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Seminar on Mobile Marketing delivered by Eddie Prentice at IJL 2012, Earls Court, London, September 2012

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2012 07 ijl2012_eddie-prentice_seminar_mobile

  1. 1. The Future is Mobile You need to know “Why?” before deciding “How?” IJL Seminar – 2 September, 2012 Eddie Prentice – Digital Marketer
  2. 2. Mobile Agenda • Mobile Technology • Mobile Facts • Mobile Devices • Mobile Apps • Mobile Design • Mobile Marketing • Mobile Conclusions Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  3. 3. Mobile Technology Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  4. 4. Current Mobile Technology Current mobile technology is know as “third generation” (3G) • 2G = voice and text • 3G = 2G plus internet services • 4G = faster and better coverage than 3G (not yet launched in UK) Roll-out of 4G services is coming soon! Enabled by the release of SPECTRUM. Expected to reach the UK in 2013. Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  5. 5. Mobile Network Operators There are 4 UK mobile network operators (MNOs): • Vodafone • Telefonica O2 (known as O2) • Hutchison 3G (known as Three) • Everything Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile networks that merged in 2010) The four MNOs each have different spectrum holdings that were allocated to them at previous auctions. Many more mobile service providers in the UK Virgin Mobile, Tesco Mobile and TalkTalk offer mobile service packages through the four networks but do not have spectrum holdings. Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  6. 6. About Spectrum • Spectrum refers to the range of frequencies in which a signal can be transmitted • Spectrum between frequencies 300MHz and 3GHz is the “sweet-spot” for mobile operators – Suitable for mobile communications and broadband • Spectrum is allocated by means of licences, overseen by Ofcom, the competition authority Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  7. 7. Spectrum Use across Bandwidths Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com Spectrum will be released in the “sweet spot” for 4G services in 2013
  8. 8. Spectrum Why Is It Important? Releasing Spectrum for 4G services will mean • Faster and better coverage capabilities than 3G • Enhanced internet services for users • Continued growth of the smartphone market
  9. 9. Mobile Facts Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  10. 10. Mobile Web Traffic Worldwide Growth (% of all unique visitors) Source: Belron Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com UK mobile web traffic increased 20.7% in 2011
  11. 11. Smartphone User Demographics UK tablet and smartphone users skew slightly male aged 45-54. Source: Nielsen, via AOP, February 2012 Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  12. 12. Mobile Facts • Web traffic from mobiles is growing 8 times faster than PC web traffic. Adobe Mobile Experience Survey • Mobile internet users are set to surpass desktop internet users within 3 years. PriceWaterhouseCoopers • UK is fifth biggest mobile internet market globally. Silicon Valley Insider Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  13. 13. Mobile Usage It’s not about phone calls • A third of smartphone owners prefer using it for Web browsing or e-mail even when they are near PCs. • Over the past two years, iPhone users have spent 45 percent more time e-mailing on their smartphones and 15 percent less time e-mailing on their PCs. • More than 60 percent of smartphone users would consider buying goods with it or have already done so. • As more products are distributed over mobile channels, greater competition will raise the importance of design, ease of use, and new mobile payment options. Source: McKinsey Research Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  14. 14. Mobile User Facts • 60% of mobile web users have had a problem when accessing a website in the past year. • 75% said slow load time was the number one issue. • 3 out of 5 say that poor performance will make them less likely to return to a site. • 40% said they’d likely visit a competitor’s site next. • Most people expect to be able complete simple transactions like checking their bank balance in a minute or less, or they will abandon the site. Source: Equation Research Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  15. 