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Children to exercise math skills at Frisco Athletic Center

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Ed2 net in the news frisco enterprise

  1. 1. Star Community Newspapers: Children to exercise math skills at Frisco Athletic Center Page 1 of 2 Print Page Children to exercise math skills at Frisco Athletic Center By Penny Rathbun, Staff writer (Created: Thursday, December 20, 2007 8:24 PM CST) Children will soon be able to develop strong minds as well as bodies at the Frisco Athletic Center. Beginning next month, parents will have the option of registering their children for online classes in math at the athletic center. Students in those classes will be able to continue their studies online at home. The City of Frisco Parks and Recreation Department has partnered with Ed2Net Learning, a national provider of live, one-on-one tutoring to provide customized, online math tutoring services for students in grades two through seven. Most programs focus on remedial help,” said Rahul Gupta, president and CEO of Ed2Net Learning. “We realized that kids take to anything online. If you can get a kid excited, it’s easier to learn.” The classes consist of 15 sessions, 45 minutes in length. Registration cost is $192. Parents can register their children online or by coming into the athletic center. Parents do not have to be members of the athletic center to register their children for the classes. Ed2Net Learning is providing the athletic center with the laptops to be used for the classes. Each class is led by a tutor online. Gupta said classes are designed to raise the confidence level of students whether they need help catching up or just need to improve their math skills. Remedial help is also offered if that is what the student needs. Students participating in the sessions will also receive practice questions to sharpen their skills for the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills. Following each session students will also get practice problems to complete at home. Each session is recorded and made available for the parent. Ed2Net has a mix of teachers, including people with doctorates and teachers who are now stay-at-home parents who keep their hand in instructing by teaching at home online. “The math is designed to follow the FISD curriculum,” said Frisco Recreation Supervisor Diane Gontarek. “Children can take a class and then use other parts of the facility,” she added. “Parents can know their children are spending quality time in a safe environment.” “The Frisco Athletic Center allows us to offer more programs and services than ever before,” said Director of Frisco Parks and Recreation Rick Wieland. “The Frisco Athletic Center provides more space for specialized programming such as Ed2Net Learning, which specifically targets youth. In Frisco catering to families is top priority.” Ed2Net Learning provides live, one-on-one tutoring for children in elementary and middlehttp://www.friscoenterprise.com/articles/2007/12/20/frisco_enterprise/news/a-newsfri95.prt 12/21/2007
  2. 2. Star Community Newspapers: Children to exercise math skills at Frisco Athletic Center Page 2 of 2 schools nationwide. “Each child is unique,” Gupta said. “Every child needs attention.” “Ed2Net is supervised, but it will pique the child’s interest. The kids are the winners. They’re the ones that come out ahead,” Gontarek said. Copyright © 2007 Star Community Newspapers 624 Krona Drive Suite 170, Plano, Texas 75074 - Contact Star Community Newspapers at 972-398-4200http://www.friscoenterprise.com/articles/2007/12/20/frisco_enterprise/news/a-newsfri95.prt 12/21/2007