GIVING LOCAL COMMUNITIES A VOICE TO DRIVE CULTURAL PRIDE AND KNOWLEDGE, BOTH LOCALLY AND AROUND THE WORLD We Want More Arabic e-Content! Micro Going Mass Wiki-WalesThe UAE’s revolution of ‘Arabising’ content has hit new Micro-movies are the latest form of niche media The picturesque town of Monmouth in Wales may not beheights with around 400 Emirati volunteers announcing increasing in popularity throughout China. These the most famous rural location in the UK but is embarkingin April that they will take part in editing a new global shortened films have evolved to become a viable on a project that may change that as they become theglossary to standardise Arabic definitions of online option for aspiring directors and filmmakers due to low world’s first ‘Wikipedia Town,’ using QR code technologye-terms – creating the first Arabic Tech/Web 2.0 production costs and accessibility for viewers, inherently to link every place, person, artefact, plant and animal ofDictionary for Arab speakers worldwide. living on social environments that self-promote through note to a relevant Wikipedia page. discussion and debate.The initiative Taghreedat began with just one Arab ‘Monmouthpedia’ is the first project to cover a wholenation and has extended to 10 additional countries, At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, China’s leading town and has introduced QR plaques that once scanned,all supporting the aim of Arabising digital content internet television company Youku Inc showed one of link through to the corresponding Wiki page and offerand ensuring that the global medium of the internet, its most controversial micro-movies ‘Walker’, in a move up a wealth of information in a variety of languages.maintains local relevance for those in the Middle East. that signaled a clear recognition of China’s power in Alternatively, users are invited to submit their own pagesOnline e-terms like ‘spam, ‘twittering’ and ‘retweets’ will the online film industry and its ability to act as an artistic and upload their own content. As part of the campaign,be re-defined in the glossary that over 2,500 volunteers outlet for world-class directors. the City Council will install free WiFi across town toin total have taken part in creating. enable easy scanning and sharing of information. Walker is just one of the micro-movies that has beenThe aim of increasing usefulness for online users is chosen to appear at a selection of international film Since the project began earlier in the year, Wikipediaunderpinned by the desire to ensure a strong Arabic festivals all around the world this year including in volunteers from all over the world have contributed nearlyvoice is heard online. Shanghai and Edinburgh. 50 new articles in over 25 different languages.
  5. 5. THE INHERENTLY SOCIAL NATURE OF TODAY’S CONSUMERS HAS BOUGHT FORTH A WAVE OF CAMPAIGNS SHAPED ON THE BASIS OF SOCIAL AND SHARED INTERACTION – PROVING THAT THIS IS NOT ONLY WHAT WE WANT FROM OUR BRANDS, BUT NOW WHAT WE EXPECT Social Banking Suit Yourself The Birthday ProjectAmidst global anti-bank sentiment, it’s encouraging In one of the most natural and fitting brand partnerships Underwear and clothing brand Bonds has been anto see one of the bigger companies embracing the we’ve seen this year, online men’s retailer Mr Porter and Australian icon since 1915 and its loyal customer baseprinciples of social business in order to build (and hit US TV show Suits teamed up to create a completely has always been proof of the company’s success. There-build) relationships with their consumers. immersive, ‘digitally-enhanced’ brand experience for ‘We Are Bonds’ campaign wanted to celebrate these consumers. Interestingly, one of the key reasons the high- customers, aiming to find one born on each and everyEnter Barclays in the US and their latest innovation, the rating show chose Mr Porter as their fashion partner, was one of the 35,301 days Bonds has existed.Barclaycard Ring Mastercard – a community driven, their desire not to be restricted by a ‘bricks and mortar’crowdsourced credit card. brand, instead preferring the flexibility and outreach the The campaign which aimed to drive mass-participation online retailer affords them. was a huge success- capitalising on the AustralianThe scheme is designed to ‘pull back the curtain that population’s love of the brand and cleverly leveragingseparates banks from customers’ in a bid to re-engage A live fashion show at New York’s High Line presented the brands’ heritage to link with consumers in athose feeling less than inspired with the banking industry 35 looks inspired by the show and was accompanied meaningful way they could relate to.and develop a deeper and longer lasting sense of brand by Instaprint stations at the event, allowing users toloyalty between Barclays and their customers. automatically print out their Instagram shots tagged with The first 15,000 users to register online under their #SuitsStyle. birthday received a t-shirt and their place on the websiteCardholders who become members are invited to join calendar. The campaign was rolled out via Facebooksocial media forums and share their opinions on product Along with a pop-up store complete with style consultations, and within 24 hours of launching, over 20,000 peoplefeatures, fee policies and marketing. In exchange, they grooming services and a barista, both brands are submitted a photo to claim their day.are given access to the company’s financial details and launching accompanying microsites with a host of editoriala share in the profits. content and a special app allowing you to ‘Suit Yourself.’
