Chapter 9


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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  1. 1. Chapter 9 – Revenge I woke up in the morning feeling very cold. I pulled the sleeping bag tighter around me when I realised that Aipom was gone. I bolted upright and looked around. There was a thin mist floating around the ground in the small clearing I was lying in. I couldn’t see Aipom anywhere. I heard a rustling above my head. I looked up just as Aipom dropped down from the branch above, I moved out of the way and Aipom landed next to me on the sleeping bag. I saw he had a bunch of berries and a strange looking nut in the hand on his tail. He dropped the fruit and nut in my lap. I reached out to pick up a piece of fruit to eat but Aipom slapped my hand away. He clearly had other ideas about the breakfast arrangements. He picked the nut up and flicked it up at me, expecting me to eat it while he ate the berries which he scoffed down in about three minutes. While he ate, I looked at the odd nut in my hand. It looked a bit like a swollen acorn but I had never seen anything like it before, I put it in my bag, for some reason I wanted to keep it. I stood up, stretched, and pulled an extra jumper out of my bag to try and keep the morning chill back and packed my belongings back into my bag. I looked around, trying to decide which was to go. Aipom saw what I was trying to do, he jumped onto my shoulder and then into a nearby tree. I looked up at it and how saw how massive it was, I could hardly even see the top of it. I watched as the purple blob that was my Aipom climb higher and higher in the tree until it was gone from sight. A couple of minutes later, I saw the little blob making its way back down the humungous tree. Aipom free-fell the last few metres and ran off between a pair of trees. “Aipom, wait!” I yelled after him, I made sure to keep him in my sight, I had no idea what had gotten into him. He kept on running for nearly five minutes and I was starting to get a bad stitch. Eventually he burst out into a clearing and came to a stop. I stepped into the clearing behind him and saw why Aipom had been running. I immediately recognised the jet black hair and icy blue eyes on the trainer stood in front of me. “Heh, you again” He said with a smirk. “A-Pom!” Aipom shouted at the boy, his hands clenched into fists. I could tell Aipom wanted revenge for what had happened when we first met this trainer but I was uneasy, he was strong then and he was bound to be even stronger now. But I knew there was no point arguing with Aipom and I would just look like a coward if I turned away and went back. “We want a rematch!” “Fine by me, Totodile could do with something to give a good kicking.” As he spoke, he swiftly pulled a Pokéball off his belt and threw it up in the air. Totodile appeared in front of them looking mean and angry. “Use Water Gun” Totodile lifted its head and then let loose a powerful stream of water, Aipom was quick though, he pushed himself into the air and landed behind Totodile. “Aipom, use Astonish!” Aipom slapped his hands together over Totodile but it took little damage from the attack. I expected it to flinch but for some reason, it didn’t.
  2. 2. “Rage” Totodile spun round to face Aipom; he was too close to dodge it this time. Totodile swung its claws, kicked its feet and smacked its tail hitting Aipom over and over again. I couldn’t believe Aipom was still standing after taking such a beating. “Counter with Scratch!” I shouted, trying to think of a way to stop Totodile, Aipom stood taking hit after hit, charging his upcoming attack. And then he struck. With both claws, Aipom crossed Totodiles chest leaving a trail of white where Totodile once stood, now he had been sent sprawling across the floor. It stood, weakened; it seemed that even its own attack had worn it out a lot. Both Pokémon stood panting. It was then that Totodile glowed slightly around the edges. The trainer smiled, smugly. “Bite” Totodile had just learnt a new move. Totodile grinned itself and jumped towards Aipom, its jaw open wide. Aipom was rooted to the spot in fear. “Aipom, move!” He snapped out of it at the last moment, he tried to dodge to the side but he had left it too late, Totodile’s jaws locked onto Aipom’s tail. Aipom squealed in pain and started scratching at Totodile’s back, trying to get it off but it wouldn’t budge. “Aipom, stay calm, charge your attack up” I said it without really thinking about it but Aipom did it nonetheless. Aipom stood still and its claws began to glow, he lifted them high, I saw Totodile clamp down harder on Aipom’s tail. “POM!” Aipom roared as he slammed his claws into Totodile, sweeping it off his tail and sending it flying. Aipom fell. It was in too much pain, it couldn’t continue. I looked up at Totodile, hoping it would be out cold. It wasn’t. Totodile was pushing itself up onto its feet. We had been so close to winning but we had failed again. “Heh, maybe next time, but I doubt it. Let’s go Totodile” The trainer said as he turned away. “Wait” I called after him. It wasn’t over yet. The trainer and Totodile turned back round to me. Aipom was propped up against a tree and I was stood ready for battle, a Pokéball in my hand. “Go, Weedle!” I cried, throwing the Pokéball up into the air. My newly caught Weedle then appeared in front of me, it’s initially shyness was now gone and it was ready to fight. “Poison Sting!” Weedle lifted its head and shot a jet of purple, poison tipped needles toward Totodile. Totodile was so surprised by the attack, it didn’t move in time. The needles hit it one after the other. “Keep it up Weedle!” I cheered Weedle on as it kept up the continuous stream of needles. “Totodile, Bite!” Totodile ran forwards, I knew Weedle wouldn’t be able to take the hit. “Faster!” I pleaded. Weedle did as I asked and increased the speed and rate of needles. Just as Totodile was about to make contact, it took one too many hits and stopped in its tracks. It fell to its knees and collapsed, too exhausted to carry on. The other trainer removed his Pokéball and returned Totodile into it and left the clearing without a word. I was stood in stunned silence, we had beaten him! I ran forward to Weedle who was sat very still. Just as I reached it, it started to glow taking me aback. I took a step back and watched as the worm disappeared into the light and began to take a new shape; it looked as if it had curled itself up into a ball. The light dimmed and in Weedles place stood, or sat, I couldn’t tell, a golden Kakuna. I couldn’t
  3. 3. believe it! My Weedle had evolved! I turned round to look at Aipom, excitement on my face. My face fell. Aipom was slumped to the side, lying in a small puddle of blood, his eyes were closed and the blood was still dripping out of his tail...