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Software application projects

  1. 1. ECWAY TECHNOLOGIES IEEE PROJECTS & SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTS OUR OFFICES @ CHENNAI / TRICHY / KARUR / ERODE / MADURAI / SALEM / COIMBATORE BANGALORE / HYDRABAD CELL: +91 98949 17187, +91 875487 1111 / 2111 / 3111 / 4111 / 5111 / 6111 / 8111 VISIT: Mail to: MCA COMPUTER SCIENCE PROJECT TITLES Ranking for Domain-Specific Search Engine Language: Java, J2EE User Search Histories for Organizing Language: Java, J2EE Auction Fraud Detection Language: Java, J2EE Image Search from the Photo Sharing Websites Language: Java, J2EE Topology Control in MANETs Cooperative Communications Language: Java Subscription Based Video Streaming in Mobile Networks Language: Java, J2EE Efficient Caching Scheme in Hybrid P2P System Language: Java Visual Cryptography Scheme in Probabilistic Model Language: Java Fair, Efficient, and Secure Mechanism for Multihop Cellular Networks Language: Java Distributed for Data Sharing in the Cloud Computing Language: Java, J2EE IPTV Services through Optimizing Cloud Resources Language: Java, J2EE Data Delivery for Highly Dynamic Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Language: Java
  2. 2. New Approach to Privacy Preserving Data Publishing Language: Java, J2EE Data Theft Attacks in the Cloud Language: Java, J2EE SSO Mechanism for Distributed Mobile Adhoc Networks Language: Java Tiered Authentication of Multicast Protocol for Ad-Hoc Networks Language: Java Distributed Private Key Generation Based Cryptosystems Language: Java Cooperative Communications in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Language: C# .Net Data Embedding Method Using Adaptive Pixel Pair Matching Language: C# .Net Efficient Adaptive Deadlock-Free Routing in MANETs Language: C# .Net Data Integrity in Clouds for Privacy Language: ASP,C# .Net Online Password Guessing Attacks Language: ASP,C# .Net Virtual Routing Topologies an Traffic Engineering System Language: C# .Net Human Skin Detection Language: C# .Net Mobile Banking Security Using J2me Language: Java, J2me Video Data Hiding And Selective Embedding Language: Java High Speed Downlink Packet Access Wireless Networks Language: Java Continuous Queries In Unstructured Overlays Peer To Peer Networks Language: Java, J2ee Sketch For Match Based Image Retrieval System Language: Java Secure High-Throughput Multicast Routing In Wireless Mesh Networks
  3. 3. Language: Java Data-Center Servers Using Dual Server Ports Language: Java Location Updates And Monitoring In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Language: Java Multiple Description Coded Video Broadcasting Language: Java Data Streaming Alert Intrusion Detection Language: Java Detection Of Blocking Misbehaving Users List Language: Java A Secure Steganography Lsb Matching Method In Spatial Domain Language: Java Video Streaming Receiver-Based Peer-Division Multiplexing Language: Java Optimal Dynamic Path Restoration Mesh Network Language: Java Malware Spread In Peer-To-Peer Networks Language: Java Dynamic Channel Allocation For Mobile Communication Network Language: Java Digital Forensics Image Compression Language: Java Camouflaging Worm Detection Language: Java 3d Color Image Histogram Language: Java Interactive Data Exploration And Discovery Language: Java, J2ee Effective Navigation Query Processing Language: Java, J2ee Disease-Treatment Relations In Short Texts Language: Java A Fuzzy Feature Clustering For Text Classification Language: Java
  4. 4. An Aggreagte Query Processing System For Wireless Networks Language: Java, J2ee, J2me Server To Client Fluid Flow Traffic Assumptions Language: Java Online Information Services Using Multitier System Language: Java Block Chiper Crypto Technique Using Single Text Encryption Language: Java Multicast Live Video Broadcasting Using Real Time Transmission Language: Java Mitigation Attacks For Server To Clients Node Language: Java Multi Server Communication In Distributed Management System Language: Java Location Monitoring System For Wireless Sensor Networks Language: Java, J2ee, J2me Analysis On Credit Card Fraud Detection Methods Language: Java Buffer Sizing For 802.11 Based Networks Language: Java Data Caching In Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Language: Java Digital Image Hiding Using Curvelet Transform Language: Java Embedding Visual Cryptography Language: Java Zone-Based Multicast And Broadcast Service Language: Java Secure Cloud Data Access With Integrity Mobile Network Language: Java, J2me Query Matching Process Using Xml Tree Pattern Language: Java An Adaptive Monitoring Satisfy User Profiles (Sups) Solution Language: Java
