Session no. 2, 2011: Teeth, by Riley McDonough
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Session no. 2, 2011: Teeth, by Riley McDonough






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Session no. 2, 2011: Teeth, by Riley McDonough Session no. 2, 2011: Teeth, by Riley McDonough Presentation Transcript

  • Teeth AKA Dientes
    By yours truly: Riley McDonough
    Session 2: Necropolis
  • Basic Tooth Layout
    Pattern: 2-1-2-3
  • Definitions
    Tooth: Hard bodies composed of mainly of dentin which surrounds a sensitive pulp and is covered in enamel; with the purpose of mastication, defense, attack, etc.
    Cavity: a hollow space or pit in tooth.
    Caries = Cavities
  • Caries
    Destruction of bones or in this case teeth due too a disease known as osteomyelitis, a diseases in which carbohydrates are turned into acid which eventually demineralizes the tooth.
  • Abscess
    An abscess is and infection of the tooth at the apex of the root. This infection can be contracted from: dental disease, tooth decay, or a cracked tooth.
  • Calculus
    Calculus is the hardening of dental plague caused from continual accumulation of minerals from the saliva.
  • Determinants
    Poor or lack of Hygiene.
    Diet - Food containing soil or small stones (from grinding food or improper washing) or foods containing higher carbs.
    Use as a tool – Holding leather for skinning.
    Old age.
    Disease – sugar left on teeth turned into acid which demineralizes tooth and creates holes.
  • SaniseraEvidents
    All out of 1,196 teeth as of 2010:
    Caries – 8
    Abscesses – 1
    Calculus's – 78
    The evidence proves sufficient tooth knowledge. Although the Roman’s didn’t have proper dental care they introduced the significance of teeth before their time.
  • QUESTIONS…Refer to internet, or Carmine
  • Caterpillar Song!!!
    Ca-ter-pillars everywhere,
    Ca-ter-pillars in my hair.
    Ca-ter-pillars getting bigger everyday,
    Ca-ter-pillars wont go away.
    Ca-ter-pillars are a must-kill,
    Ca-ter-pillars cause a shrill.
    Ca-ter-pillars crawling on your pack,
    Ca-ter-pillars DON’T COME BACK!!!