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SDT Blended Model V3 2009
SDT Blended Model V3 2009
SDT Blended Model V3 2009
SDT Blended Model V3 2009
SDT Blended Model V3 2009
SDT Blended Model V3 2009
SDT Blended Model V3 2009
SDT Blended Model V3 2009
SDT Blended Model V3 2009
SDT Blended Model V3 2009
SDT Blended Model V3 2009
SDT Blended Model V3 2009
SDT Blended Model V3 2009
SDT Blended Model V3 2009
SDT Blended Model V3 2009
SDT Blended Model V3 2009
SDT Blended Model V3 2009
SDT Blended Model V3 2009
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SDT Blended Model V3 2009


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SDT Outsource Testing Approach

SDT Outsource Testing Approach

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Real World Testing Done Right Introduction to Software Development Technologies
  • 2. SDT … Real World Testing Done Right
    • SDT provides practical, proven and effective software testing services and products to ensure its customers create quality software on-time and on-budget
    INTRODUCTION Founded in 1992 by Edward Kit, author of Software Testing in the Real World: Improving the Process
  • 3. SDT Delivers Effective Testing Solutions Fast
    • Ensures predictable software quality
    • Increases probability of user acceptance
    • Minimizes risk of revenue interruption caused by project failure
    • Reduces software development and deployment costs
    • Shortens time-to-deployment
    • Increases ROI on development projects
  • 5. SDT … World-Class Software Testing
    • SDT creates the organization, process, technology and environment required to deliver software on-time and on-budget
      • Test Assessment
      • Test Transformation
      • Test Automation Technology
      • Rightsourcing Services
      • SDT STRW Methodology
      • SDT STRW Courseware
      • Venture Testing Program
    • … delivered by world-class testing specialists with decades of experience
  • 6. SDT Rightsourcing Test Services
    • Ensure production-ready, positive-impact releases
    • Provide trained and certified quality professionals
    • Follow a proven end-to-end test process
    • Utilize a balance of onshore and offshore resources
    • Use complete test automation architecture and implementation
    • When combined with UTP, provides the most effective manual and automated testing at the lowest cost
    RIGHTSOURCING SDT Rightsourcing services blend the right mix of internal and external testing services for all your projects RIGHTSOURCING End-to-end Cost-effective ‘Round-the-clock’
  • 7. Emerging Companies Challenges
    • Time to Market
    • Quality
    • Staffing
    • Process
    • SDT Venture Program exists to address these challenges
  • 8. SDT Venture Testing Program (VTP)
    • SDT is committed to helping ventures build sustainable businesses
    • SDT is uniquely positioned to test venture and emerging companies software
    • World-class proven, practical testing
    • Highly competitive market rates for people, tooling, process, training
    • SDT innovative Onsite / Onshore / Offshore Blended Testing Model
  • 9. Deep Collaboration
    • SDT Senior Test Architect works onsite to analyze the development and test process, design the approach and manage testing.
    • SDT synchronizes testing with development
  • 10. Benefits of SDT Venture Testing Model
    • Experienced, world-class software testing services provider:
      • Well-established test processes and associated training for the largest global corporations in the world for over 16 years
      • Keyword Driven testing – ability to implement manual testing and test automation right the first time, avoiding the test automation scripting nightmare
      • Solutions for the key test enterprise challenges associated with Client/Server, Java, Web, API/Middleware, Mainframe, Embedded devices, etc.
      • Full access to the SDT proprietary outsource process & automation tools
    • Cost-effective, quality-centric model overcomes failures of current offshore/onsite model
  • 11. SDT Test Services Enabled by Technology: Unified TestPro (UTP) UTP High value, collaboration, visibility First Global Managed Test Services Technology Fewer testers, reduced maintenance Roles-based integrated toolset Increased productivity Parallel design and automation Client / server, web, API, mainframe, embedded, telecom software systems support First Extensible Architecture Reduces programming; manual and automated test cases implemented more quickly First Manual and Automatic Keyword implementation
  • 12. Unified TestPro (UTP) Reports Software Under Test Architecture Hosted Server Execute Automate Design Design Design Design Automate
  • 13. Unified TestPro (UTP) Product Features Comparison UTP No Yes Higher levels of test abstraction No Yes Support for Web, C/S, API, Embedded and Mainframe No Yes Keywords, the most advanced technology for rapid test development and reusability No Yes Intelligent, powerful database No Yes Separation of test design from test automation No Yes A Framework for test design Legacy UTP Criteria
  • 14. SDT Software Testing in the Real World (STRW) Baseline Test Methodologies
    • Verification : (early life cycle testing)
    • Technical Reviews and Software Inspection
    • Validation : (stages of testing during development)
    • Unit Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • Function Testing
    • System Testing
    • Acceptance Testing
    • Methodologies include implementation templates, examples, reports, checklists, task lists, defined processes, etc.
  • 15. SDT Software Testing in the Real World Baseline Test Courses
    • Technical Review and Inspection
    • Unit and Integration Testing
    • Software Testing in the Real World
    • Software Test Design
    • Software Testing Tools
    • Software Testing for Leaders
    • Software Test Automation Architecture
    • QuickStart for Test Designers
    • QuickStart for Automation Engineers
  • 16. Why Choose SDT as Your Testing Partner?
    • SDT is superior to internal efforts, large computer- service vendors and outsourcing companies because:
      • We focus all our efforts and skills on software-test methodologies, training and solutions
      • Our STRW methodology has been proven practical and effective for over a decade in the largest of companies
      • Our experts have decades of real-world experience with the widest range of testing projects, technologies and environments
      • Our multishore, Rightsourcing solutions avoid common communication, security, travel and time-zone issues caused by outsourced and offshore test operations
      • Our Managed Test Services automation solution, Unified TestPro , provides high value, high visibility
  • 17. SDT Key Offerings Summary
    • Solution Suites
        • Test Transformation: Services and Tooling to Transform Test
        • Test Outsourcing: Services to Outsource Test
    • Software Test Tools
        • Unified TestPro ® : Integrated Test Design and Automation
        • ReviewPro®: Software Technical Review
      • Standalone IP Families
        • STRW Process: Full Suite of Test Methodologies
        • STRW Training: Full Suite of Test Courses
    • Standalone Services
        • Assessments
        • Test Design
        • Automation Architectures
  • 18.
    • SDT continues to innovate with Test Transformation, Assessment, Tooling, Outsourcing, Process, Training
    • SDT has a proven approach – in use at large Fortune 500 companies
    • SDT’s Managed Services provides the most effective testing at the lowest cost
    • Test Transformation and Test Outsource – most effective and comprehensive
    Summary SUMMARY