Chapter 7


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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

  1. 1. Chapter 7 – Mischief Maker Me and James had lunch in the Pokémon Centre while we were waiting for Aipom to recover. I noticed that I had only been a trainer for just over a day and I had already been in the Pokémon Centre too many times than I would’ve liked. Aipom appeared, running ahead of Nurse Joy, I thanked her for her help once again and she left us to our lunch. I heard a strange rustling sound coming from behind me; I peered over my shoulder and saw Aipom with his head and most of his body inside my bag searching for something. “Aipom?” I called, holding the pot of Pokémon food I knew it was looking for. Aipom stood upright before taking the bag off his head, the contents of the bag spilled out over the sterilised floor of the Pokémon Centre. Other trainers sat around in the other chairs looked over at the noise and I felt my face going red with all the eyes looking at me. Aipom found the whole situation hilarious and ran around, blinded by the bag still on his head. I grabbed it as he ran past me and yanked it off, it was stuck a bit tighter than I thought and it lifted Aipom into the air before he slipped out and sat on the floor with a cheesy grin on his face. I turned to the pile spread across the floor to find James was already picking things up. I went over with my empty bag and started packing everything back in, thanking James for his help at the same time. I turned back to Aipom who was lying on his back watching us clear up his mess, still giggling. “Aren’t you going to help?” Aipom answered by sticking out his tongue, stealing the chair I was sat on and helping himself to the pot of Pokémon food. Aipom sat munching on the food looking rather pleased with himself while me and James finished packing everything back into the bag. “What’d you want to do this afternoon?” James asked me as I lifted Aipom off the seat and onto my lap. “I dunno, I was thinking I could take Aipom back to Route 30 to do some training. Does that sound like a good idea Aipom?” Aipom looked up at me and nodded, his hands clenched into fists. “Cool, I’ll come with you then, Pidgey could do with some training too. I can’t wait until it evolves into a Pidgeotto like Falkner’s! After sitting around, not doing much for another half an hour, we set out of the Pokémon Centre towards Route 31 which would lead to Route 30. We got to Route 31 and looked around for some wild Pokémon but couldn’t find any so we continued down the path to Route 30. As we reached the sign post pointing back the direction we had come from, we could still see little dips in the road and lots of fresh dirt lying on the ground, the remains of the battle me and James had the day before. We turned the corner and looked down the hill which was Route 30. We walked forward and I saw a large clump of long grass which I was sure just moved. I walked towards it and parted some of the blades. I was thrown backwards when a Weedle and Caterpie burst out of the grass and Tacked me. Aipom saw the attack and was immediately angry, he leapt forward and I saw his claws glow white, it using Scratch attack. The attack only managed to hit one of the two Pokémon though, Weedle was thrown back into the grass by the attack. Caterpie saw the attack on its friend and turned to Aipom and shot a strange white string out of its mouth. The strange substance spun itself around Aipom, trapping him in a cocoon type thing. Aipom fell to the floor, struggling to get his arms and legs free.
  2. 2. By this time, I had gotten up and moved back, away from the grass and Weedle had come back out of it, angry at the unexpected attack. It was know two against one and the one couldn’t move. Weedle then shot purple, needle like objects out of its hidden mouth, I recognised the attack as Poison Sting and knew that it could mean big trouble for Aipom. The needles struck Aipom who was still rolling around, helpless on the floor. I noticed, however that the cocoon Caterpie had created was protecting my Aipom from the worst of the damage and the poison. James was watching the action unfold and realised that Aipom couldn’t take on two Pokémon at once, especially when it was trapped like that. He shoved his hand into his pocket and pulled out his Pokéball. He threw it in the air and Pidgey appeared in a flash of white light. “Pidgey, use Tackle to free Aipom and then hit Caterpie! Pidgey did as it was told, flying straight for Aipom. I couldn’t look, scared that James’ plan was going to fail, that Pidgey would go straight into Aipom. The plan worked perfectly. Aipom had heard the command and was lying still to make it easier for Pidgey. Pidgey flew as close as Aipom as it dared, scraping the cocoon with its sharp beak and then carried on and struck the Weedle, knocking it out instantly, Pidgey then circled round and back over. Now that Aipom was free, it was his turn. “Use Scratch!” Aipom bounded forward and attacked Caterpie with his glowing claws, knocking it out in one. Aipom was leaping with joy at his victory when I got an idea but it seemed James had the same idea, at the same time. Everything that happened next, happened very quickly and all at the same time, me and James both reached into our bags and pulled out an empty Pokéball, Aipom used his tail to propel himself into the air in celebration, me and James threw our Pokéballs at the unconscious bugs, Aipom collided with Pidgey in mid-air and both came crashing down before the Pokéballs found their target. When our Pokémon hit the ground it had sent up a huge dust cloud from the worn path, blinding us. As the dust cleared, Aipom and Pidgey were sat rubbing their heads, Aipom looking a bit foolish after what he had done and behind them, two Pokéballs, completely identical, where the bugs had once been lying. James stepped forward and picked them both up, it was impossible to tell which one belonged to me and which was James’. “Who were you aiming for?” I asked him, hoping that he, unlike me, was aiming for one of the two. “I dunno, I wasn’t thinking much, I just threw it.” “Oh, me too.” Aipom could tell what was happening and jumped up and picked both Pokéballs out of James’ hand and hid them behind his back. I could tell what he was doing, as could James. James picked first. “The left one.” He said pointing to Aipom’s left arm. Aipom held his left hand out and James took the Pokéball sat in it. I took the one in the right hand. “At the same time?” James asked, he was talking about who was going to let their new Pokémon out of its Pokéball first, I agreed with his idea and we both through them high in the air. Two bright flashes of white light came out of the Pokéballs and our new Pokémon started to take form in front of us.