Single Sign On - Case Study


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Single Sign On - Case Study

  1. 1. Builds technology to Engage CustomersCase StudyEbizon implementsSingle sign-onAbstractThe concept of single sign-on (SSO) has gained popularity in recent years with the increased use ofsocial networking. Many end users prefer them because they allow them to use a single password toaccess scores of individual accounts, saving them the hassle of having to use a unique set of logincredentials for each one.Ebizon implemented and integrated Single Sign on for many of its clients using major scoialnetworking communities –Facebook – World’s largest and most popular social networking siteLinkedIn – Laregst social networking platform for people in professional organizationBlackbaud NetCommunity - Most powerful online marketing and fundraising solution for nonprofitsQQ – One of China’s leading network platformSina Weibo – China’s micro blogging website
  2. 2. Overview Society for Science & the Public (SSP), is Overview a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of science, through its science Single sign-on (SSO) is a session/user authentication process that education programs and publications. permits a user to enter one name and password in order to access multiple applications. The vision of the organization is to promote the understanding and appreciation of science and the vital role it plays in human The process authenticates the user for all the applications they advancement. have been given rights to. Eliminates further prompts when they in Washington, D.C., the Headquartered switch applications during a organization works primarily to recruit more particular session. pre-college students to pursue science, math, and engineering fields in college.Business ChallengesImplementation of Single sign on, a system that allows single credentials to be used for multiple platforms, had many challenges aroundit:•An easy to understand user interface: Users are generally not very intuitive about the single sign on. Thus it was important to designand implement a user friendly UI that would automatically guide the users to the single sign on process.•Different security mechanisms: Different community used for single sign on had different permission matrix and security mechanisms.It was critical to maintain the security mechanism for each instance thus, insuring a secured single sign on experience for the users.•Challenge in dealing with the creation of duplicate accounts: Platforms having multiple single sign on community have a major issueof duplicate account creation for same users. It was required to deal with the case automatically and map the account of users in caseof duplicate sign up from different community by same user.
  3. 3. Ebizon’s SolutionThe single sign on process adopted is shown in this flowchart:
  4. 4. To deal with the case of duplicated account where user may sign up with the Facebook account in the firstinstance and then sign up with the LinkedIn account inthe second instance, following model was suggested.
  5. 5. Solution for customers Ebizon has provided following single sign on solutions: Single sign on with Blackbaud NetCommunity for Society for Science and the Public (SSP) Single sign on with QQ and Sina Weibo for CloudNPO Single sign on with Facebook and LinkedIn for Oyster Connect Single sign on with Facebook and LinkedIn for One of world’s top 5 semiconductor company Single Sign on with Blackbaud NetCommunity for “Society for Science & the Public (SSP)” Ebizon built a digital badging solution for SSP – one of oldest non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of science. •User’s were to be directed to the badging system from Blackbaud NetCommunity. •Separate registration for users on badging site was not required. Ebizon responded to this by implementing single sign on with Blackbaud NetCommunity on the Badging platform. Each time user clicks on the badging system link on Blackbaud NetCommunity, user is redirected to the badging system. A check is performed if the account already exists on badging system; if yes, user is logged in to his/her account. If no, account is created on the badging system.
  6. 6. Single sign on with QQ & Sina Weibo for “CloudNPO”CloudNPO – A non-profit platform for non profit organizations, wanted to bring traffic from China’s major social networkingcommunities: QQ and Sina Weibo. Single sign on with Facebook and LinkedIn for “Oyster Connect” With single sign on gaining popularity, Oyster Connect - India’s first and only Industry - Student Engagement Platform, wanted to integrate Facebook and LinkedIn SSO on their platform. Single sign on with Facebook and LinkedIn for “One of world’s top 5 semiconductor companies” Client wanted Facebook and LinkedIn single sign on implemented on one of their educational platform. Ebizon implemented this, while dealing with all the use cases and at the same time maintaining the security and permission policies of the platform and the social community.
  7. 7. Benefits Enhanced user experience Users gained better login experience. They can skip the lengthy registration process by simply choosing SSO. Reduced password fatigue from different username and password combinations. High quality traffic The easy interface and enhanced user experience shows direct effect in increased traffic on site using single sign on Rich and valuable user related Social sign-on offers valuable information from the provider’s perspective and data allows sites to leverage their users’ social graphs in a variety of unique ways. About Ebizon Builds technology to Many of the worlds most successful Enterprises rely on Ebizon to provide consulting, engineering and outsourcing services to Engage Customers help them engage their customers on Internet for increased revenues.