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Ossiannilsson ltu kvalitesutveckling_online elarning2014



Presentation on quality enhancement, seminar with Luleå Technological Univetrsity, Sweden.

Presentation on quality enhancement, seminar with Luleå Technological Univetrsity, Sweden.



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  • I am Ebba Ossiannilsson, Lund University, Sweden <br /> I recently, dec 2012 earned my PhD from Oulu University in Finland and I did it through distance <br /> <br /> I work for several international and national organisations on open learning and quality and some of them are represented here by their logos <br /> <br /> I will here especially emphazise the work on the Paris declaration by UNESCO, the work with OER Service and the MOOC quality project. I also use to serve as a reviewer for several organisations, such as EFQUEL and Epprobate. <br /> <br /> I have been asked to talk about the topic I am happy to share this with you today <br />
  • Headings for the workshop
  • P 81 in my dissertation
  • As my strong believe caring is sharing <br /> So my footprints and contact details <br /> My slides are available at slidshare where you can find my other presentations as well
  • Karen: If you had told me my PLN would look like this a year ago, I would have laughed in your face! I wasn’t even on Facebook let alone Twitter…..and had no idea what PLN meant…Twitter & Blogs are larger font as these have the most impact on my learning at the moment (explain briefly some of the connections in the diagram). <br /> <br /> You can see how connected the PLN is. I learn from many many other people, and with other people: I am basically connected to a global staffroom of engaged and interested teachers…..>>

Ossiannilsson ltu kvalitesutveckling_online elarning2014 Ossiannilsson ltu kvalitesutveckling_online elarning2014 Presentation Transcript

  • Kvalitetsutveckling av e-lärande/online learning LTU/Arbetsterapeut, 180 HP Ebba Ossiannilsson, PhD, Lunds universitet EDEN Fellow 2014
  • Ebba Ossiannilsson, PhD Lunds Universitet
  • Ossiannilsson (2012) Benchmarking (e)- learning in higher education, Doctoral dissertation, Oulu University, Finland Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • Arbetsterapeutprogrammet är en distansutbildning Färdighetsträning, laborationer på campus Kommunikationen mellan studenter och lärare via distans- överbryggande informations- och kommunikationsteknik Fronter Adobe Connect Pro Tillgång till dator med Internetuppkoppling, webbkamera och headset med mikrofon krävs för att kunna delta
  • Demography Globalisation Technology Drivers Labour market trends & demands Labour Market ICT Trends Personalisation Collaboration Informalisation Tailormade & targeted Active & constructive Motivating & engaging Learner- centred Social learning Lifewide learning Peer-learning Sharing & collaborating In communities Anywhere, anytime Blending virtual & real Combining sources/providers Initiative, resilience Responsibility Risk-taking, creativity Social skills Learning skills Personal skills Education & Training New ways of learningNew skills Managing, organising Meta-cognitive skills Failing forward Team-, networking Empathy, compassion Co-constructing Social networks Games Mobiles OER Augmented Reality Data mining 3D virtual worlds LMS Electronic tutors ePortfoliose-books Learning analytics ?? ? ? © European Commission, 2011 Source: IPTS (2011): „The Future of Learning: Preparing for Change“, http://ipts.jrc.ec.europa.eu/publications/pub.cfm?id=4719
  • Vad menar EC med opening up education? Med “Opening up education” menas… bringing the digital revolution into education. Digital technologies allow all individuals to learn, anywhere, anytime, through any device, with the support of anyone Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • EC Recommendationer för högre utbildning Opening up Education review their organisational strategies exploit the potential of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) stimulate innovative learning practices such as blended learning equip teachers with high digital competences equip learners with digital skills think about how to validate and recognise learner’s achievements in online education make high quality Open Education Resources (OER) visible and accessible Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • Kvalitet ” …i betraktarens ögon” WHATSINITFORME? Some rights reserved by matsber Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • Kvalitetskultur–dialektisk ansats Retrospektiv vs Prospektiv CC BY Some rights reserved by SeattleClouds.com Quality control Processmodels Guidelines Rules Standards Competeces Attitudes Values Self -evaluation Communication Trust Co-operatiop Inclusivness Innovation/Creativity Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • Ossiannilsson_LTU2014 eMM
  • Ossiannilsson 2012 Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • Learning /Institutional context Strategy and e-learning Commitment to innovation Openness to the community Learning resources Resources for learning Students University Staff Technology and Equipment Learning Processes Qualiy of the offer Assessment of learning HR development Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • Information about the programme Target group orientation Quality of the content Programme/course design Media design Technology Evaluation & review Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • COURSE DESIGN Provision of course information, learning objectives and instructional guidance Constructive alignment LEARNING DESIGN Learner needs Personalisation Instructional strategies MEDIA DESIGN Media integration Interface Interoperability and technological standards CONTENT Accuracy and values of content Intellectual property rights Legal compliance Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • Openess to learners Digital openness Learner centred Independent learning Media supported learning Quality focus Spectrum of diversity OpenupEd label Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • Ossiannilsson E & Landgren L (2011). Essential areas that benchmarking e- learning ought to cover. Reprinted with permission from Wiley-Blackwell. Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • Benchmarking Benchmarking is an internal organisational process that aims to improve the organisation´s performance by learning about possible improvements of its primary and/or support processes by looking at these processes in other, better-performing organisations (van Vught et al. 2008a: 16). Konceptet användes först av Camp på Xerox (1989 1993) Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • Benchmarking “The locus of benchmarking lies between the current and desirable states of affairs and contributes to the transformation process that realizes these improvements.” Moriarty & Smallman (2009) En route to a theory on benchmarking Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • The benchmarking process What to benchmark Benchmarking team Benchmarking partners Analyse benchmarking information Take action Ossiannilsson 2011. Reprinted with permission from SCIRP Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • Benchmarking benefits and values • Self assess institutions • Better understand the process • Measure and compare • Discover new ideas • Obtain data to support decision making • Targets for improvements • Strengthen identity, strategy, implementation • Enhance reputation • Respond to national indicators • New standard for the sector Van Vught, F. (2008) A practical guide. Benchmarking in European Higher Education Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • New benefits identified, old ones confirmed Ossiannilsson 2012 • Attitudes • Collaboration • Committment • Cultural issues • Internal dialogue • Internal processes • Involvement • Management • Critical reflections • Teambuilding • Transparency • Trust Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • TID Hösten 2014 Våren 2015 Hösten 2015 Benchmarking QS,FA och roadmap Ev FA Implementering Hållbarhet Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • BUDGET • Interna kostnader Tid för personal Viss administration Ev Workshops • Externa kostnader Konsult Ossiannilsson 10-20% ht 2014, 2015 Lektorsarvode + researvode EADTU Full Assessment ca 35euro Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • FÖRVÄNTAT RESULTAT EADTU associates label Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • Läser på distans från Skottland Ossiannilsson_LTU2014 Klara Tjäder kommer ifrån Stockholm, bor i Edinburgh, Skottland, och pluggar arbetsterapeut på distans vid Luleå tekniska universitet.
  • Caring is sharing, sharing is caring Footprints W:www.lu.se/ced E:