  6. 6. Nigeria+ Adidas Take the Stage Compliments of the PostmanNigeria’s most populated city, Lagos recently welcomed To celebrate the impending London 2012 Games, Olympic To celebrate World Compliment Day in March, Belgian’sthe G+ Hub Event to launch Google’s answer to sponsor Adidas have unveiled their biggest-ever UK postal company bpost, launched the campaign ‘bpositivesocial media, Google +. With a population becoming campaign ‘Take The Stage,’ taking 32 youngsters from in and send a compliment’ aimed at increasing the numberincreasingly engaged with social media, Google and around London and making them the stars, alongside of compliments given and received among the Belgiandecided to use a simple, tried and tested influencer athletes and brand ambassadors like David Beckham. populace. bpost allowed the public to send a complimentformula to reach a large-scale consumer base and drive for free in the shape of a pre-paid postcard that featuredmass-awareness. They invited 250 Nigerian influencers The campaign is a great example of a brand not a personalised message for your special friend or familyfrom creative artists and fashion designers to media and being limited to the core proposition they‘re known for, member. A huge number of people took to the idea withcelebrities to experience the platform in an immersive successfully bridging the gap between sport and lifestyle around 4.4 million people receiving compliments throughevent which included the G + Photo Booth, demo and targeting multiple groups of consumers and numerous the post.stations and live hangouts from the G + team. sets of passion points. The bpositive campaign was successful due to itsThe aim was to create a real-time portal for guests to Take The Stage aims to hero and showcase youth simplicity. It addressed a very basic human need forconnect with their friends and followers and demonstrate acheivment across the UK, tapping into the sentiment recognition and appreciation, through words instead ofhow relevant the service is for them. of personal achievement that is a founding and lasting gifts. Furthermore, research connected to the campaign principle of the Games. It captures the essence of Adidas’ revealed that productivity and commitment within theIn a country where social media use is steadily on the ‘all-inclusive’ nature, whilst amplifying its corporate social workplace were boosted by the same sentiment thatrise (Nigeria currently ranks 35 out of 213 countries in responsibility at the same time and reaching an entirely underpinned the campaign – mutual appreciation.terms of Facebook usage) the event was well-timed to new group of consumers and fans.inspire this growing social population to get on board.
  7. 7. MORE THAN ANYTHING, WE’RE SEEING THE STRENGTHENING OF ‘REMIX’ CULTURE GLOBALLY. THERE ARE MANY FACES TO THIS TREND; EVERYTHING FROM NOSTALGIC MEETINGS OF PAST AND PRESENT, TO CROSS-CULTURAL EXPLORATION, TO THE CREATION OF PARADOXICALLY ‘SECRET’ DIGITAL CONTENT Libraries Going Micro Cinema and Food Mash-up All Things are New AgainJohn Locke is the New York City architect behind the As California’s ‘other’ cosmopolitan city, San Francisco There is a popular saying that everything old becomes‘Department of Urban Betterment’ project and recently often takes a backseat to glitzy Los Angeles. One thing new again, something that proves especially true withdecided to take a cue from initiatives in the United the City by the Bay does arguably better than anywhere Singapore’s veteran hipster suburb Tiong Bahru, theKingdom and Los Angeles to transform the humble in the United States though is food, and recently we’ve country’s first housing estate, whose 1930s art decophone booth. taken to merging this with our southern neighbour’s heritage is the latest must-have. Number One industry – cinema.DUB 00 is the project that has seen disused and Today, as part of the continuing gentrification of oneabandoned booths reimagined into communal libraries. The Mission District’s Foreign Cinema was the first to of Singapore’s oldest neighbourhoods, Tiong BahruSeeing