Ecofriendly melt and pour recipes


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  • Primer on Eco Friendly Melt & Pour Soap Recipes.
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Ecofriendly melt and pour recipes

  1. 1. Eco Friendly Melt&Pour Soap Recipes
  2. 2. There are lots of great eco friendly melt and pour soap recipes that youcan use to make fantastic all natural soaps from. You should be able to findan eco friendly melt and pour (M & P) soap recipe that you love from themany different recipes available to you. Imagine your using your very owndesigner M & P soap that you designed! You’ll be fresh and clean andprotecting the environment at the same time. Not to mention smellinggreat. These recipes make it possible to make soaps with fewer allergensin them because they use all natural ingredients.Eco friendly melt and pour soap recipes are a great way to help take careof yourself and the environment at the same time. Made from vegetableglycerin, fragrance oils, essential oils, herbs, and coloring, eco friendlymelt and pour soap recipes are safe for people and pets. They’re easy tomake and could even save you money. You’re limited to what’s on theshelf at the store when you buy soap but you can use eco friendly melt andpour soap recipes to make specialty soaps to take luxurious baths or tosell.
  3. 3. There are lots of different types of melt and pour soap recipes to choosefrom. Here’s a short list of some of the different types of recipes to giveyou an idea what’s available. This list isn’t all-inclusive but it’s a goodstarting point.AromaticsAromatics are made from fragrance oils that you choose to use in yoursoap. Your favorite fragrance oils will make your soap smell wonderful.Making your own soap gives you the chance to choose from a wide varietyof fragrances that you can use to take a relaxing bath after a long day atwork.AnimalisticFlea repelling, animalistic soaps are easy to make and safe for your dog.Some of these are NOT for use on cats.Personal Care Soap RecipesPersonal care soap recipes include recipes for soaps bath salts, lip balm,shower gels, lotions and mask for acne-prone skin, herbal liquid soap, andsunscreen.Advantages of Melt and Pour Soap RecipesSome recipes give you special tips and tricks like how to use alcohol toreduce bubbles or how to use Pyrex bowls to melt soap because plasticcan leach into your soap from microwaving in plastic bowls.
  4. 4. Earth FriendlyEco friendly melt and pour soap recipes are easy on the environment. Youcan use them to protect your family by using soaps that you tailor makewith no fillers or harmful additives. Then the ingredients return safely tothe earth.An Income StreamYour ability to create unique soaps could possibly lead to a business thatprovides a stream of income for your family. You could sell to family,friends, and online. Flea markets and garage sales are another outlet foryour melt and pour soap recipes.ControlControl over what goes into your soap. Do you know what kind ofadditives are in the soap you use? Take a look at your soap and tell usabout its ingredients in the comment section below.