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Ballrooms and the Usage of Starline Track Busway
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Ballrooms and the Usage of Starline Track Busway


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Ballrooms: The attached is a presentation showing Starline Busway as it has been used on LEED and Green projects for Ballroom applications. …

Ballrooms: The attached is a presentation showing Starline Busway as it has been used on LEED and Green projects for Ballroom applications.
Starline is embedded into the ceiling of the Ballroom so only the access slot is exposed beneath the ceiling. Looks like a return air slot from underneath. This allows the single phase and three phase power connections to be made in a fast simple fashion. Provides loads up to 100 amperes single or three phase. Eliminates the cabling on the carpets or at floor level. This arrangement has been considered to be innovative because the requirements of Sustainability, Resource Reuse, and Building Reuse efforts are met. The temporary and permanent power connections are made considerably easier by including the Starline Busway. Many positive advantages when this series of products are used compared against any other product line. Used with power drops, lighting, banners and other accessories.
Starline is a wonderful way of introducing wire management techniques to the Ballrooms and entries and lighting grids. The ability of providing a three phase system that is prepared to accept different size loads and equipment without needing additional wires to be introduced is spectacular. Unlike other products on the market, Starline is a continuous access plug-in system. It is specifically designed for the high demand areas.
If you would like additional information please let me know and I will send it to you.

Edward Hahn
Jelph Power Equipment Co Pte Ltd

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  • 1. Optimizing the Ballroom InfrastructureThe Changing Electrical Systems
  • 2.  Structured Power. Removing the mysteries associated with power distribution and usage for both 415VAC three phase Starline Track Busway and all components are easy to:  Install  Expand These unique features make Starline Track Busway  Relocate one of today’s most “Green” electrical products  Reconfigure  Sustainable
  • 3. Wide Variety of Commercial Related ApplicationsPower for Produce tables Electronic Displays Ball Rooms Seasonal Goods Convention Centers Integrated Lighting Checkout Counters Server Rooms Kiosks Warehousing Power to displays
  • 4. About StarLine Track Busway Continuous Access, Finger-Safe Busway Aluminum Housing, Copper Conductors Up to 800A, 600V – IEC, UL,CCC Typical Configuration
  • 5. Track Busway Features Speeds up construction Lower cost than using traditional methods (conduit, wire, junction boxes) Flexibility that will virtually eliminate costly expenses that occur for future ballroom power changes Compatible (plug & play) with modular wiring systems
  • 6. Starline Busway Questions??? For information: Contact Edward Hahn 65-9005-8214 www.jelphpowerequipment.comThank-you