ASC Disaster Response Proposal from Aug 2007

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  • 1. Status Quo
    In emergency response, ad hoc collaboration poorly supported now:
    Lacking in preparation before and during transit
    Once on-the-ground, many response teams cannot communicate with each other effectively
    Wasted resources because resources A and B cannot come together at the same time.
    No central organization, No command and control infrastructure
    Non-hierarchical relationships amongst teams make coordination difficult
    Must quickly enable effective collaboration immediately.
    Enable situation awareness on-the-ground and during transit (Social Awareness)
    Enable teams to coordinate and make decisions faster and more effectively (Social Decision-Making)
  • 2. New Approach (Principles for Design derived from Web2.0 and Augmented Social Cognition)
    Augmented Social Cognition theories posit some design principles that should enable on-the-fly collaboration.
    Trust underlies collaboration, and trust is built from transparency of information.
    Info Transparency will enable teams to understand context of existing resources, decisions-made, actions-performed.
    Ex: Command Post of the Future (CPOF), Wikipedia Editing history
    In absence of hierarchical organizations, self-organizations could form if user actions benefit locally and globally at the same time.
    Hypothesis: Self-organizations can be made nearly as efficient as centrally organized command structure.
    Suggested Approach: Use these design principles to drive new research program
  • 3. Hurricane Katrina Victims share info awareness (Web2.0 Mashup with Google Map) Katrina Information Map
    Quick mashup of Google Map with Wiki-like editing of current information (Situation Awareness)
    Used for communication, coordination
  • 4. Research and Technology Components
    1. Wiki-like Shared Information System
    Blackboard-like system enable shared situation awareness
    Focus on low-cost user interaction and collaboration
    Enable mobile input from anywhere, without penalizing the fast UI interaction on desktop workspaces.
    Pre-built mashup modules that can be quickly deployed
    Critical to enable location-based information in maps and other visual information
    Enable teams to self-organize
    Collaboration as a side effect of regular workflow
    Work should benefit both one’s own team and other teams simultaneously