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  • Evolution of self-service from:From cost reduction by caller containment (in IVR)to:Differentiating your serviceExpanding revenue generationIncreasing customer loyaltyReducing customer churn
  • Traditional channels of communication are giving way to newer channels of communication. Being able to respond to customers using the channel of their choice is critical to a heightened level of service and personalization.More than just offering a customer more choices on how to communicate with an enterprise, this trend fundamentally changes the dynamics of the dialogue between a customer and the enterprise.
  • Many channels of communication. These channels are disjointed and often frustrating to use, and there is no information linkage, no customer lifecycle management that brings together these different channels to form a single customer journey.The result is that customers feel lie they are communicating with a black box.
  • Contact centers need to focus on the complete customer journey.1- Integrated channels allows tracking of customer activity across channels and allows integration of channels (chat to voice, for example)2- Contextual data allows enterprises to personalize the experience3- Analytics provides data that can help fine-tune the experience and gain insights into customer trends4- The user experience becomes critical to maintaining the customer’s attention and satisfactionWe will focus on the user experience.
  • Thanks to technology, today’s consumer is more connected, more informed, more empowered, more impatient. We expect personalized and convenient care, at anytime and from anywhere. Consumers’ service expectations are fueled more and more by their interactions with technology in their everyday lives - which increasingly include voice recognition and natural language understanding (NLU). Natural language speech recognition has become mainstream and is profoundly changing consumer willingness to engage in natural conversations with their devices. Think Siri and Dragon Go! on smartphones, solutions such as OnStar and Ford SYNC in cars and the intuitive, self-service applications that consumers routinely interact with when calling into contact centers. These days, it’s normal and even routine for consumers to use their voice to interact with systems and their devices.Nuance’s speech and natural language solutions have changed consumers’ expectations of what is possible on each screen – and all play a critical role in powering meaningful conversations between people and technology.
  • What if you COULD offer your customerthe kind of functionality their customers want at a price that makes sense for them? What if that solution represented best practices that came from decades of experience and was delivered by the leaders in customer care? What if you could reduce their risk by giving them up front the kind of results you can expect from this solution? Well, we think you can.
  • FastStart Approach directly addresses this hurdle and is squarely aimed at customers for whom the economics of a traditional delivery just don’t work.  It is a turn-key implementation service that leverages best practices to enable companies of all sizes to cost-effectively benefit from speech self-service.  Bundling Nuance’s extensive design and deployment experience with proven speech components, FastStart Approach delivers a pre-defined scope with predicable outcomes - achieving maximum results with minimum risk.  
  • We address common, foundational speech functionality across a variety of applications These are fixed scope engagements delivered by Nuance PS who leverage a repository of design templates and proven speech components developed over the course of hundreds of implementations. Since everything we deliver with FastStart Approach has been proven time and again, we can inform the customer up front what the performance of their application will be significantly (thereby) reducing their risk of taking the next step.
  • A natural language speech application provides an intuitive and pleasing front end to a customer interactionTo customize and fully personalize the interaction, the application relies on contextual data to determine:How the caller is greetedWhat options the caller will be providedHow the caller is segmented and handledWhat offers should be providedPuts the customer in control of the interactionRequiresReal-time, end-to-end view of the customer service, consolidated view of customer data from disparate sources, including:DatabasesMobile applicationsBrowser interactionsLocation-based dataCRM systemsA broadly flexible data architecture to allow tailoring of customer data to particular business models and processes.Enable personalized, multi-channel, integrated inbound/outbound solutionInteraction history and communications channel awareness
  • iCFD supports a native natural language voice user interfaceiCFD is a transformative customer service solutioniCFD supports uniquenessiCFD Identifies customer intentIntelligently determines how to treat the customer based on:Current input (voice or other channel)Past interaction historyBackend and location based dataReal time statisticsBusiness rules and other dataDirects the caller to the best resourceOffers Self-Service, Assisted and/or Proactive Service (based on current context)
  • Identify the caller:Caller ID, voice printPersonalize the experience:User interaction historyLocation dataProfile dataCustomer preferencesSegment customer:Based on valueBased on intentSpecial offers based on segmentation and locationSeamless transition of customer from self to assisted service to continue the interactionAgent screen pop with full interaction context and historyPLAY CLIP HERE
  • What have we been working toward?Enhanced customer satisfactionCompetitive differentiationImproved customer loyaltyCost containmentIncreased revenue opportunityIncreased efficiencyImproved agent satisfactionOne thing I think is particularly exciting is how the personalization that comes with understanding context can be leveraged for cross and up-sell. Many IVR implementations include elements of cross and up selling but they tend to take a shotgun approach. Customers who inquire about X also tend to buy Y so if they look at X we’re going to offer them Y. Context let’s us take that practice to a deeper, more targeted level and, very importantly for customer satisfaction, it also allows us to NOT make an offer when it isn’t appropriate for an individual (especially if it’s not appropriate based on the marketing preferences they’ve set with us). Problem: The cost and complexity to implement this type of solution can be prohibitive, require excessively long lead times, and can be outdated at the time it is finally implemented.
