Eco 550 week 8 chapter questions

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  • 1. ECO 550 Week 8 Chapter QuestionsClick this link to get the tutorial: 8 Chapter 13 Question 6Even before the metals and manufacturing companies described earlier, U.S. railroads inthe nineteenth century were M-form organizations based on geography. Why might a largerailroad be better organized as M-form than U-form?Week 8 Chapter 13 Question 1111. Your university is probably an M-form organization. Its president administers schools,for example, a college of business and a college of liberal arts, the college of business. Eachof these in turn has a dean who is responsible for faculty departments such as economicsand finance. Why is an M-form more likely than a U-form to be an efficient way oforganizing a university and to organize the schools within it?In most universities faculty with specialized interests will often attempt to break off fromexisting departments and form ones devoted to their own specialties. Do you expect thatthis will produce an inefficiently large number of departments? Why do you expect thatpressure by employees to form fragmented departments will be a smaller problem in for-profit corporations than in nonprofit or governmental universities?Week 8 chapter 14 question 1212. A small-volume foreign auto maker limits the number of its franchised dealers in theUnited States and gives them exclusive territories. There are also non-dealers who have noofficial connection with the manufacturer. They buy its cars overseas and sell them in theUnited States, a phenomenon sometimes called a “gray market.”& nbsp;If you are amanufacturer do you necessarily want the gray market to cease to exist? Why or why not?How about if you are a franchised dealer?