that many of these booths are now wasted celebrate the serendipitous relationship between food is benefiting from an influx of ‘indie chic’ types andspace, Locke has begun work turning antiquated booths and film and over the past few years, more restaurants creative professionals flocking to one of the few areasinto bookshelves that allow visitors to take, borrow, or have taken their patrons’ dining experience to heightened where old world charm still prevails in a move towardsexchange books. levels by injecting art into one of our culture’s most a ‘deurbanisation’ of sorts. Commercial rentals have sociable activities. Tokyo Go Go Restaurant compliment doubled in the last year and new food, shopping, andThe Little Free Library is a similar initiative in the US their legendary happy hour with appropriately, Japanese lifestyle shops now share shopfronts with the stalwartspromoting literacy and community power. Established horror films and Madrone Art Bar, in the city’s who’ve been there since the 1940s. Specialty bookstorein Michigan, the library takes shape in a small post-up and coming NoPa district has taken the trend Books Actually, artisanal coffee house 40 Hands andweatherproof house, containing a selection of 20-30 even further, evolving it into a full-on art experience culinary experimentalists Open Door Policy are justbooks and encourages the community to ‘Take a Book, showcasing mixed-media and photography. some of the names in a growing list of hipster spottingReturn a Book’ and keep the scheme alive. venues in the area.
  8. 8. Phone Stacking Exclusively for You The Spirit of America in BatikIn an age where most of us are constantly connected, Absynthe Minded, a popular Belgian music band Last year, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia inthe idea of powering off has a certain, undeniable recently launched the most exclusive music video ever Washington announced the launch of an interestingappeal. Recently, the game of phone stacking has for their latest single Space. cross-culture initiative with the American Batik Designcaught the attention of Canadian diners and media Competition. Designed to celebrate the new US-alike. The brainchild of blogger Brian ‘Lil b’ Perez, the The thinking behind the idea came from the band’s Indonesia Partnership, the competition aimed to promotegame was created to encourage live conversation whilst realisation that artists often invest a great deal of time, Indonesian culture in the United States by creating aneating out and requires everyone to place their phones effort and money in creating a music video, only for it to initiative that would have local relevance and resonateface down on the table. The penalty for sneaking a appear immediately on YouTube. On this occasion they with both of the countries involved.peek at your latest Twitter mention? Picking up the wanted to keep the content exclusive in order to raisegroup’s bill. excitement levels around it and create something of The competition challenged American designers to value by making it less attainable. create their own form of Indonesian Batik and finalistsIt’s no surprise the trend has struck a chord when were chosen by a distinguished panel of experts andyou consider the results of a recent survey of 1,000 The video was only available to view on a dedicated artists. Each Batik crafted portrayed American valuesCanadians surrounding mobile trends, that showed 72% website whilst the single was played on the radio. and culture, whilst still retaining the foundation of theof respondents reported watching others pull out their The song contained an audio watermark code which traditional at dinner is one of their biggest annoyances but meant that once the song was on-air, a signal was sent41% plead guilty to the same charge. to the website and the video started to play. There are The winning designs were unveiled earlier in April at currently only 10 selected European radios which use Jakarta’s Textile Museum and in Grand IndonesiaWatch out, the next time it could cost you a meal! this technology. Shopping Mall.