  5. 5. Messaging Service Over Tcp/Ip In Local Area Network Language: Java Location Based Search Query Processing Language: Java Multiple Chat Server Language: Java Dynamic Control For Cache Updating Network System Language: Java Location Based Search Engine Language: Java Effective Packet Analyzing And Filtering System For Atm Network Language: Java Packet Losses Measurement Language: Java Active Source Routing Protocol For Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Language: C# .Net Self-Reconfigurable Wireless Mesh Networks Language: C# .Net Geometric Efficient Matching (Gem) For Firewalls Language: C# .Net Network Level Security And Protection Using Watermark Technique Language: C# .Net A Web Search Engine-Based Find Similarity Words Language: Asp .Net With C# Data Traveling Minimum And Maximum Routers Language: C# .Net Noiseless And Noisy Color Image Acquisition Language: C# .Net Adaptive Fault Tolerant Qos Control Based Wireless Sensor Networks Language: C# .Net Human Expertise In Service-Oriented Systems Language: Asp .Net With C# Enhanced Socially Online Virtual Communication
  6. 6. Language: Asp .Net With C# Skin Color Based Classifiers For Face Detection Language: C# .Net Data Integrity Proofs In Cloud Storage Language: Asp .Net With C# Data Leakage Detection Language: Asp .Net With C# Scheduling Policies For Multi-Hop Wireless Networks Language: C# .Net Distributed Data’s Downlink Network Mimo Systems Language: C# .Net Efficient Computation Of Range Aggregates In Queries Language: Asp .Net With C# Web Database Detect And Prevent Using Sql Injection Language: Asp .Net With C# Dynamic Data Processing In The Cloud Computing Language: Asp .Net With C# Efficient Multi-Dimensional For Search Queries Language: Asp .Net With C# Dynamic Routing With Security Considerations Language:Java Distributed Node Migration By Effective Fault Tolerance Language:Java Data Traveling Random Direction Using Manets Language: .Net Secure Video Data Hiding And Extraction Using Bpcs Language: Java Ranking-Based Techniques For Recommendation Sites Language: Asp .Net With C# Energy Maps For Mobile Wireless Networks Language: C# .Net Rfid Authentication Language: C# .Net Continuous Neighbor Discovery In Sensor Networks Language: C# .Net
  7. 7. Combining Haar Feature Based Multiple Face Recognition Language: C# .Net Jamming-Aware Traffic Allocation For Multiple-Path Routers Language: C# .Net Retrieving Files Using Content Based Search Language: Java Graphical Password Authentication System Language: Asp .Net With C# Anti Void Routing For Wireless Sensor Networks Language: C# .Net Image Water Marking And Combustion Language: Java Router Link Failure Detection Language: C# .Net Wavelet Based Compression And Decompression Using Steganography Technique Language: Java Cluster Building In Wireless Sensor Networks Language: C#.Net Data Security In Ad Hoc Networks Using Multi Path Routing Language: Java Network Coding Based Homomorphic Encryption Language: C#.Net Finger Print Authentication Using Biometric Systems Language: C#.Net User Query Dependent Ranking For Web Databases Language: Asp .Net With C# Web Information Gathering System (Igs) Language: Asp .Net With C# Multi-Keyword Ranked Searching Encrypted Data Language: Asp .Net With C# Subscription Based Cloud Data Management Language: Asp .Net With C# Monitoring Loan Approval Processing System Language: Asp .Net With C# Data Communication Parallel Multichannel Communications
  8. 8. Language: C#.Net Data Transmission Using Multi Router Monitoring System Language: Java Shortest Path Finder In Wireless Networks Language: C#.Net Best Effort Multimedia Services Language: C#.Net Routing And Security In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Language: Java Multiple Copy Case Using Mobile Networks Language: C#.Net
