Chapter 13


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Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

  1. 1. Chapter 13 – Aipom vs Pidgeotto! “Pidgeotto, use Gust!” “Aipom, get under it and then use Spring-Scratch attack!” As Pidgeotto started to viciously flap its wings to whip up a strong wind, Aipom sprinted forward getting under the wind before it hit him. Just as Aipom got underneath Pidgeotto, it did a little jump onto his tail and propelled itself upwards. Pidgeotto was still using Gust so it didn’t have any time to avoid the attack and Aipom got a direct hit causing loads of damage to Pidgeotto but it recovered well and was ready to attack again by the time Aipom had landed. “Nice one Aipom” He replied by looking over his shoulder and giving me a quick thumbs up. “Use Quick Attack!” Falkner shouted. I had to think fast to get Aipom out of it but I didn’t think fast enough. “Dodg-“ But I was too late, Pidgeotto had already smashed into Aipom sending him flying into the air and then crashing back down. Aipom was down but not out, he easily got back up onto his feet. He had gotten a lot stronger since the last battle. “Aipom, use Ice Punch!” I saw Falkner’s shocked face on the other side of the field as Aipom leapt up into the air, his fist on his tail charging up and swinging towards Pidgeotto. Falkner recovered from his initial shock quickly, “Use Quick Attack to dodge it!” Pidgeotto did as it was told but it was a just too late. Aipom’s icy fist just managed to scrap at Pidgeotto’s wing as it moved out of the way sending it spiralling towards the ground. Just before it made contact though, its wings snapped open and it got back up into the air while Aipom landed. “Quick Attack again!” Pidgeotto once again flew at Aipom with lighting speed and again, I didn’t think fast enough. The attack sent Aipom sliding against the ground. This time it took a bit longer for Aipom to get back up. I knew he couldn’t take much more. But I had now had an idea for the next time Pidgeotto used Quick Attack but I would only have one chance at it or it’ll all be over. Falkner was now confident after all the hits Pidgeotto was getting. “Finish it with another Quick Attack Pidgeotto!” He roared. No sooner had he finished his command, I called mine. “Jump in the air Aipom and use Ice Punch!” Pidgeotto was just a blur but Aipom jumped at just the right time, did a back flip in the air while the Ice Punch was charging. Pidgeotto tried to get Aipom by turning and flying up vertically but Aipom’s attack was ready, with a final spin the icy fist collided into Pidgeotto’s face, smashing the bird into the ground. As the dust cleared I saw Aipom standing victoriously next to Pidgeotto who was clearly unconscious. The ref raised a flag. “Pidgeotto is unable to battle, Aipom wins! The battle goes to Edd!” I fell to my knees, I couldn’t believe it. I had beaten a gym leader! Falkner returned Pidgeotto to its Pokéball and smiled to himself. James rushed down to meet me and Aipom. I looked up to see Aipom running towards me I stood up and he jumped into my arms. “You were great Aipom!”
  2. 2. “That was amazing!” James told me, I thanked him and looked up to see Falkner stood in front of me. His arm was outstretched and in the hand on the end of it, sat a small silver badge in the shape of a pair of angel wings. “That was a great battle Edd, haven’t had one that good for a while. I may have lost but I am still proud to award you with the Zephyr Badge!” I took the badge in my hand and just stared at it, I couldn’t stop smiling. “Thank you so much!” I shook hands with Falkner and me, James and Aipom left the gym together and headed for the Pokémon Centre. We arrived at the Centre and walked up to the desk, I still couldn’t take my eyes off the badge in my hand. Nurse Joy saw what I was looking at. “Well done, not very often for someone to beat Falkner. Have you registered for the Johto League yet?” “I have to register?” I finally tore my eyes off the badge to look at Nurse Joy. “I’ll take that as a no then, it won’t take long.” She turned to her computer and opened a program. “I’ll just need a few details, name?” I gave her my name, “Your Edd? A parcel arrived for you earlier.” Before I could respond, she was already asking me the next question. A few minutes later she had finished. She reached into a draw and pulled out a blue metal case. “This is for carrying all your badges in, I expect you know that you need the 8 Johto Badges to get into the League.” I nodded. “Great, I’ll just go and get your parcel.” Nurse Joy turned and went through a door behind her. While she was gone, I pressed a button on the edge of my new case and the lid split in two through the middle. I carefully placed the Zephyr Badge in the first of eight small indents. It fitted perfectly. Nurse Joy came back carrying a large parcel. She handed it over to me and I handed her my Beedrill and Aipom. I walked over to the chairs with James and my huge parcel. We took a seat; I was just about to rip open the parcel when I saw a small envelope attached to it. I opened this first. Dear Edd, Happy Birthday! Sorry it’s a bit late but I didn’t realise you had already left home. I posted this to your house in Cherrygrove but then your Mum phoned me and told me you had already left. I managed to get the parcel back just before it was sent off. I’ve sent it to Violet City now so hopefully that’s where you are. I won’t tell you what’s in it, it can be a surprise. Hope all is going well, Dad “It’s from my Dad” I told James, handing him the note. “He lives in Slateport City” I then ripped open the brown packaging, revealing a small red rectangle and a green egg with a red stripe going through the centre. James looked up, “Wow! That’s a Pokémon Egg and a Pokédex!” I looked at the two gifts, I couldn’t
  3. 3. believe it! “Looks like you’re going to have to wait until it hatches to find out what Pokémon is in there. Nurse Joy came over to us with a large case. “I saw what you got, take this.” She handed me the container. “It’s for carrying the egg around in, it should keep it nice and safe.” “Wow thanks.” I opened the lid of the container and carefully placed the egg inside. It seemed secure. “This has been the best day ever! Kakuna evolved, we beat Falkner, I got a Pokédex and then I got this Pokémon Egg!” “Yep, your lucky alright.”