15. Mobile Facts Google Search • Most of smartphone users are performing Google searches. Source: Econsultancy Paid search will grow on mobile phones. - Run different campaigns to desktop. Focus on local search offers - Ad copy needs to be specific for mobile - Shorter - Snappier - Landing pages must be optimised for mobile Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  16. 16. Mobile Devices Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  17. 17. Mobile Devices Deliver on the Promise Smartphones are now mainstream Touchscreen tablets are now what we’ve always wanted them to be Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  18. 18. Mobile Devices • Apple is big everywhere (iPhone, iPad, iPod). • Android has grown hugely in eight months, and now leads in the USA. • BlackBerry still has high penetration in the UK/US but is dropping off elsewhere and losing share in UK. • Tablets, are growing fast, but still only around 15% of all mobile visitors. • Apple owns the tablet market right now but that will change over the next 2/3 years. Source: Belron 2012 Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  19. 19. Great Mobile Service Builds Loyalty You’re seen as In Touch – Innovative - Professional Source: Foolproof April 2012
  20. 20. Location of Tablet usage? Source: Google 2011 Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com 82% Tablet usage is “at home”
  21. 21. Location of Smartphone usage Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com Smartphones Are Used Everywhere: - At home - At work - In store - On the go
  22. 22. Conversion Rate by Device Source: Monetate Aug2012 Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com Tablets convert better than smartphones
  23. 23. Mobile Site Design Basics Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  24. 24. Mobile Websites Convert Better “A well optimised mobile site will convert at 4 times the level of a non mobile site accessed on a mobile device.” Source: eConsultancy Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  25. 25. Mobile Design by Device Apple doesn’t make different screen sizes for the iPhone, but Android models come in all shapes and sizes. Take account of your customer resolution mix when designing or updating your site Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  26. 26. Mobile Site Design Basics • Minimise menu and navigational items • Vertical lists work better than horizontal menu bars • Links/buttons should be large enough and widely enough spaced to view and click on or touch. • Search box is very important given a more limited link navigation – Enable filtering of results – Include price in results • Minimise form filing Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  27. 27. First Impressions VERY Important • Nearly 50% of people stopped dealing with a brand altogether because the app / mobile service wasn’t good enough. • Apps and mobile services need to capture user attention QUICKLY; there are few second chances. – 81% say an app / mobile site needs to make a good first impression if they are to continue using it. – 56% did not sign-up to an app or mobile service because the registration process was too long or confusing. – 49% stopped using an app / mobile service because the login process was too time consuming. Source: Foolproof’s Going Mobile 2012 study Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com Mobile is an emotionally-charged channel
  28. 28. Mobile Users Expect Equal Speed Some basics: • Don’t include fancy graphics or pages that take a long time to download. • Speed is vital on mobile; it impacts hugely on page views and conversion rates. • Every byte you can remove from your site will improve user experience and conversion rate. • Strike a balance between what looks look and what works fast. Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  29. 29. Sign In Keep it Simple Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  30. 30. Navigation Use Expanding Lists Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com Marks & Spencer
  31. 31. Mobile Sites Home Page & Navigation Standard e-commerce websites can afford to dedicate a lot of space to – graphics – merchandising – large product photos – navigational features Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com Mobile screens are much smaller and need a different approach.