  • It allows you to better segment your customers based on their value to your business.Genesys has found, working with enterprises worldwide, that companies typically do a pretty good job of providing exceptional service to their elite customers (the top 5-10% of their customer base). They often do this by assigning a dedicated personal representative. This is a high-touch and costly way of providing customer service. It’s fine for the elite customers who yield a lot of profit, but not for the majority of your customer base. The problem is, most companies treat the remaining 90% of their customers the same, as if they were all Mass Market customers. “Equal service for all!” and “First Come, First Served.” But this approach is inappropriate for two key segments. First, high-value customers (the next tier down from elite customers – typically the next 15-20% of the customer base) are a potential growth engine for the company. These are affluent professionals who can afford to buy more, if you have a relationship with them and understand their needs. But these are busy folks, who are inclined to use technology and self-service for convenience. So, your business probably isn’t talking to these folks as frequently as you should. These are people you need to engage proactively.The other group that typically isn’t being serviced appropriately are the low-value, costly customers. These are people whose behaviors break your business models. They don’t pay bills on time, they request fee waivers, they call multiple times per week or even per day, they aren’t satisfied with self-service because they need to explain their situation to a live rep. You can’t afford to keep these high-maintenance folks as your customer. You either need to coach them how to behave more like a valued and valuable customer. Or you need to encourage them to close their accounts and go to your competitors. intelligent Customer Front Door allows companies to better manage value-based segmentation, by proactively engaging high-value customers and containing or deflecting the costly ones. We’ll see how this is done in more detail in a moment.
  • Echopass has driven the evolution of the customer experience and iCFD to the cloud.Why is this an advantage?Purchase only what you need todaySeamlessly expand with needsAvoid major system capital expense Integrate existing applications into a hybrid environment:Echopass has simplified the deployment of an iCFD solutionEchopass has industry-leading experience in integrating with complex systems and leveraging business rules to create a personalized customer interaction experienceReduce overall TCO by >30%Gain speed to market and… First mover advantage (take advantage of new technologies as they become available ahead of the deployment curve)Competitive differentiationNew innovative capabilitiesSLA and high availability


  • 1. Differentiating and Personalizing theCustomer Experience with SpeechEchopass Corporation
  • 2. Echopass ConfidentialJune 4, 2013 2Dramatic Change in Customer FocusConvenience InsightsServicedifferentiationRevenueopportunityLoyalty
  • 3. Echopass ConfidentialJune 4, 2013 3Customer Expectations Have Changed
  • 4. Echopass ConfidentialJune 4, 2013 4Total BreakdownVoice& IVRText ChatLocationdataSocial MediaMobile AppWeb &e-ServicesScannedDocuments
  • 5. Echopass ConfidentialJune 4, 2013 5New Approach: The Customer JourneyIntegratedCommunicationsChannelsContextual Data Analytics User Experience
  • 6. © 2002-2013 Nuance Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 6Donald DavisDirector Global Business Consulting
  • 7. © 2002-2013 Nuance Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 7…find my local weatherforecast…move $ from savingsto checking…play my hiphop mix…dictate a noteI want to…Speech and natural language have changedconsumer expectations
  • 8. © 2002-2013 Nuance Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 8A new possibility…What if you could offer your customers a speech-enabledsolution that helps callers accomplish routine tasksquickly and easily?What if you could reduce the risk by providingyour customer the solution’s performance andresults up-front?What if that solution was based on 20 years ofbest practices in speech-enabled solutions anddelivered by the leaders in customer care?What if you could reduce the risk by providingyour customer the solution’s performance andresults up-front?What if that solution was based on 20 years ofbest practices in speech-enabled solutions anddelivered by the leaders in customer care?
