Edelman Capital Staffers Index 2011


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Der Edelman „Capital Staffers Index 2011” wurde im Oktober 2011 zum dritten
Mal im Auftrag der Edelman Public Affairs Practice von dem Marktforschungsunternehmen StrategyOne durchgeführt. Befragt wurden 542 Parlamentsmitarbeiter und Entscheidungsvorbereiter in den nationalen
Parlamenten in Argentinien, Brasilien, China, Deutschland, Frankreich,
Großbritannien, Indien, Kanada, Mexiko, USA und der Europäischen Union.

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Edelman Capital Staffers Index 2011

  1. 1. 2011CapitalStaffersIndexA Global Analysis ofDigital Media’s Impacton Shaping PolicyNovember 2011
  2. 2. Research Methodology and Objectives StrategyOne surveyed 542 senior This survey tests the perceived value of various communication staff members from key capitals strategies as tools for policymakers to connect with local residents and around the world from September communities; determines the credibility and trust associated with 26 to October 31, 2011. social media networks; and compares the Internet’s influence on policymakers internationally. London, UK Parliament 91 Brussels. BE Parliament 51 Paris, FR Assembly 50 Berlin, DE Bundestag 50Washington, DC Congress 50Ottawa, CA Parliament 25 New Delhi, IN Parliament 55Mexico City, MX Congress 50 Beijing, CN Congress 20 Buenos Aires, AR Congress 50 The overall margin of error is +4.2% in 95 Brasilia, BR Congress 50 out of 100 cases.
  3. 3. Germany 2011 - Traditional is keyTraditional Channels Direct Constituent Contact Surrogate Constituent Contact % Total Effective Direct contact fromconstituents is consideredmuch more effective than contact from surrogates. Trade associations are viewed as particularly ineffective in China and Germany. Written letterstest poorly in China as well. US Argentina UK Brazil EU Mexico France China Germany Canada India When constituents contact your member, how effective are each of the following modes of contact?
  4. 4. Germany 2011- Digital going mainstreamDigital Communication Communications through Digital Channels % Total Effective While they have thebroadest appeal, email and websites are sometimes rivaled by social media. A majority of staffers in a diverse array of countriesfind Facebook effective, and Twitter is particularly popular in Latin America. US Argentina UK Brazil EU Mexico France China Germany Canada India When constituents contact your member, how effective are each of the following modes of contact?
  5. 5. In Germany, current Facebook use outpaces last year’s projected three- year growthThinking about several different technologies, please indicate whether or not your Member was using them tocommunicate with constituents on key issues 3 years ago, is using them now, and will be using them 3 years fromnow. (Germany only)
  6. 6. Twitter increasingly used as an issues and news first alert system Twitter Use by Country (60% Overall) There is a clear desire to influence the flow of 53% information: using Do not use Twitter Twitter to receive news quickly and call attention to Receiving Listening issues bypasses news to issues traditional news quickly Shaping sources and allows debate staffers to act as a Calling Receiving source of attention to unfiltered information issues Talking to information themselves. constituentsThinking just about Twitter, which ONE of the following do you feel is the biggest benefit you get from usingTwitter?
  7. 7. Traditional media channels play supporting roleTraditional Channels Publicity-Oriented Constituent Contact % Total EffectiveStaffers are generally a bitmore skeptical of publicity-generating constituent-to- member contact.Less than a third of German staffers say these forms of contact are effective. TVappearances are weaker in Europe overall. US Argentina UK Brazil EU Mexico France China Germany Canada India When constituents contact your member, how effective are each of the following modes of contact?
  8. 8. Paid advertising is considerably less effective in Germany than elsewhere Paid Media % Total EffectivePaid media advertising falls flat among European staffers. TV advertising is generallymore effective than print or radio in the US, South America, and Asia.Canadian staffers, however, prefer print and radio. US Argentina UK Brazil EU Mexico France China Germany Canada India When constituents contact your member, how effective are each of the following modes of contact?
  9. 9. Effective Public Affairs spans the Media CloverTraditional PA Digital PA Political PR Political Advertising
  10. 10. Content is the fuel that powers our stories, and can amplifycoverage across all four leaves of the media clover.
  11. 11. From Policy Issue to Policy Priority “It’s the Economy Stupid” & “All Politics is Local” 84% 90% 66% 52%How important are each of the following in turning a policy issue into a policy priority for you? (Germany only)
  12. 12. Campaign “Fail Factors” Small & narrow No answer coalition 8% No studies that support Poor strategy goals Weak media 8% relations Poor spokesman Poorly executed advertising 18% Narrow corporate interests Weak team Limited grassroots support 28% Poor messageWhich ONE of these is typically the reason why a public affairs campaign fails? (Germany only)
  13. 13. The internet is a driver in informing and shaping policy issuesEducated EnergizedLearned about a public Changed your position on a policy issue, basedpolicy issue for the firsttime online 60% on something you read 61% YES online NO 54% 81% in 2009 in 2009
  14. 14. Outside research and briefing overviews play an important role when staffers meet with lobbyistsWhen you meet with lobbyists, which THREE of the following things do you pay the most attention to?(Germany only)
  15. 15. Making Life Easier Evidence-based analysis is important Present clear analysis with evidence 36% Be focused on message 26% Top Two Factors Better cooperation 14% Fact Supported Messaging Use more technology 8% More personal contact 8% Know the issue 4% Be less superficial 4% Better communication 2% Have good relationship with media 2%What is the ONE thing that advocacy groups or lobbyists could do that would do the MOST to make YOUR job easier?(Open ended) [Germany only]
  16. 16. Edelman Capital Staffers Index 2011 Key Results1. Traditional Public Affairs remains core strategy with highest effectiveness rates2. Digital Public Affairs is going Traditional Digital mainstream PA PA a. Digital PA 1.0 equals traditional Public Affairs in effectiveness b. Digital PA 2.0 still to gain importance in future Political Political Advertisi3. Political Public Relations via traditional PR ng Media to flank traditional and digital approaches4. Paid advertising of political content is less effective
  17. 17. 2011 CapitalStaffersIndexA Global Analysis of DigitalMedia’s Impact on Shaping PolicyFurther Information:www.edelman.dewww.edelman-newsroom.dewww.facebook.com/#!/EdelmanDigitalDeutschland