  9. 9. COMMUNITY REMAINS AT THE HEART OF GREEN MOVEMENTS ACROSS THE GLOBE, WITH A REAL FOCUS ON LOCAL SOLUTIONS TO LOCAL ISSUES Communal Commuting Floating Gas Pavements to ParksLast issue we saw carpooling take off as the latest Mubadala Oil and Gas (Edelman client), a wholly- Despite the many charms the city of San Francisco holds,transportation sharing trend in San Francisco and now we owned investment arm of the Government of Abu Dhabi, one of the less than perfect aspects of city planning hastake a look at the more recent alternatives gathering speed: are working on a development for an innovative floating resulted in narrow sidewalks and excessively large roads in• Scoot is a brand-new scheme that makes electric terminal that houses liquefied natural gas (LPG). some areas – meaning limited pedestrian access and large scooters available to anyone for a monthly or zones of wasted space, especially at intersections. Recognising the need to combat the nation’s low gas occasional fee (around $5/hour for a trip). It supply, the terminal aims to secure additional supplies The city’s Pavement to Parks organisation developed operates similar to Zipcar – a smartphone app by transforming natural gas into liquid form (a process a brilliant idea, inspired by and modelled after similar will enable users to find a scooter nearby, reserve also known as GTL, gas to liquids) and meet the energy inspirational projects in New York City (think the High Line and unlock it – with each scooter equipped with a demands in the UAE. The ground breaking design of the and Low Line), to reclaim these unused areas and turn them smartphone dock that enables the vehicle to run. terminal will act as yet another beacon of innovation in a into new public plazas and (mini) parks. Interestingly, at Helmets and insurance included! region made famous for its inspiring eco designs. the moment these spaces are only being built temporarily,• San Francisco start-up RelayRides is an online each project is intended ‘to test the potential of the selected marketplace where people can rent cars directly from With the UAE’s rapid development and energy-hungry location’ before being made a permanent public open space. owners and has recently launched nationwide in the domestic industries, the creation of an efficient and convenient LPG import terminal allows the country to The initiative has really begun to take off with more and US. A new partnership with General Motors will see more buildings integrating the ‘parkletts’ as they have RelayRides advertising its service to GM car owners bring in more gas in smaller doses, reduce the risk of damaged supplies and provide more supplies for become known into developments for restaurants, coffee who subscribe to OnStar, GM’s communications and shops and other community projects. assistance program neighbouring countries at the same time.
  10. 10. THIS QUARTER FASHION GOES ON THE MOVE AS FOUR WHEELS BECOME THE ULTIMATE VEHICLE FOR REACHING EVER-MOBILE CONSUMERS, CONSTANTLY ON-THE-GO Roaming Fashion Living the Kors Life Social Fashion, Brazil-styleThe growing phenomenon that is mobile retail isn’t How does an expensive high-end fashion brand make Brazilian fashion retailer C&A is making shopping evenconfined to shopping on your smartphone as roaming themselves more relevant to an ‘everyday’ consumer? more social – even if you’re on your own. The Fashionstyle stores have begun popping-up all over the US, US label Michael Kors may have the answer with their Like campaign merges online social behavior with thebringing content to consumers on-the-go and breaking latest project which will see staff elevated to the status of offline customer journey, taking the concept of the ‘Like’,down the boundaries of bricks and mortar stores. First ‘fashion muse’ in the Living the Kors Life campaign. from Facebook page to in-store was street food and now street fashion, Los Angelespioneer Le Fashion Truck has been bringing top-notch The project is a great example of a luxury brand ‘lifting Images of the latest collections were posted on theirfashion from local designers (at affordable prices) to West the lid’ on their exclusive nature, striking a balance Facebook page where fans were asked to ‘Like’ thoseCoast hipsters for some time now and has paved the way between elite and accessible and is designed to items that took their fancy.for similar initiatives from JD Luxe and Bath Petals. demonstrate the wearability of the brand by connecting Specially programmed hangers were then created to with ‘everyday’ women on a personal level.East side, New Yorkers can be treated to A-list accessories display the actual number of likes each of the garmentsfrom Styleliner – a converted truck that has become a Each season, three staff members will be followed to had received allowing indecisive shoppers to see just‘treasure chest on wheels’ and is gathering a steady stream reveal not only their own personal style, but also their how popular each one was (and hopefully sway theiron fans.With similar concepts appearing in Boston, Texas favourite culinary, dining and entertainment choices, purchase decision!)and San Francisco it’s fair to say this trend is sweeping the creating a multi-dimensional, layered personality with With the recent growth of the Brazilian economy andStates. With a unique sense of flexibility allowed from this which for consumers to connect with. creation of the new middle-class spurring an ever-hungrytype of outlet and soaring rent prices for physical stores fashion consumer, creative initiatives such as this willbecoming the norm, it’s easy to see why. appear more and more.
