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Forty West Factual Brochure

Forty West Factual Brochure






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    Forty West Factual Brochure Forty West Factual Brochure Document Transcript

    • where urban livingmeets a highquality of life
    • Welcome to the new Cairo neighbourhood with a vibrantsocial scene, amazing luxury apartments and bustlingopen-air spaces. It’s a place designed for Egypt’s pleasantclimate and gregarious lifestyle, opening up new possibilitiesfor indoor-outdoor living in Cairo. The gardens, terracesand public areas are as meticulously designed and wellappointed as the interiors of each apartment.This is a place that fully embodies the aspirations ofmodern Egyptians, who can live, work and socialise here,all in the company of like-minded people. It’s the firstdevelopment at Westown, the new city centre beingcreated by SODIC and Solidere International. And it willbe one of Westown’s finest landmarks—a place withurban amenities and residential features that make lifeexhilarating, relaxing and complete.This is where it all comes together. This is Forty West. VIEW OF THE FORTY WEST PIAZZA AT NIGHT
    • Forty West is a place inspired by the easy living of oldMediterranean cities like Barcelona, Beirut and Rome.Where people’s homes spill out into terraces, roof gardensand courtyards and where creative architecture makesconvivial indoor-outdoor living enjoyable all year-round.Forty West combines these Mediterranean charms with atruly modern design aesthetic and cutting edge technology.It’s stunning, international and sleek. Inside and out, FortyWest incorporates the best of master-planning, design,materials and craftsmanship. It takes the idea of urbancomfort to a whole new level. CAFÉ TABLES IN THE FORTY WEST PIAZZA
    • The Forty West Piazza brings the best of internationaldining, art and design together in one extraordinaryoutdoor space. This is the social heart of Forty West. Aplace that will be full of life from the first sip of a cappuccinoin the morning to the last sip of a cocktail at night.You will always find something to do here: stop by the artgallery or sculpture garden to see great artworks; browsethe boutiques for eclectic finds and designer fashion; takethe kids to a mesmerising performance in the outdoortheatrical space; feast with friends and family in a greatrestaurant or spend a lazy afternoon chatting with friendsover coffee or an ice cream.There is something here for every lifestyle, every occasionand nearly every taste. We are hand picking all of therestaurants, cafés and boutiques to make sure each ofthem is the kind of amazing neighbourhood place you’llwant to come to again and again. It’s all part of whatmakes Forty West an Egyptian destination that is trulyone of a kind. THE ROOFTOP BAR AT THE ANGSANA HOTEL
    • Walk a short distance from the vibrant Forty West Piazzaand you can find yourself in a peaceful residential areadesigned to be quiet and naturally cool. Forty West is aneighbourhood with two distinct and complementary stylesof living. Both are equally urban and luxurious, but one putsthe focus on sociability and buzz while the other centresaround family life, botanical greenness and residential calm. URBAN CHIC APARTMENT LIVING AND TERRACE AREAS
    • The 36 apartments on the Forty West Piazza will be amongthe most exclusive and admired homes in Cairo. Eachapartment has an individual layout, with features thatprovide the highest standard in urban living. Choosean apartment that fits your lifestyle, whether you enjoysunbathing beside a private pool, lounging in a Jacuzzitub or entertaining friends with dinners prepared in a fullyequipped outdoor kitchen.Live here, and your windows and terraces will form partof the vibrant tapestry that is the Forty West Piazza.The fringe of palm trees down below will add a lushMediterranean vibe to your view while adding to yourprivacy. Be at concerts and special events without leavingyour balcony. Or pull the easy-close shades, shut thewindows and enjoy some quiet ‘me’ time in the comfortof your luxurious home. VIEW OF THE FORTY WEST PIAZZA BY DAY
    • Live in the gardens at Forty West and you’ll be close tonature in an environment that has been carefully designedto be both modern and harmonious. Like the apartmentson the Forty West Piazza, the 139 apartments here stretchout into the open air in ways that are surprising and highlyluxurious. Several of the ground-floor apartments havespacious private gardens. And the Mediterranean-inspiredcommunity gardens are great spaces for relaxation and forchildren to play together. At night, the garden blocks arefor residents only, with access controlled by electronic key. GARDEN APARTMENT WITH LAP POOL
