Chapter 12


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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

  1. 1. Chapter 12 – Kakuna vs Hoothoot! Falkner got the first move in. “Hoothoot, use Peck!” I knew that would do a lot of damage to a bug type Pokémon like Kakuna. “Quick Kakuna, use Harden!” That was when I realised that I had trained Kakuna after all. Maybe not in attacking but it had gotten very good at using Harden. Because of the training, Kakuna was also very fast at doing it so even though Hoothoot was flying towards it leading with its glowing beak; it pulled of the defensive move quick enough. Kakuna took a lot less damage than it would have but it still took a lot of it. It was clear that the attack had hurt, Kakuna looked dazed. Hoothoot was now circling back round to ready to attack again. “Kakuna, use Poison Sting!” A huge array of small purple needles came out of Kakuna. The poisonous tips hit their target in midair when Hoothoot was looping over. Hoothoot was knocked right out of the sky and hit the ground sending up a cloud of dust. The dust cleared and Hoothoot was still standing but it was glowing purple. Me and Falkner saw this at the same time, he grunted slightly, annoyed. I just looked on confused. “Hoothoot is poisoned!” James called from the stands. “It will take damage at the end of each turn!” “Yes! Ok, Kakuna, use Harden again” I had come up with a plan, if Kakuna can keep on using Harden, and surviving Hoothoot’s attacks, I should be able to stall Hoothoot out until it faints of the poison damage. “Finish this quickly Hoothoot, use Peck!” Falkner cried while Kakuna glowed, hardening its shell. “Keep using Harden Kakuna!” As Hoothoot flew towards Kakuna with its glowing beak, Kakuna had just enough time to get another Harden in. Hoothoot scored a direct hit and even though Kakuna had used Harden three times, it still took hefty damage. Hoothoot flew back round ready to attack again, it suddenly glowed a much darker purple and I could see it was taking damage and it nearly fell out of the sky. I was hoping that would have been the end of it but Hoothoot managed to hold on. I knew it was unlikely that Kakuna would be able to live another Peck. “Again!” Me and Falkner both called the same command to our Pokémon. Kakuna shone for the fourth time and Hoothoot circled round to attack. Hoothoot was moving incredible fast towards Kakuna who stood its ground bravely. Hoothoot collided into Kakuna with a huge amount of force. I winced as they made contact. Kakuna was propelled backwards and skidded across the floor sending up loads of dust and lay still. Meanwhile, Hoothoot was flying over the top of the stadium when the dark purple glow shone again. This time it did fall out of the sky, crashing into the ground sending up even more dust. As the dust cleared we could see both Pokémon lying still. The referee held up two flags. “Both Hoothoot and Kakuna ar-“ “-una” I gasped when I saw Kakuna roll over and slowly lifting itself up onto its point. “No!” cried Falkner, shocked at Kakuna’s stamina. The referee lowered one of his flags.
  2. 2. “Hoothoot is unable to battle! Kakuna wins!” At the same time, me, James and Aipom jumped into the air, cheering. Kakuna turned to face me with what seemed like a smile on its face. It suddenly started to glow, just like it had back in the forest in Route 30. Everyone in the room gasped, watching Kakuna. Its shell seemed to crack open through the middle and something was pulling its way out. I saw two large cones, followed by two pairs of wings. Kakuna stopped glowing but it was no longer Kakuna, it was now a powerful looking Beedrill! My new Beedrill glowed slightly once more, telling me that it had just learnt a new move, Fury Attack. Before I had a chance to celebrate, I got a strange feeling in my stomach, I realised that I already missed Kakuna; after all it had done for me from beating Totodile to helping Aipom train his new attack and for just now when it defeated a Gym Leaders Pokémon. But I knew this was for the best, Beedrill would be even stronger than Kakuna had been. While I had been thinking about Kakuna, Falkner had returned Hoothoot to its Pokéball and was preparing to send out his last Pokémon. I knew what was coming. “Go Pidgeotto!” The same Pidgeotto which I had lost to last time appeared once again. I was now confident in my new Beedrill so I kept it in battle. The ref lowered the two flags, signifying the start of the battle. “Gust” “Fury Attack!” Beedrill swooped up into the air towards Pidgeotto who had started to flap its wings causing a powerful gust of wind which would have knocked Beedrill out of the sky but Beedrill was fast, it swerved around the wind and stuck Pidgeotto one, two, three, four times with its huge stingers on its arms. Beedrill retreated back towards my side of the field. Pidgeotto had taken quite a bit of damage. “Quick Attack” Falkner commanded, Pidgeotto was unbelievably fast, one second it was on Falkner’s side of the field, the next it was in front of Beedrill, striking it with its wings. Beedrill had no chance. It fell and smashed into the ground and I knew it was over. The dust cleared and Beedrill was unconscious like I expected. The ref raised a flag once again. “Beedrill is unable to battle! Pidgeotto wins!” I called Beedrill back into its Pokéball. “You did great Beedrill” I turned to Aipom. “You ready?” Aipom answered with a determined nod and stepped forward. It was now a one vs one battle. The referee lowered his flags. The end of the battle had just begun.