  11. 11. FOR RETAILERS, NOW IS THE TIME TO REALLY HARNESS THE OPPORTUNITY TO USE THEIR OUTLETS AS AN ‘OWNED’ MEDIA CHANNEL - USING SPACE EDITORIALLY TO ENTERTAIN, ENABLE SOCIALISING AND DRIVE CONVERSATION On-the-Go Window Shopping Paris’ New Luxury Zone Shop with a STORYWith the rise of roaming retail and on-the-go mobile Paris is the home and undisputed grande dame of high Walking down 10th Avenue near the Meatpackingshopping, iconic US retailer Bloomingdales is bringing fashion and designer luxury and as this market continues District in NYC, you might be surprised to find a newnew meaning to the concept of window shopping. to defy economic gloom, the city’s luxury retail landscape store – perhaps one that seems familiar but is a little bitShowing a unique understanding of the need to constantly is seeing some changes. different than the one you passed a few weeks ago.evolve and enhance the customer journey, Bloomingdales’ From the home of retail innovation comes STORY, alatest windows present customers with a bit of everything– Fashion’s founding fathers including Chanel, Hermes and very special kind of retail space that creates a sense offrom digital and social connectivity to interactive Dior have traditionally positioned themselves in two city community and entertainment through storytelling.experiences and the ability to shop on-the-go. central neighbourhood zones but with increasing numbers of tourists spending time in other areas, these zones are Evolving the theme of customisation to extend to• The Sunglasses Style project showcased six interactive the retail concept, every four to eight weeks the shifting and lines are being redrawn. window displays where passers-by were able to store is completely renovated – its walls, decor, and virtually try on a range of sunglasses from designers The creation of new zones due to high tourist footfall in merchandise are changed and tailored to reflect a new such as Marc Jacobs and FENDI. Once shoppers found other areas and the corresponding move of many luxury theme, the latest being ‘New York.’ their perfect pair, a picture was sent to the in-store Style brands is a sign of the times – where once they could Bar where they could purchase in real-time STORY is a retail space that has the point of view of a rely on consumers to come to them, now it is clear that magazine, operates like a gallery and sells like a store.• Flip-flop brand Havaianas have teamed up with even the most coveted brands need to fish where the fish The eight week retail experience presents must-haves Bloomingdales to create a fully interactive window are and ensure their brands are represented in the most from trailblazing online shopping destinations such as display, inviting users to customise their own pair of shoes, exciting way possible on home turf – something that more BaubleBar and CHROMATICgallerie, stocking items place an order and pay, without even entering the store spacious retail options outside of town allow them to do. for men, women and kids.
  12. 12. FOOD CONTINUES TO GO FROM FIELD TO FORK VIA THE STREET AS NEW COLLABORATIONS TAKE FOOD PAIRING TO A NEW LEVEL TO CREATE GASTRO MATCHES MADE IN HEAVEN The New Business Lunch From Hawker to High End What’s BrewingSan Francisco has always been the leading light of the Food loving locals and tourists all flock to Singapore’s Craft beers now account for over 10% of the beer soldUS food revolution and is known as the Godfather of internationally renowned hawker centres for breakfast, in the US, double the share it had in 2006 and Sanstreet food - in the downtown business district, many lunch and dinner. Famous for classics such as Nasi Francisco continues to contribute great beers as seen inrestaurants now have food trucks open during the rush Rendang, hawker stalls across the island are now going these collaborative creations that are following the age-so that 9-5-ers can still have a Mission-style burrito or high-end, selling a range of local and international foods old food tradition of great pairings:authentic kimchi. But with food trucks becoming the go-to at hawker-friendly prices. • San Franciscan’s love Tartine Bakery’s world-famousfor the masses, they’re encountering the issues of long sourdough loaves and