    • The Angsana hotel at Forty West will be a chic cityretreat. Angsana is part of the Banyan Tree group, whichis known worldwide for its exquisite resorts and attentiveAsian hospitality.Here, guests will be treated to this same legendary largesse,tailored to fit the hotel’s boutique size. In addition to the 50sumptuous guest rooms, there will be elegant restaurants,a rooftop pool, a spa and a business centre. And guests willhave golf, pool, spa and fitness-centre privileges at a largerAngsana hotel, just up the road at Allegria.The hotel will be a favourite among well-informed travellersand locals drawn to its great service and amazing views.The Angsana’s glamorous, shaded rooftop bar overlooksthe palm tops and dramatic lighting of the Forty WestPiazza. And its pool will be one of the trendiest spots inall of Westown. ROOFTOP BAR AT THE ANGSANA HOTEL
    • WHERE CREATIVEINSPIRATIONmeets modernbusiness life
    • The buzz and amenities of Forty West combined with itsenviable location at the heart of Sheikh Zayed, momentsaway from the Smart Village, make this an ideal workplacefor any organisation. That’s why we set aside prime officespace on the Forty West Piazza. We’re so pleased with theresults that we’ll be working here ourselves, in the relocatedstate-of-the-art SODIC Sales Centre.Lease an office at Forty West, and you will benefit from allof the technologies and facilities that modern businessesneed, from plentiful underground parking to central air-conditioning, smart energy systems and high-speedinternet. Your windows will look out on the busy piazzaon one side and serene gardens on the other. Hold yourmeetings at a café table outdoors and entertain yourclients with a meal at one of the open-air restaurants.Or wander down to the art gallery to get your creativeinspiration topped up. INTERIOR OF THE ART GALLERY
    • WHERE GLOBALARCHITECTUREMEETS CUTTING-EDGEEGYPTIAN INTERIORSFrom every angle, Forty West embodies amazing moderndesign. We’ve brought together the acclaimed Boston-based architects Machado and Silvetti Associates withup-and-coming Cairo-based designers Eklego to ensurethat every aspect of Forty West has exceptional looksand liveability. When you buy a Forty West apartment,you’re buying a home that is part of a beautifully designedcommunity. And that is a design original from bottom to top.
    • Apartmentsby Machadoand SilvettiArgentinean-born Rodolfo Machado and Jorge Silvetti areamong the world’s most respected architects. Rodolfo isa distinguished professor of architecture at Harvard anda sought-after lecturer around the world. Jorge is oftenasked to officiate at prestigious competitions, includingarchitecture’s highest honour, the Pritzker ArchitecturalPrize. Together and individually, Machado and Silvetti havewon many awards, and their writings and drawings haveappeared in many exhibitions, museums and books.Their Boston-based firm has designed the heraldedexpansion of the Getty Museum in California and a newdowntown square combining the ancient and modernin Beirut. Their quietly sensational private residencesoften feature in international architecture journals andglossy magazines.Each Machado and Silvetti project is different, focusingon whatever is unique and important about the setting,situation and place. This is why they were our first choiceto be the architects for Forty West.Interiors by EklegoEklego are one of the hottest young design teams workingin Cairo at the moment. They’re known for bringing eclecticmaterials, textures and patterns together into a unique andstriking whole.You can see their work in the SODIC Sales Centre, whichhas a modern look that is both elegant and inviting.Eklego’s residential interiors have made a splash in local andregional design press because their work is at the vanguardof an emerging contemporary Egyptian style. And they’veapplied this same visionary approach to the styles they’vecreated for Forty West. APARTMENT WITH ROOFTOP TERRACE
    • EXCLUSIVE INTERIORS TO MATCH YOUR PERSONAL STYLEBy any measure, the 175 apartments at Forty West areexceptional. In fact, each apartment is unique. Ourarchitecture partners Machado and Silvetti Associateshave designed each space to ensure maximum privacyand coolness while letting in lots of natural light.Apartments with one to four bedrooms are available.They all come fully finished to a specification that isunprecedented in Cairo, with exquisite materials anddramatic design features to match your lifestyle andtaste. Choose an apartment with a lap pool or Jacuzzitub, a roof terrace or landscaped garden, with a fullyequipped outdoor kitchen or with a patio fireplace thatwill keep your terrace cosy even on a chilly night.