  32. 32. Mobile Site Home Page & Navigation Regular site Mobile site Mobile sites view better and download faster
  33. 33. Amazon $1billion in Mobile Sales Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  34. 34. Mobile Touchscreens Design Tips • The size of links. Links need to be big enough for users to click? • Space between links & action buttons. Allow enough space to allow users to easily click. • Font sizes. Make it easy to read on a small screen. • Scroll bars. May be missed by the user or difficult to use, meaning users may miss information that is below the fold. Make them large and prominent. • Icons. Don’t take up too much room - may be confusing for users who do not understand their meaning. Make icons easy to understand or include text descriptors • Use single pages rather than multiple tabs. Easier to scroll down a long web page than open multiple tabs. Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  35. 35. Mobile Apps Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  36. 36. Mobile Site or App? • Customers are not using these channels in a mutually exclusive manner • It’s not an ‘either / or’ choice • Heavy app users are also the most frequent mobile internet users • Mobile apps and mobile web will continue to co-exist going forward. • The best strategy is not “either/or …” but “both” Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  37. 37. Blue Nile iPhone App Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  38. 38. Links of London iPhone App Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  39. 39. Links Of London iPhone App Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  40. 40. Not Just About Online Sales Store Locator
  41. 41. Tiffany & Co One App Not Enough Tiffany has an App to promote the brand and one specifically called Engagement Ring Finder Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  42. 42. De Beers Bridal App Single theme: Bridal - Focus on customer needs rather than product Good use of action phrases – Useful navigation options Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  43. 43. M&S Mobile App Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  44. 44. M&S Navigation & Product Pages • Finding products • Vertical list • Large fonts & icons • Make it easy to find scroll and click Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  45. 45. M&S Navigation & Product Pages • Display image and key information M&S: – Cost – Colours – Product ratings – Number of reviews – Average star rating Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  46. 46. M&S Checkout • Click - “Add Product To Basket” • Options: – “Continue Shopping” – “Checkout” Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  47. 47. M&S Checkout • On entering Checkout, users forced to register. NOT best practice • Mobile users do not want to invest time in entering personal details. • Make registration optional • Minimise form fill – Add shortcuts (postcode lookup) – Pre-populate billing address • PayPal payment option may avert security concerns Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  48. 48. M&S Checkout Users forced to put in too much detail, including date of birth Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  49. 49. Debenhams Checkout Debenhams offers a slicker checkout process – Allows guest registration – Postcode finder – Assumes same address for billing & delivery – Pages short and quick to load Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  50. 50. Topshop Checkout • Very fast Checkout • Guest registration • Only requires delivery address & card details • Short pages (quick to load) • Pulls up numerical keypad to enter phone number Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  51. 51. Mobile Marketing Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  52. 52. Promote App on website Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  53. 53. Promote App on Facebook
  54. 54. Mobile Marketing Leverage SMS Use SMS For Voting And Polls • SMS (or text messaging) is an easy way to receive feedback and increase engagement. Let people vote or fill out a poll that helps you improve your service offerings. Get A Short Code • You know those screens that say "Text 12345 for your 10% off coupon"? That sequence of numbers is called a short code. Get your own short code for use in SMS marketing campaigns. Use SMS For Alerts • If you don't think the short code campaigns are up your alley, you can still use SMS for customer alerts. Give people the option to sign up for an alert when a product on backorder is available, or to receive a reminders Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  55. 55. QR Code Scanners • Link to digital content on the web • Have in-store and on your printed literature and packaging • Drive people to your website or scan and send direct to a “Like” or “Share” on users Facebook wall. There are a number of sites for generating QR codes and they’re all free. An Internet search for “QR code generator” will offer many choices. Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  56. 56. Email Marketing Make it Mobile Friendly Create Plain Text And HTML Email Versions • Some email clients will default to plain text and give readers the option to show pictures, while others will load pictures automatically. Ensure your emails render quickly and clearly in either scenario. Write Descriptive “Alt Text” • Alt text (alternative text), is the text that displays in lieu of an image when graphics can't render. If your email header is an image with a generic name, change the alt text to something that relates to the subject of the email. Craft A Crystal Clear Subject Line • When mobile users have a few minutes to check their email, they mentally divide their inbox into three categories: "read now," "delete," and "save for later." Vague subject line means "delete" category. Create a clear subject line to get your email read immediately, or at least starred for later. Be An Identifiable Sender • However your reader is most likely to know you, identify yourself as such in the sender field. This will help alleviate any confusion that would otherwise put you in their trash bin. Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  57. 57. Mobile Marketing Be Legit Make It Easy To Opt Out • Be as legit with mobile marketing campaigns as you are with everything else. If you’re doing SMS or MMS, make it clear how to opt out and if any rates may apply if the user engages in your campaign. Make Sure Customer Data Is Secure • Ensure you’ve taken precautions to protect data from unauthorized use or distribution. Make Terms And Conditions Clearly Visible • If a user has to agree to terms and conditions before participating in a mobile marketing program, ensure it's easy for them to understand what those are. It is illegal to automatically check that box for them. Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  58. 58. Mobile Conclusions Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  59. 59. Mobile is changing the digital marketing game but it isn’t changing the rules If you haven’t already done so ... ... start thinking now about integrating a mobile strategy in to your marketing plans … Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  60. 60. Mobile Commerce Site Why have one? • Increased exposure to customers when they are shopping offline. • Keep up with competition – if you don't have a mobile site and your competitors do... • Appeal to an affluent audience. • Increase sales through the extra sales channel • Opportunities to drive users into local stores - locator tools; reserve and collect services. • Appeal to comparison shoppers - some consumers use mobile phones to seek out the best deal while shopping offline. Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  61. 61. Mobile Commerce Challenges Expressed reasons for lack of progress with mobile commerce: – Lack of internal knowledge and skills – Lack of time – No internal buy-in – No specific budget for mobile – High cost of implementation – Inability to integrate with internal systems – Fear of ever changing landscape Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  62. 62. Mobile Website or App? • Both technologies will improve over time and will co- exist • Apps make the most of smartphone features • Mobile sites cost a lot less to reach a wider audience • For most smaller retail businesses the decision is mobile site or not (rather than mobile site or App) • If over 15% of your traffic is currently from mobile then you should certainly consider mobile site or both Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  63. 63. Mobile Conclusions • As devices get smarter, consumers are using them as mini- computers to do everything from reading news to personal banking to shopping. • Make it easy for consumers to interact with your brand when they’re on the go, users want information quickly with minimal fuss. • There is no one-size-fits-all approach in mobile Proliferation of devices and operating systems. To maximize reach requires a mobile-optimised web experience and look beyond a single device. • A browser approach is the baseline threshold for mobile strategies where the goal is to reach the broadest user base. • Aim for an approach that delivers both web and app experiences Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.comSource: Adobe Mobile Experience Survey
  64. 64. What Should You Do Now? 1. Plan ahead – start researching: – Monitor what the big retailers are doing – Download competitor Apps – Visit competitor websites 2. Feel the experience as a mobile consumer: – Use Facebook / Twitter – Make online purchases from your mobile – Download a QR code scanner 3. Start talking to suppliers so you know the issues and the costs. Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com You’ve got time to deal with this but the sooner you start the better prepared you’ll be.
  65. 65. The Future is Mobile You need to know “Why?” to understand “How?” IJL Seminar – 2 September, 2012 Eddie Prentice – Digital Marketer Email: eddie.prentice@btconnect.com
  66. 66. Mobile Limitations Understand Mobile's Limitations: • Customize for mobile, not desktops. Create content and designs for a small screen, no mouse, and a device on which extensive typing is unwieldy. • Don't require users to sit through renderings of large images. It can be expensive for them, depending on their data plan. It can also waste their time and result in site abandonment. • Create short forms. You can ask users to fill out form, but typing on a smartphone is a nuisance at best and difficult at worst. Shortened forms and those with prefilled options the user can scroll through are ideal. • Don't hide content behind multiple clicks. If a user would click three times to get to it on their desktop, they might only put up with two clicks on a mobile device before giving up. Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  67. 67. Customize the Mobile Experience Use Both Mobile Apps And Mobile Sites • Think of mobile sites as a way to reach a wider audience and bring people in to your sales funnel. Use mobile apps as a way to increase engagement among people in the middle of your funnel. Use your mobile site to encourage readers to download your mobile app. Develop An iPad App • Check your analytics. If you are getting good visitor traffic from iPads, consider developing an App. Test Different Devices And Browsers • Test your mobile campaigns on multiple devices and in multiple browsers to ensure the experience is consistent throughout. Create Content That Addresses The Needs Of Mobile Users • Mobile users know what they are looking for, so anticipate those needs when creating content e.g. “Click to call”. Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  68. 68. IJL Seminar – 2 September, 2012 Eddie Prentice – Digital Marketer Email: eddie.prentice@btconnect.com The Future is Mobile You need to know “Why?” before deciding “How?”