now Oakland’s Linden Streetlines and slow service that they aimed to counteract in the In the local, culture-rich neighbourhood of Chinatown, Brewery have introduced Our Daily (B)red, a beerfirst place. Daniel Goh is selling 50 types of rare and unique bottled that’s fermented with the sourdough starter that’s made beers and ciders from more than a dozen countries.New start-up Luckybolt is taking the alternative lunch Tartine Bakery’s loaves worth waiting hours for Across town, Kopitiam stall DeBurg has created aformat a step further with the next evolution in mobile range of 15 gourmet hamburgers made from top-shelf • Cerveceria de MateVeza is a brand newfood. Its team of bike messengers pick-up fresh food from ingredients including Australian Wagyu beef. South microbrewery that serves up beers brewed on-site withthe city’s best culinary minds and deliver it downtown East Asian staples such as Rojak are not immune to the Yerba Mate tea and empanadas from local vendor, Eljust in time for the rush. Users locate them on their real- overhaul, with Rion Ong, son of hawker stalwart Ong Portenotime map, pick what they want to eat and a messenger Siong Pek, adding his own twist to the distinctive salad • Local Triple Voodoo Brewing has been around for justdelivers it to their office door. No waiting necessary! that over the years has made his family famous on the over a year and already has three new unique beer hawker scene. styles: Grand Cru - a Saison made with honey and blue agave nectar, a White IPA, and Kaleidoscope – a black IPA that includes black and green teas
  13. 13. IN OUR RAPIDLY CHANGING WORLD, ART AND DESIGN TRENDS ARE INCREASINGLY FOCUSED ON CREATIVELY CONSTRUCTING SUSTAINABLE WORK TO REINVIGORATE LOCAL COMMUNITIES Farming with Fish Dumpster Cafés Oh! What a Beautiful HomeWe’ve seen amazing examples across the world of The FOUNDation project is an initiative from two Open House (OH!), billed as Singapore’s only ‘artrooftop space being utilised creatively – from green roofs Netherlands-based designers who wanted to do walkabout’ has now become a firm fixture on Singapore’sto mini-allotments but the most recent concept from Zurich- something different and exciting in their neighborhoods up-and-coming art scene. Focusing on historical areas,based UrbanFarmers tops them all. whilst reusing discarded material in need of recycling. OH! is an amalgamation of site-specific art installations held in nostalgic old-town neighbourhood.The Globe Hedron is a self-sufficient design concept The project has seen the creation of a series offeaturing an urban fish farm; the bamboo greenhouse ‘Dumpster Houses’ – constructed from rubbish and items The concept is simple – local residents open their homesstructure is optimised for aquaponic farming techniques, that would otherwise be thrown away and transformed for artists to use as a blank canvas and gallery space. Increating an ideal environment for our finned friends and into small shops and cafes. The foundation of the return, the homes receive a new lease of life and ‘culturealso a space to grow vegetables like broccoli, chard and designs (and hence the name) comes from discarded vultures’ are given a unique opportunity to view workstomatoes. The genius design which produces its own rubbish tips or dumpsters found on the street. from some of Singapore’s hottest new means the water from the fish nourishes the plants,while the plants naturally keep the water clean. These spaces provide meeting places for the community In 2012, 15 contemporary artists installed artworks where they are invited to donate their own unwanted inside six homes and a temple in the hip but historicThe project, the work of Antonio Scarponi is designed to items in order to provide more building supplies as well neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru. This year’s event wasfeed four families of four for an entire year, with current as reinforce the ever-relevant importance of reusing, more successful than ever with over 2,000 people touringprojections looking at an annual haul of around 100 kg recycling and repairing. the installations over two weeks, proving the eagerness ofof fish and 400 kg of vegetables. culture lovers to ‘discover’ art in unexpected places.
