Coasts and River Zones: Major Corridors of Concerns. -Dr. Rakesh Kumar


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A comprehensive overview on the lack of scientific basis of many of the rules and regulations of CRZ Notification. Rules have safeguards, and enough peer and expert group participation, but implementation is an issue and lack of scientific basis.

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Coasts and River Zones: Major Corridors of Concerns. -Dr. Rakesh Kumar

  1. 1. Coasts and River Zones: Major Corridors of Concerns Dr. Rakesh Kumar Chief Scientist and Head NEERI Mumbai Zonal Center
  2. 2. Trigger of Response • Coast and River Zone protection for whom • Are we doing reasonably good • Have we been effective? • Scientific Community’s Response: Other Responses
  3. 3. Position of NGO/NPO and Environmentalist • CRZ and many states river protection rules have not helped prevent the damage • New Rules have always been diluted to suit some sectors/states • Government does not take long term view • Government does not provide adequate resources for implementation of rules
  4. 4. Government Position • Rules have been made with adequate safeguards • Peer and Expert groups Participation • Aim to prevent damage through these rules • Implementation can be improved: Time frame, system, process,………!!
  5. 5. Development Agency/Entity • Rules very restrictive, arbitrary, without scientific base • It has slowed down India’s growth • It has delayed projects which are prima facie not harmful • Understanding varies from state to state • An another environment related law which does not have any environment logic : • Why 500 m, 200 m etc : prescription not clear
  6. 6. Scientific Community • Not integrated with the decision making • Emerging data and information not dynamic in Rules formation or changes – Climate change sea level rise ?? – Vulnerability Issues ?? – Hazard line demarcation – Are these measurable and communicable • Use of Satellite information, Changes in mapping techniques… • Do beneficiaries know the benefits and quantification • Differential plans (Coastal community and others) • Remote and abstract thinking
  7. 7. Community Leaders • Affected parties: people staying close to coast and rivers not affected by rules • Would they not get impacted due to storm surge, erosion, climate change …?? • What is being planned (long term view) • Unduly concerned !!
  8. 8. Coastal Protection • CRZ in India Current and Past: What has changed and why? • India CRZ and World Coastal Regulations: What is same or different? • Science of Coastal Protection and Norms : Sites, Coastal Areas, Biodiversity, Coastal Dynamics
  9. 9. River and Other Areas Protection • River banks • Flood plains • Estuaries and River defintion and areas demarcation • Protection and Prevention Plans
  10. 10. Future Needs • What to consider? • Climate change scenario, Erosion pattern, storm surges, vulnerability etc • Development scenario for Industries, bridges, Jetties, Treatment plants, Pipe lines etc • Local needs….national needs…national aspirations and International Parity
  11. 11. What needs to be done • Regulation/rules • Science baseline • Future of CRZ and RRZ • Impacts of CRZ/RRZ on various stakeholders
  12. 12. Outcomes and Expectations • Whether we have enough information: • For current situation • For future needs • Dynamics vis-à-vis stand-alone Systems
  13. 13. Write to us For creating a community of all concerned and share ideas of how the process of this important subject is shared with large number of people nationally and internationally…………..