Motorola Home and Networks Mobility, European Media Engagement Barometer 2010


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As a company that delivers fully integrated and customizable media solutions enabling operators to provide personalized, rich media experiences to their subscribers, Motorola’s Home & Networks Mobility business has commissioned research that seeks to understand how different generations engage with family, friends, and colleagues through technology products and services. On behalf of Motorola’s Home & Networks Mobility business the Media Engagement Barometer explores the importance of each generation’s mobile and home networking experiences—functionally and emotionally.

This research has been designed to reveal consumers’ everyday behaviours and social experiences while at work, at home, and on the go to gain insights into emerging social trends and future desires for engaging with others and accessing content through mobile and home networking devices and services.

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Motorola Home and Networks Mobility, European Media Engagement Barometer 2010

  1. Media Engagement Barometer Objectives The Motorola Media Engagement Barometer, a thought leadership study, was designed to allow Motorola to: Expand on the company’s 2008/9 Millennial Generation study and explore the importance mobile and home networking experiences have - functionally and emotionally – across all generations Challenge traditional thinking and change the discussion around consumer tech models in response to new market trends Understand how different generations engage with family, friends, and colleagues through technology products and services A 15-minute telephone survey was conducted among a census representative sample of 3,500 Europeans 2 age 16-64. Interviews were conducted between November 13 and December 11 2009, in France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the UK.
  2. Demand For Customized Media Experiences Extends Across All Generations Mobile access is a way of life for European of all ages – the generational “digital divide” no longer exists Europeans derive emotional benefits from being constantly accessible and connected to family, friends and colleagues Consumers expect and demand the same content and device experiences whether they’re at home or on the go Customizable applications and personalized entertainment are a must for Europeans of all ages 3 3
  3. Connectivity is a Necessity 84% of Europeans agree that “I feel like I am constantly connected with my family, friends and colleagues regardless of physical locations” 4 4
  4. Connectivity is a Necessity for All Generations 100% 80% 77% 69% 69% 64% 60% 40% 20% 0% Strongly/somewhat agree Total Millennials GenXers Baby Boomers It is important for me to always be accessible 5
  5. Consumers Now Have an Emotional Link to Accessibility When I’m connected, When I’m not connected, I feel… I feel… 6
  6. People Across all Generations Recognize the Role Technology Plays in Keeping their Lives in Balance 100% 66% 65% 71% 61% 24% 26% 24% 22% Strongly agree 42% 41% 45% Somewhat agree 39% Total Millennials GenXers Baby Boomers Technology has allowed me to achieve balance between my personal and professional lives 7
  7. That’s Why There’s a Demand for Content Anytime, Anywhere 8 8
  8. Consumers Have Become Reliant On The Ability To Access And Share Content Anytime, Anywhere 100% 84% 61% 43% 27% Strongly agree Somewhat agree 41% 34% I feel like I am constantly I expect to be able to connected with my family, access the same content friends and colleagues when I’m on the go as I regardless of physical can when I’m at home location UK – 78% agree (net) UK – 69% agree (net) 9
  9. Europeans, Including Boomers, are Comfortable Sharing Content Between Multiple Devices Sharing information or content between devices Any NET 70% Between home and work computers 43% Between computer and mobile phone 28% Between TV and computer 26% Between personal and work mobile phones 15% Between gaming system and computer 12% Between different TV screens 11% Between TV and mobile phone 11% 57% of Boomers Between gaming system and mobile phone 8% currently share content Other 5% between devices Don't know 2% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 10
  10. Universal Need for Customization However, consumers need an effective way to cut through the clutter and learn about customizable solutions that meet their needs, as many are frustrated and overwhelmed by current levels of information 11 11
  11. Europeans are Consuming a Wealth of Video Content on a Daily/Weekly Basis On demand tele vision UK Downloaded internet video France Live/streaming internet video Germany Social Media applications Spain Live television Sweden 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 Weekly NET (Daily/Weekly) 12
  12. And for Many Europeans the TV is No Longer the Only Device to Watch Video Content Devices You’d Like to Use to Access Video Content Any NET 79% Computer 48% HDTV 37% Standard television (not HD TV) 30% Mobile phone 29% DVR, DVD or video playback 27% UK consumers are just as Smartphone 23% likely to want to use mobile MP3 player or personal media player 20% phones (68%) and computers (68%) to access Portable DVD player 19% video content Gaming system 12% Other 1% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 13
  13. Customizable TV Applications are Appealing to Most Europeans Interested in Customizable Applications for Their Televisions 100% 80% 57% 52% 60% 46% 47% 44% 40% 27% 20% 0% Europe UK Spain France Sweden Germany total Interested NET (Very/Somewhat) 14
  14. Europeans are frustrated and overwhelmed with content and technology choices 71% 68% 58% 67% 56% 53% Millennials Gen Xers Boomers Millennials Gen Xers Boomers It is frustrating having to sift through so I am often overwhelmed by all of the much information and options in order options and capabilities available to to find content that I care about me for use in my home technologies 15
  15. Sphere of Influence 16 16
  16. Tech Influencers Are Comprised of Europeans Across All Generations 100% Tech Influencers by Generation 39% 33% 29% GenXers Boomers Millennials 17
  17. Tech Influencers Are All About Seeking AND Sharing Information With Others Actively seek out and Actively seek out and share information about share information about the latest technology Tech Influencer the latest technology applications and applications and capabilities 16% capabilities, and advocate my point of view Demographic Profile: • Gender: 66% Male, 34% Female • Average age: 38 • 42% are parents • Geography: 24% French, 24% Spanish, 23% German, 17% Swedish, 12% British 18
  18. Media Mobility Is A Way Of Life For Tech Influencers 83% I am excited by the ability to access and share content anytime, anywhere 75% I expect to be able to access the same content when I’m on the go as I can when I’m at home 87% Mobile technology has made my personal, professional and social lives much more integrated 88% Share information or content between devices 19
  19. Summary: Media Mobility is Key for All Generations Connectivity, mobility and access to personal content transcends generations in Europe 0 20
  20. For More Information Press release: Twitter: Blog: 24