  14. 14. The Power of Light Eau de MacBook Pro Professional CommunitiesAncient European traditions have incorporated the Australian artists at Air Aroma recently created a very As we’re faced with an uncertain global economy, theconcept of light and illumination for centuries and a unique fragrance – ‘Scent of Macbook Pro’ for an importance of driving sustainable local business initiativesrecent spate of amazing artworks across the region show exhibition hosted by art collaborative Greatest Hits. The is paramount. In the spirit of this, we’ve seen a re-focusthat this form of expression and artistic storytelling is once exhibition was designed around one-of-a-kind sensory on the importance of community in the physical sense,again having its moment in the spotlight :-) experiences with a special focus on technology. While reinvented via industry-specific communities and towns: the fragrance was certainly distinctive, with ‘topnotes’ of • Blueseed: is a floating city concept due to open nextWidespread attention was first given to the popular Light the plastic that covers the box and the printed ink on the year off the coast of California. It will negate the needFestival in the Belgium city of Ghent earlier in the year cardboard, Macbook users would definitely have found for work permits and hopes to foster greater innovationwhich was followed by the work of acclaimed artist Steve it familiar! amongst international start-ups by creating a lessMcQueen in Amsterdam and his takeover of the city’s restrictive environmentbeloved Vondlepark, changing the street lamps from The willingness of Greatest Hits to create a specific • CornellNYC Tech: may be the East Coast’s answerwhite bulbs to blue and completely transforming the fragrance for their art exhibition attests to the trend in to Silicon Valley and is in the process of designingpark and the experience within it at night. experiential art work that focuses on fully embracing a special island campus to nurture and encourage all of the senses in order to increase the level of entrepreneurship from the outsetIn Frankfurt, the award-winning German collective engagement and enjoyment. Unique scents igniteLICHTFAKTOR, pioneers in the ‘light painting’ technique, • Teachers Village: is a community development in specific memories, meaning attendees experience a New Jersey that will include more than 200 affordablelit up Luminale 2012 with their most recent work, giving fuller and more memorable emotional connection withvisitors the chance to see the historic Romerplatz building housing units and facilities for educators, aiming the exhibit. to create an immersive and supportive communityas they’ve never seen it before. environment
  15. 15. EVEN THE HEALTH SECTOR IS NOT IMMUNE TO THE SOCIAL WORLD AS WE SEE MEDICAL INNOVATIONS CROSS-OVER INTO A DIGITAL AND ENGAGED SPACE Scalpel? Check. Twitter app? Check. Allergy Free Dining A Sign of the TimesDoctors at Houston’s Memorial Hermann Northwest Allergy sufferers have a tough time of it food-wise; Technabling, a spin-out company of The University ofHospital made medical and social media history this whether it’s an allergy to peanuts or a dairy intolerance, Aberdeen has developed a computer programme thatyear by live-tweeting an open heart surgery for the first dining out can often prove a nightmare. Those wishing translates sign language for the hearing impaired intotime ever. to eat out and have a stress-free experience however written text. The first-of-its-kind software can be used may consider a trip to Lyon, France and the Mon on portable devices and provides near instantaneousInitiated in honour of National Heart Month, the Historie dans l’assiette restaurant – the first of its kind translation, aiming to break down barriers for users ofpioneering surgery was intended to wake people up and whose menu is entirely free of 11 of the most common sign language and create an inclusive communicationeducate them to the realities of not caring for your heart, allergens and who is spearheading a cultural shift for platform with which they can well as provide advice on how to take preventative the notoriously authoritarian world of French cuisine.measures against heart disease. In addition to 140 The user signs into a standard camera integrated into acharacter updates, there were videos and photos posted Menu items are focussed around organically-grown laptop, Smartphone or other portable device such as athroughout the operation giving those following a rare produce free from gluten, eggs and lactose (to name tablet and their signs are immediately translated into textglimpse at the inner workings of such a procedure and a but a few) and provides fresh, seasonal ingredients. which can be read by the person they’re conversing with.chance to gain a different perspective into the realities of The staff are highly-trained in nutrition and diners are One of the most exciting elements is that the technologyheart disease. Thankfully, the 57 year old patient made it equipped with ‘data sheets’ before they order to ensure can be tailored to the individual user so it recognisesthrough the two and a half hour double-coronary artery they have full visibility of what their meal contains. With terms that they use and create. The service is expectedbypass successfully and made a full recovery. food allergies and intolerances affecting more and more to be on the market towards the end of 2013 and will of the population, expect to see the principles behind be the next step in creating tailor-made communications Mon Historie replicated far and wide. programs for the hearing impaired.
