5 tricks to know before you outsource your drupal project


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5 tricks to know before you outsource your drupal project

  1. 1. 5 Tricks to knowbefore you outsourceyour Drupal Project
  2. 2. Tip1: Take time to Document Your ProjectWhen dealing with an off-shore team, a poorly documented project or no documentation directly hampers theefficiency of the team.Consider this example:You: Hey, I need an orange ballDeveloper: OkDon’t be furious if your developer ends up giving an orange football instead of an orange ball. This happens oftenwhen all requirements are exchanged over email/call.Now, how it would be if you had documented your requirement.I need an orange ball which should have following characteristics: Round Orange Hollow Radius – 5cmNow, you’ll always get a perfect orange ball as you have required.So take time to document your requirement. It’s worth the effort!
  3. 3. Tip2: Encourage your offshore team to raise doubtsNever lose patience or feel irritated when your developer asks too many questions. Instead encourage them to raisedoubts because that ends up giving a better insight of the project to your developer. Always remember that – youunderstand your project well because you have it in your mind but to your developer it is just the set of instructionsor requirement that you provide. So you must gain the fluidity to pour in the project from your mind into yourdevelopers. With each answer to their question you are achieving this.Tip 3: Define Communication Frequency and MediumWith an offshore team you cannot enjoy the freedom of shadowing them anytime. So, it is really important that youdecide how frequently you want to meet – of course on a call. Decide a time that suits both of you considering thetime-zone difference. Generally meeting your off-shore team once/twice in a week is enough to ensure that yourproject is on time.Set the time and day and make sure that your off-shore team and you adhere to it. If required bring them on callmore often, but make sure that to understand where your team is leading.Tip 4: Review – Feedback – ReviewSet up frequent deliverables and review the development so far; even if it is a rough prototype. Give your feedbackand then review again that your feedback so far has been incorporated. This ensures maximum efficiency by yourtime thus, minimizing scope of mistakes.
  4. 4. Tip 5: Task StatusYou must have clear transparency of what your team is doing and where they are heading up.Ask your Developer to provide you daily status in following format:-This email will be submitted daily in morning and evening:Subject- Todays Goal - DateIf I could do only 3 tasks, what would they be?1. Task 1 - [Expected Hours - 2 hours] [Actual hours - ]2. Task 2 - [Expected Hours - 2 hours] [Actual hours - ]3. Task 3 - [Expected Hours - 2 hours] [Actual hours - ]Keep the tasks action oriented and short.Additional Tasks underwent-1. Task 1 - [Expected Hours - 2 hours] [Actual hours - ]2. Task 2 - [Expected Hours - 2 hours] [Actual hours - ]Is there anything you need from your Lead today or tomorrow?1. I need clarification on _____. XX mins meeting today would be great.2. I need clarification on _____. XX mins meeting tomorrow would be great.This email format has proven to be very beneficial in maximizing resource management. It also ensures that yourproject is constantly accelerating!