  9. 9. Rallel File Downloading Peer-To-Peer Networks Language: Java A Secure Routing Protocol For Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Language: Java Proxy Server Connect And Re-Connect Using Bank Application Language: Java Intrusion Detection In Wireless Sensor Networks Language: Java Atm Networks For Online Monitoring System Language: Java Create Databases Watermarking Language: C# .Net Data Caching In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Language: Java E-Mail Server Using Multithreaded Sockets Language: Java Video Multicasting In Muilticellular Wireless Networks Language: Java Subscription Based Online Book Shop Language: Asp .Net With C# 2-D Grayscale Morphological Language: C# .Net Online Traffic Routing Under Information Provision Tourism Department Language: Asp .Net With C# Image Processing For Real-Time 3-D Data Acquisition Language: C# .Net Multiple Information Providers On Web Language: Java Optimal Multicast Routing In Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Language: Java Automated Containment Of Worms Language: Java Medical Image Retrieval Language: Java Data Embedding For Binary Images In Morphological
  10. 10. Language: C# .Net Credit Card Fraud Detection Language: Asp .Net With C# Network Border Patrol Preventing Congestion Collapse Language: Java Rule Mining Algorithm In Distributed Databases Language: Java Distributed Metadata Management For Large Cluster-Based Storage Systems Language: C# .Net Scalable Wireless Ad-Hoc Network Simulation Using Xtc Language: Java Sports Video Retrieval Language: Asp .Net With C# Cache Updating Dynamic Source Routing Protocol Language: Java Face Recognition Language: Java Shortest Node Finder In Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks Language: Java Image Processing Techniques For Image Crack Detection And Removal Language: Vb .Net Next-Generation Global Roaming Mobile Networks Language: Java Java Visual Editor With Compiler Language: Java Noise Reduction Image Filtering Language: Java Online Handwritten Script Recognition Language: Java Image Processing For Structure And Texture Filling-In Of Missing Image Blocks Language: Java An Image Transport Protocol For The Internet Language: Java Hybrid Intrusion Detection Language: J2ee
  11. 11. Video Steganography Language: Java Neural Networks For Unicode Optical Character Recognition Language: C# .Net An Acknowledgment-Based Approach For The Detection Of Routing In Manets Language: Java Mobile Agents In Distributed Multimedia Database Systems Language: Java Image Stream Transfer Using Real-Time Transmission Protocol Language: Java Personal Authentication Using 3-D Finger Geometry Language: Java A Memory Learning Framework For Effective Image Retrieval Language: Java Evaluating The Performance Of Versatile Rmi Approach In Java Language: Java Effective Packet Analyzing And Filtering System For Atm Network Language: Java Homogenous Network Control And Implementation Language: Java Embedding In Video Steganography Language: Java Genetic Algorithm Based Train Simulation Using Concurrent Engineering Language: Java Location Aided Routing For Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Language: Java Genetic Algorithms And The Traveling Salesman Problem Using C# And Atl Com Language: C# .Net Hiding Messages In The Noise Of A Picture Language: C# .Net Windows Management Instrumentation Wmi Implementation Language: C# .Net Steganography For Hiding Data In Wave Audio Files Language: C# .Net
  12. 12. Optimal Cryptographic Technique Language: C# .Net Hopfield Model Of Neural Network For Pattern Recognition Language: C# .Net Using Trigonometry And Pythagoras To Watermark An Image Language: C# .Net Hiding Messages In The Noise Of A Picture Language: C# .Net Erp For Leather Company Language: J2ee Cryptographically Using Secure Server/Client Protocol Language: C# .Net Image Rendering For Grid Technology Language: Java E-Mail Server Using Multithreaded Sockets Language: Java Image Water Marking And Combustion Language: Java Image Processing For Convolution Filters Language: C# .Net Image Processing For Edge Detection Filters Language: C# .Net Active Learning Methods For Interactive Image Retrieval Language: C# .Net Image Stream Transfer Using Real-Time Transmission Protocol Language: Java Active Packets Improve Dynamic Source Routing For Ad-Hoc Networks Language: Java Energy Efficient Adaptive Multipath Routing For Wireless Sensor Networks Language: Java An Energy Efficient Multipath Routing Algorithm For Wireless Sensors Language: Java Human Emotion Detection Language: C# .Net
  13. 13. Neural Network Base Face Detection Language: Vc++ Show Hide Image In Data Grid View Cell Language: C# .Net Water Marker: Embedding Image And Text Watermarks Language: C# .Net Quick Web Search Engine Language: C# .Net Hiding A Text File In A Bmp File Language: Vc++ Html Assistant Utility Language: Vc++ Multiple Desktop Utility Language: Vc++ Visible Water Mark Language: C# .Net Secure Lan Communicator Server Language: C# .Net