  16. 16. SMART HOTELIERS AND OPERATORS ARE TARGETING TIME-POOR BUSINESS TRAVELLERS AND CASH-POOR TOURISTS, CARVING OUT EXPERIENCES THAT PROVIDE VALUE AND ALLOW CUSTOMERS TO GET TO THE HEART OF THEIR DESTINATION QUICKLY Plus One in Berlin Women Only Floors Bubble Hotel PodsPlus One Berlin is a new travel concept recently In the new trend among high-end hotels, men need not As holiday-makers constantly go in search of newlaunched in one of the city’s coolest districts – the apply. Vancouver’s Georgian Court Hotel is the lone experiences, accommodation is playing an increasinglyKreuzkolln neighbourhood. ladies-only hotel in Canada, blocking off an entire floor important role in providing that new and exciting and 18 rooms for the fairer sex and joining a highly element. From treehouse hotels to underground pre-fabThe specially designed apartments have been selected group of hotels in Copenhagen, New York and structures – the latest comes from the idyllic countrysidecreated by two Berlin-based architects and feature a Singapore who have done the same. Each room comes in France with Attrap Reves and their very uniquecombination of new and recycled materials. equipped with hair styling appliances, yoga mats and Bubble Hotel concept.What makes the concept special however is the extras an array of beauty products at no additional charge. An evolution of the humble tent, the transparent pods- visitors staying at the apartment get automatic access These rooms have proven especially popular with invite guests to get up-close with nature, giving peopleto a group of 29 local residents, all chosen for their female business travellers who appreciate the added an eco-friendly experience and allowing them to exploreknowledge and passion of the city - to act as their ‘plus security of the private floor. While this highly contentious the outdoors without negatively impacting on the’. The residents are on-hand to offer personalised trend has been seen by some as discriminatory and as aadvice and travel tips as well as to accompany them on Measuring a mere 13 feet in diameter, the compact step backward for women, ladies-only hotel floors have structures are easy to pack and transport and provide aspecial experiences that only a local would know about. started popping up all over the world and due to the cozy environment, with food and drink options availableThe service is a great example of yet another way of recent high demand for this service, the Georgian Court at the nearby lodge style restaurant. At only 109 EUenhancing the tourist experience - it’s customisation is now thinking of expanding to a second floor. per night, the pods provide a budget option for thoseevolving to another level entirely. looking for a unique, out of the ordinary experience.
  17. 17. ARE WORDS DEAD? EXTREME CUSTOMISATION COMMUNITY HEARTA picture speaks a thousand words… Last issue we looked at how Never has there been a time whenor even a billion it would seem from personalisation was being adopted community has been more importantFacebook’s ground-breaking acquisition by brands and in the next evolution to us. In this digital age, our idealsof the image-capturing app Instagram of this, we’ve seen extreme and perspective on what constitutesfor $1billion USD. customisation come to the fore. Gone community, has shifted. The spirit of are the days when the meaning of community is what people still craveSo are words dead? Or are they just customisation extended to having – whether this exists in a physical orbeing pushed aside by our love of the your initials stamped on the latest virtual world. Community is now an all-immediate and emotionally evoking designer handbag as consumers encompassing term, taking the meaningpower of the image? now look for (and are beginning to of ‘local’ and extending it beyondIf the last few years have bought us expect) experiences that are highly- country borders, language barriers andthe age of the blog, the tweet and the customised, uber-personalised and cultural differences.hashtag – it seems clear that we have absolutely tailored from start to finish. Interestingly, a move towardsnow firmly entered the age of the image Brands who have embraced the trend the traditional, old-school ideals(both still and moving) and with this, in the last few years have looked at of community is becoming morea new era of storytelling. As human ways in which mass-customisation pervasive. Our desire to connect withbeings driven by emotion, the image could be integrated into their product our neighbours, whether next door inis the ultimate currency – transcending offering and this year, we’ll see these the same street or in the next country;language and cultural differences, able same brands look at ways in which has seen an increasing number ofto ‘speak’ to everyone. the experience can get even closer to experiential initiatives emerge driven byWith storytelling still at the heart your heart and mind. a local, community spirit.of what inspires brand love and The travel industry and specifically We will watch how this reinventedimages, at the heart of next-generation hotels are leading the charge with community environment infiltrates thestorytelling, the challenge for brands all manner of services offering virtual world as those that exist there,is how they effectively communicate customisation at this extreme level, start to manifest themselves in a moretheir stories via the channels this media (think your own fragrance butler or physical way.affords them. soap concierge for a start) and this will Does this mean the creation of FacebookWith visual platforms and what we do continue to unfold across everything City or Twitter Village in the near future?with images evolving by the minute, from technological innovations to high-we look forward to seeing how words end luxury fashion. We’ll just have to wait and see.fight back! Watch this specifically prepared, exactly-right-for-you bespoke space.