    • Everyone’s style is different. We think everyone’s homeshould effortlessly reflect this individuality with featuresthat match your lifestyle and approach to life. That’s whywe asked our design partner Eklego to create threedistinct contemporary interior styles for the apartmentsat Forty West.Each style has a palette of fittings that Eklego havesourced from their network of fine artisans and world-classsuppliers around the world. And it will all be tailored to thesize, layout and location of your new apartment. Eklego willtake care of everything on your behalf. All you have to do isdecide which style you like best: Urban Chic, Natural Zen orModern Islamic. LIVING ROOM AND TERRACE IN NATURAL ZEN STYLE
    • URBAN chic
    • Classy, artistic, daring. Urban Chic is inspired by the loftliving of New York and London. It’s a sophisticated stylefor fashionable people who know what they want. Theperfect environment for art books, freshly ground coffeeand dinner parties that last well into the night. LIVING ROOM AND TERRACE IN URBAN CHIC STYLE
    • Sensuous, cool, calm. Natural Zen is urban tranquillity,a blend of natural materials and balanced spaces whereevery element works in harmony. Inspired by the simplicityof Japanese design, the look is relaxed, with many soothingtouches. With this style’s cooler colour palette and cleanhorizontal lines, your home will feel like a calming retreat, faraway from the city outside. KITCHEN AND DINING AREAS IN NATURAL ZEN STYLE
    • Clear, light and contemporary. Modern Islamic borrows theintricate patterns of classical Egyptian living, updating themfor an aesthetic that’s completely modern. This is the stylefor anyone who wants home to be a place of warmth,reassurance and all-enveloping luxury. POOL AND TERRACE AREAS IN MODERN ISLAMIC STYLE
    • You’ve selected your apartment and your interior style.Now all you have to do is move in. The apartments atForty West come fully fitted, with luxury Europeankitchens, exquisite modern bathrooms, top-quality finishesand the latest in-home technologies. Every detail, from theswitching on of utilities to the delivery of furniture, is takencare of on your behalf.After you move in, life continues to be simple. You’llbenefit from a range of comprehensive amenities, fromcentral air-conditioning to secure underground parkingand dedicated underground storage space. SODIC andSolidere International will look after security, safetyand the maintenance of courtyards and public areas.So you will have all the pleasure of owning a home thatis spacious, with clean air and open spaces, and noneof the hassle of lawn maintenance or villa upkeep. LIVING ROOM AND TERRACE IN URBAN CHIC STYLE
    • COMMON AMENITIES COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE Clubhouse with pool, sauna, steam room and exercise room. Semi-private lush botanical courtyards. Residents-only rooftop gardens with amazing views. Elegant lobbies—air-conditioned and well-maintained. Dedicated underground parking. Double-glazed windows to keep out noise and heat. SIMPLICITY AND SPACE Centralised hot water system. Centralised air-conditioning system. Dedicated space in an underground storage area. A central garbage disposal system. Facility management by SODIC and Solidere International. SECURITY AND SAFETY CCTV monitoring for your security. Security gates with entry by convenient electronic keys. Advanced telepanel entrance systems. Fire and smoke detection throughout. Back-up electrical generators for elevators. Emergency lighting in case the power goes out. Pressurised fire escapes.
    • APARTMENTAMENITIES  DURABLE AND LUXURIOUS MATERIALS, FIXTURES AND FITTINGS  Imported wood and marble floors.  Handmade mosaic wall inlays.  Custom-made solid-core doors.  Indoor and outdoor fireplaces with sleek mantles.  BRIGHTNESS AND COMFORT THROUGHOUT YOUR HOME  High ceilings, with large windows and skylights.  Premium-grade double-glazed windows.  Central air-conditioning, adjustable in every apartment.  Electronic lighting system with automatic dimming.  Central hot and cold water systems.  Walls ducted for audio-visual equipment.  BEDROOMS AND BATHROOMS OF THE HIGHEST STANDARD  En-suite, natural-wood ‘walk in’ closets.  En-suite bathrooms with ‘rain’ shower heads.  Hand-cut marble tiled walls.  Top-quality imported sanitary fixtures.  Sleeping area and bathroom for housekeeper or nanny. KITCHENS THAT ARE FUNCTIONAL AND FLAWLESS European luxury kitchens. Sleek, durable surfaces and premium-quality sinks. Extraction systems for food smells and moisture. Separate laundry area. EXTERNAL SPACES MADE FOR LIVING Spacious terraces with marble or wood floors. Ground-floor apartments with private gardens. Private roof gardens with pool or whirlpool tub. Outdoor barbecue and kitchen areas. Fireplace to keep your terrace cosy. Large outdoor planters for greenery and privacy.Specifications and amenities vary between apartments. For specifictechnical details, please refer to the plan for each apartment type. THE ORANGE COURTYARD
