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Venture Capital project, in the context of this course we explore venture capital as a social science. Meaning, that it consists of thought leaders, supporters, visionaries and far more than just money. Your assignment is to follow 3 venture capital firms that invest in a technology area you are interested. Within each venture firm, follow 1 portfolio company.

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Ims333 vc project

  1. 1. Ultra-Tech Connor Organ Britton Troth Dave Gorley Liz Conese Eddie Johnson
  2. 2. Introduction •  Our group chose the IT industry and have identified •  specific portfolio companies based on our realization that the products and services they provide are tools that fulfill the needs of our daily lives. The world of IT is relatively young but is developing at an exponential rate. Therefore, it is important that we have the resources to properly utilize the technology that is afforded to us.
  3. 3. Overview •  Industry: Information Technology •  Emerging Trends: o  o  Mobile Use: Increase of 63% in two years Big Data •  Why? → Constantly evolving; always unanswered questions in the IT market
  4. 4. Hypothesis •  •  People want quick, easy, and personalized results VC Firms look to invest in companies that provide services to develop these results, and reach consumer needs We believe we have identified three portfolio companies that each play a significant role in understanding and solving these needs through their effective provision of innovative technology.
  5. 5. AudioMicro •  AudioMicro makes the process of integrating media (such as stock music and sound effects) into projects a simple and inexpensive task o  Ideal for building creative, professionally sounding projects •  Library consists of nearly 300,000 sound effects, and over 65,000 royaltyfree music selections from popular artists •  This year, AudioMicro was named the second fastest growing media company by Inc. Magazine •  Their uploaded tracks and effects can be heard on popular stations such as CBS and the Discovery Channel •  They have also been used in hit films such as Braveheart, The Bourne Ultimatum, and Inglorious Bastards
  6. 6. DFJ-Frontier Ventures •  •  •  •  Early Stage on the West Coast Offices in: L.A, Portland, Sacramento, and Santa Barbara. DFJ Frontier Fund II (55 million) Typically invests $100,000 to $1,000,000 initially •  Predixion Software (2013), Janrain (2013), Netpulse. (2012), Big Frame. (2012), Mogreet (2012), (2012), Seismic Games. (2012), MomentFeed. (2011), Super Heat Games (2011), GameSalad (2011), Zadspace (2011), AudioMicro (2011), (2010), and SynapSense (2010) •  Part Of DFJ Network •  Global--33 different cities •  150 Partners
  7. 7. Pentaho •  Analyzes big data of all •  •  types into basic, userfriendly programs 1,500 commercial customers in over 185 countries Layman’s terms for business statistics
  8. 8. Index Ventures •  •  •  •  •  •  •  15 Partners; 40+ employees $3.2B in Investments Focuses in IT and Life Sciences Headquartered in Geneva Offices in San Francisco, London, and Jersey Participate in Seed and Growth Stage Startups Well-known portfolio companies: o  SoundCloud o  Dropbox o o  MySQL
  9. 9. Appcelerator •  Create, deliver and analyze •  •  mobile applications Offices worldwide and 519,293 registered developers Repeatable and Scalable o  Titanium o  Bait & Hook
  10. 10. Sierra Ventures •  •  •  •  •  •  Silicon Valley based Experience and Expertise in Management Largest CIO (Chief Info. Officer) advisory board in the industry $1.5 billion of capital under management Typically invests between $2 million to $25 million Notable Investments include: •  Novariant ($40M), ZoomSystems ($35M), Ooyala ($22M), Verari Systems ($20M),
  11. 11. Discussion •  Supporting o  o  The future of big data in everyday life Growth of mobile usage worldwide •  Refute o  Big data and mobile usage negatively impacts our society through breach of privacy and liberty
  12. 12. Takeaway •  Big data and Mobile Usage are continually •  •  increasing Our VC firms and their Portfolio Companies are answering new unmet needs Answering unmet needs will consequently unveil future needs that are not yet fulfilled
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  14. 14. Works Cited (Cont.) •  •  •  •  •  •  • Osterwalder, Alexander, Yves Pigneur, and Tim Clark. Business model generation: a handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2010. Print.
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