  • 9. © 2002-2013 Nuance Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 9MassiveVocabulariesSpeechMenusBriefHistoryofSpeechInteraction1992 20021994 1998 200019961990Constant Innovation2013ComplexNaturalLanguagePress orsay “1”Natural Dates,Times etc.Directed SpeechSpeakFreely1988Sys: For sales, say or press 1.Caller: oneSys: For sales, say sales or press 1.Caller: salesSys: What is your savings account number?Caller: 4601 2803 5566Sys: How much do you want to transfer to savings?Caller: $329.43Sys: From where to where do you want to fly?Caller: From Singapore to Sydney return business classSys: When do you want to leave?Caller: 8am next WednesdaySys: I need to collect your address for verification purposes.Sys: What street do you live in?Caller: Amokyo Avenue 10Sys: And what’s your block number?Caller: 229Sys: Welcome to Singapore Insurance. What can I do for you today?Caller: <um> I’d like to know <ah> when my policy expiresSys: OK. Which insurance plan to do you have?Caller: I have the motor insurance planSys: Thank you. Please wait while I transfer your callApplication diversityCaller control & satisfactionFaster ROI
  • 10. © 2002-2013 Nuance Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 10What do Nuance Call Steering (SpeakFreely) solutions do?123451234512345123“Welcome …What can I do for you?”The Old ApproachThe Call Steering Approach• Reduce “Zero-Out” Rate by up to 40%• Reduce Misroute Rate by up to 50%• Improve Containment Rate up to 100%• Increase Caller SatisfactionCall centers handling 10M calls peryear can save $5M+ annually• High Rate of “Zero-Outs” (10-40%)• High Misroute Rate (10-35%)• Low Caller Satisfaction
  • 11. © 2002-2013 Nuance Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 11FastStartApproach from NuanceA turn-key servicedesigned to costeffectively achievemaximum resultswith minimum risk
  • 12. © 2002-2013 Nuance Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 12The FastStart Approach from Nuance– Packaged Professional Services implementingcommon speech self service functionality– Self-Service for Utilities, Banking and Health Insurance– Call routing and authentication applications– Cost effective– Rapid deployment– Based on best practices– Predictable performance results– Delivered by Nuance Professional Services speechexpertsDelivering a Baseline for Automated Customer CareDelivered at 30-60% cost savings & 40-50% more quickly than traditional apps
  • 13. © 2002-2013 Nuance Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 13Natural Language Speech– Proven and reliable technology– Mass consumer acceptance– Cost effective– Straightforward implementations Available with voiceauthentication– Specialized vertical business application packagesA Powerful Solution for Enhancement of the Customer Experience
  • 14. Echopass ConfidentialJune 4, 2013 14Speech and Context Management Services
  • 15. Echopass ConfidentialJune 4, 2013 15Intelligent Customer Front Door™What is it?
  • 16. Echopass ConfidentialJune 4, 2013 16Creating the Experience
  • 17. Echopass ConfidentialJune 4, 2013 17Evolution of the TechnologyVoice Self Service to Intelligent Customer Front Door
  • 18. Echopass ConfidentialJune 4, 2013 18High-ValueProactivelyengageEliteDedicatedpersonalrepresentativeMassMarketManagecost of service,sell reactivelyLow-Valueor CostlyDeflect andtightly managecost of serviceValue-based SegmentationHighHighLowLowCustomerValueCustomer CostDeflect your mostcostly onesEngage your mostvaluable customers
  • 19. Echopass ConfidentialJune 4, 2013 19Evolution to the Cloud
  • 20. Echopass ConfidentialJune 4, 2013 20• 13 years of complex implementations inthe cloud• Focused on mid to large enterprisesolutions‒ Complex‒ Customized solutions• Differentiation: Expertise, Innovation,Commitment• World class applications from Gartner MagicQuadrant leaders• Always on, always available, guaranteed bySLAEchopass CorporationThe Recognized Market Leader