Html Hell


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First part of my talk on HTML

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Html Hell

  1. 1. HTML HELL An introduction to HTML and the Internet
  2. 2. HTML HELL Why I am doing this? More Girls will fancy me? OR In order to understand the internet, its important to discover the technologies and systems which underpin it? 2
  3. 3. HTML HELL The Early Years HTML and the Internet 3
  4. 4. HTML HELL The Web is a beautifully simple idea Made up of : Interconnected Networks Data exchange Protocols [what!] Standards in information automation or a set of instructions 4
  5. 5. HTML HELL Interconnected Networks: This is the internet Result of work carried out for the US Department of Defense Computer Networks which are resistant to failure 5
  6. 6. HTML HELL Data Exchange Protocols Creation of Internet Protocol and Transmission Control Protocol Or TCP/IP a new standard TCP/IP now underpins everyday services, e-mail, the web, FTP, Newsgroups and so on 6
  7. 7. HTML HELL Still awake? Ok good, so elsewhere data exchange protocols were being developed 7
  8. 8. HTML HELL Tim Berners Lee Was developing: The Hypertext Transfer Protocol, HTTP The Hypertext Mark-up language, HTML 8
  9. 9. HTML HELL HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol is a means to request a document and have a web server respond 9
  10. 10. HTML HELL HTML: HyperText Mark up Language is a means to annotate a simple document. It is used to represent: Structural Presentation Semantic information [what!] Retain meaning, language 10
  11. 11. HTML HELL HTML: Allows the user to define: Headings Paragraphs Embed images Clickable links (Hyperlinks)
  12. 12. HTML HELL European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN) Released HyperText into the world 12
  13. 13. HTML HELL National Center for Supercomputing Applications Releases Mosaic a combination of a Web browser and a Gopher Server
  14. 14. HTML HELL Mosaic Mosaic goes on to become Netscape The commercial arm of NCSA licenses their Mosaic to Microsoft This heralds the start of the browser wars
  15. 15. HTML HELL The browser wars HTML and the Internet
  16. 16. HTML HELL The browser wars Both Netscape and Microsoft try to achieve a competitive edge by: Producing new features without fixing existing problems Adding features in direct competition with other browsers existing features [what!] Adding Proprietary features Private ownership or control over an item
  17. 17. HTML HELL Developers The wars meant that web developers had to do one of two things: Produce two different but effectively duplicate sites Support one browser blocking the other A backlash was inevitable
  18. 18. HTML HELL The coming of web standards HTML and the Internet
  19. 19. HTML HELL World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Founded in 1994 to address the need for new markup languages and standards It is a grassroots coalition fighting for standards that ensure simple, affordable access to web technologies for all
  20. 20. HTML HELL Its lofty aims are: Device independence and web accessibility Access to web by any means as easily as from a desktop PC A knowledge base to solve complex problems A collaborative environment to inspire trust and confidence
  21. 21. HTML HELL Why use standards? Greatest acceptance and uniform display of content across a multiple of browsers and OS More meaningful to search engines Greater chance of being accessible in future applications
  22. 22. HTML HELL Casualties of the internet
  23. 23. HTML HELL No.1 Mr Tombe’s dignity Unfortunately for Mr Tombe, his indiscretion came in the digital age – and became one of the first viral news stories.