    • Forty West sits at the corner where Westown meets theprestigious British International School in Cairo (BISC) andthe residential communities Allegria, Beverly Hills and Casa.West Cairo as a whole is a thriving residential area. Moreand more Cairenes are choosing to live in its fresh air andwell-designed spaces. In fact, within the next few years upto five million people will call this area home.Forty West is perfectly positioned to be a popular urbandestination for the whole area. And likewise those who liveat Forty West will be well placed to take advantage ofeverything this booming area has to offer. Like jobs withlarger Egyptian and international companies, includingmany at Westown’s own business park, The Polygon. Andgolf at Cairo’s first Greg Norman signature golf course atAllegria, just over the road. OFFICE BUILDING VIEWED FROM THE FORTY WEST PIAZZA
    • Forty West occupies a prime location at Westown, thenew city centre that SODIC and Solidere Internationalare building for west Cairo. Westown brings togetherresidential, social and commercial life, all in a master-planned urban setting with great architecture, sustainabledesign features and pedestrian-friendly streets.Soon, residents at Forty West will be able to walk to workat Westown’s innovative business district or stroll to theexcellent shops on the nearby palm-lined Central Boulevard.Westown will be a city centre with tremendous diversityand enduring vitality. A place that really works, becauseit was thoroughly planned and designed by some of theworld’s leading architects, environmental experts and urbanplanners. And Forty West will be one of its finest landmarks. AERIAL VIEW OF WESTOWN
    • FORTY WEST iro MASTER-PLAN KEY war Ca Meh WESTOWN MAP g Fara El Designopolis Rod 26 Alex andr Public iPedestrian Circulation a 25 Residential Pedestrian Circulation a dri Residential Security Gates xan -Ale oad Cairo rt R 2 Public Vehicular Circulation Dese Residents Access Parking BISC Public Access Parking Building Drop-off Service Street 27 24 1. Forty West Piazza 2. Forty West North Gardens 3. Angsana Hotel 4. Office building Allegria & The Allegria 8 18 18 5. Hotel restaurant Greg Norman Signature 6. Large restaurant Golf Course 16 12 4 13 22 7. Medium restaurant 8. Restaurant/café 6 23 9. Restaurant/café 19 20 10. Restaurant/café FORTY WEST 14 21 11. Book/music store 1 12. Art Gallery28 17 Casa 5 13. SODIC Sales Centre 15 19 9 14. Amphitheatre Bel Air Da hs 15. Palm Grove ho 11 16. Sculpture garden ur 3 Ro 10 17. Escalator from parking to Piazza ad 7 18. Public parking entrance to 19. Public and residential parking entrance Ju ha Beverly Hills 20. Hotel drop-off yn a 21. Hotel lobby Sq 22. Office building drop-off ua re Key: 23. Sculpture garden Westown pedestrian 24. Jacaranda Courtyard Central Boulevard 25. Cypress Courtyard N 26. Orange100 0 Courtyard 300 metres 200 27. Ivy Courtyard 28. Forty West phase two
    • WESTOWN iro MASTER-PLAN war Ca Meh WESTOWN MAP g Fara El Designopolis Rod 26 Alex andr WESTOWN GENERAL INFORMATION ia  25 Estimated total investment: EGP 15 billion  a dri Project area: 1,223,620 square metres  xan -Ale oad Total built up area (BUA): 1,807,677 square metres  Cairo rt R Gross 2floor area ratio (FAR): 1.5  Dese Projected population: around 60,000  BISC Projected population density: 490 persons/ha  Green and public spaces: 66% of project area  Projected catchment: 2.5 million population in 27 radius of 15 km Number of neighbourhoods: 7 24 WESTOWN LAND USE SPLIT Residential 26%  Commercial 44%  Allegria Retail & entertainment 27%  & The Allegria 8 18 Hospitality 3% 18 Greg Norman Signature Golf Course 12 4 13 22 16 6 23 19 14 20 FORTY WEST 2128 1 Casa 17 5 15 19 9 Bel Air Da hs ho 11 ur 3 Ro 10 ad 7 to Ju ha Beverly Hills yn a Sq ua re Key: Westown pedestrian Central Boulevard N 0 100 200 300 metres
    • Two experienced developers are working together to makeForty West and the whole of Westown a reality. SODIC arethe developers behind some of Egypt’s largest and mostpopular award-winning residential developments. SolidereInternational was responsible for the dramatic rebuildingand redevelopment of central Beirut.We’ve teamed up to create and manage Westown andForty West because we share a passionate belief thatcarefully planned, well-maintained developments canchange people’s lives for the better.Together we have a formidable track record in urban andresidential development projects. In Lebanon and Egypt,we’ve proven our ability to think up and deliver imaginativeand workable new developments. And together, we haveworking relationships with great architects, designers andbuilding experts around the world.So when you buy an apartment at Forty West, you canbe sure that it will not only look great now, it will standthe test of time. RESTAURANT IN THE FORTY WEST PIAZZA
    • Be part ofForty WestForty West is one of the most exciting residentialdevelopments to come along in the Cairo area for manyyears. It brings together the best international art, foodand architecture — and will be a magnet for design-conscious Cairenes.If you would like to know more about living or workingat Forty West, please get in touch. There are severalconvenient ways to contact us:Call us on 16220 in Egypt or +20 3897-3939Visit our websiteswww.fortywestcairo.comwww.sodic.comFor sales and customer services, please emailsales@sodic.comFor general information and enquiries please emailinfo@sodic.comOr simply visit the SODIC Sales Centre, at Km 38Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Sheikh Zayed, Egypt.Master-plans, pictures and other visual materials, designs, facades,floor plans, heights and number of floors used are for demonstrationpurposes only and may change in accordance with final designs andprojects planning permissions. SODIC SALES CENTRE / CORNER OF SOUTH BLOCK