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Is ecodesign really good design?

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EDC Impact2008

  1. 1. Title: Is ecodesign really good design? Presenter: Frank O’Connor Conference: Impact 2008 Conference Date: 17th June Venue: Glasgow Caledonian University
  2. 2. “We aim to encourage ecodesign and sustainable production and consumption in Wales” Environment Strategy for Wales 2026, Welsh Assembly Government, 2006
  3. 3. Wales will be an internationally renowned ecodesign led nation with ecodesign embedded as a sustainable competitive core value within all relevant government strategies and support services, industry, the design community and higher education. Ecodesign Centre Wales, 2006
  4. 4. Ecodesign Centre Wales established in September 2006, core funding from Welsh Assembly Government, team of 5 our role build capacity and capabilities so that effective ecodesign can happen in Wales we believe ecodesign can enable a positive difference www.edcw.org
  5. 5. “ We need to get radical about design education. “ Dr Emma Dewberry, cited in Design Week, June 2008
  6. 6. education vision “in 5 to 10 years all design graduates in Wales will be literate in sustainability and ecodesign thinking and practice. These professional graduates will carry these skills and knowledge through to industry thus contributing to sustainable development in Wales and beyond”
  7. 7. education activity working in partnership with course leaders and lecturers from the four universities in Wales that offer product design degrees to provide a platform for the sharing of skills and knowledge with a view to mainstreaming ecodesign and sustainable development issues within existing design curricula.
  8. 8. what is ecodesign?
  9. 9. design for disassembly design for recycling design for environment sustainable design LCA, SLCA, LCI IPP / Producer Responsibility / WEEE / RoHS (Chinese RoHS) / Remanufacturing EuP / IPPC / REACH / Packaging Regs.... what is ecodesign? ECMA 341 ISO/TR 14062:2002 matrices ethnography guidelines / handbooks LiDS strategy wheel Eco-labels checklists Ecomapping Eco-Indicator 99 concept demonstrators Life cycle accounting and costing
  10. 10. ecodesign is concerned with reducing environmental & social impacts of a product or service through better design 80% of environmental impacts of a product or service can be locked-in at the design stage
  11. 11. ecodesign requires life cycle thinking most designers are concerned with these stages take make buy/use waste recycle re--manufacture re-use
  12. 12. we believe ecodesign is just good design
  13. 13. and ecodesign is good business practice
  14. 14. common approaches
  15. 15. design for…. recycling/reuse disassembly, servicing, upgrade, reduced material mix image source: Hermann Miller
  16. 16. design for…. disassembly recycling, servicing, end-of- life, upgrade, lean manufacturing, cleaner production, down-cycling, material segregation, image source: Panasonic
  17. 17. design for…. low impact materials recycled, recyclable, bio materials, compatibility, compostable, renewable, sustainable image source: inhabitat, Worn Again, Moscardino, Remarkable, Sony
  18. 18. design for…. eco-packaging natural, returnable, reusable, multifunction, biodegradable
  19. 19. design for…. renewable power human powered, solar, wind, bio, re-chargeable image source: Philips, Freeplay, Solio
  20. 20. design for…. manufacture & assembly lean manufacturing, cleaner production, servicing, upgrade, image source: steelcase
  21. 21. design for…. durability longevity, durability, desire image source: dualit, kitchenaid
  22. 22. design for…. full life cycles life cycles, nutrient cycles, material selection, cradle to cradle image source: mc donagh / braungart
  23. 23. design for…. fair & just production health and safety, employees rights, unions, forced labour, child labour, discrimination, image source: martin charter / CFSD
  24. 24. design for…. product systems returnable, remanufacture, re-use, closed-loop, end-of-life, product-service-system image source: RSA
  26. 26. reason no.1 ecodesign is perceived as an an optional extra.
  27. 27. air pollution kills 3 million people each year, mostly in poor countries source: WHO / BBC
  28. 28. waste 3 million tonnes of plastic waste is dumped each year in the UK, most of which is put in landfill source: Wales Environment Trust, Queenstown Lake District Council
  29. 29. reason no.2 we live in a global economy.
  30. 30. "Sonicare Elite 7000“ produced at 11 locations and in five time zones, comprised of 38 components, parts supplied by Japan, France, China and Malaysia, materials and production in Austria, Sweden, assembly in Philippines and United States, when fully assembled and packaged in Seattle the components have travelled a full 27,880 kilometres, two thirds of the Earth's circumference. source: SPIEGEL Magazine
  31. 31. responsibility 50 million tonnes of e-waste is produced annually. Much of this waste is dumped in countries such as China and Africa source: RSA
  32. 32. reason no.3 over-consumption is not being addressed.
  33. 33. “If everyone in the world were to consume natural resources and generate carbon dioxide (CO2) at the rate we do in the UK, we'd need three planets to support us” WWF UK
  34. 34. resources 1.8 tonnes the amount of raw material are required to manufacture the average desktop PC and monitor 98% of products are thrown away within 6 months source: Chris Jordan and CKS recycling
  35. 35. 60,000 tonnes of Christmas decorations were imported into the UK from China in 2006
  36. 36. reason no.4 true life cycle costs are not considered.
  37. 37. pollution 1000 pollution incidents had a serious impact on the environment in England and Wales in 2005 source: Edward Burtynsky and environment agency UK
  38. 38. between 100 and 1000 species become extinct each year, because their habitats are changing or being destroyed. source: UK Government
  39. 39. Image www.castlereagh.gov.uk cost £32 Landfill tax in the UK has risen from £7.00 per tonne in 1996 to £32.00 in 2008
  40. 40. reason no.5 not everyone embraces change.
  41. 41. image source: The Independent Online
  42. 42. transport 1976 - 2005 cost of motoring fell by 10% cost of public transport rose by 50% Source: Observer, June 08
  43. 43. who is claiming to be doing it?
  44. 44. image source: M&S
  45. 45. leaders?
  46. 46. Philips EcoVision & Green Flagship Products • More than 200 Green Flagships products on the market • 24% more Green Flagships in 2006 • Total sales of Green Flagships of EUR 2.2 billion image source: philips
  47. 47. Philips EcoVision & Green Flagship Products To achieve Green Flagship status • product must be investigated in at least three Green Focal Areas • Life Cycle Score needs to be calculated and improvement criteria met image source: philips
  48. 48. DECT 525 • consumes 54% less energy • uses 14% less packaging • 33% lighter • improves recycling and disposal by 12%. • eliminated cadmium, lead and mercury image source: philips
  49. 49. what about our clients?
  50. 50. image source: Orangebox
  51. 51. general observations for SMEs • need inspiration to engage with ecodesign – non-standard drivers • expect local knowledge from Business Support Organisations or intermediaries • benefit from long-term relationships (not dependency) – negotiating risks, trust, confidence, building capacity • not just about champions • benefit from partnerships – industry as service provider • listen to appropriate language • require flexible financial support
  52. 52. we see opportunity
  53. 53. designers interact between industry and consumers industry design consumers
  54. 54. designers can influence how people consume products industry design consumers
  55. 55. “ Self-preservation for productthe way is likely to mean innovating all designers down the line, from concept to •“ consumption. Emily Pacey, Design Week, June 2008
  56. 56. “ Thebe green and sustainable 20 years time will only businesses around in •“ businesses Richard Branson, Virgin, 2008
  57. 57. thank you www.edcw.org frank@edcw.org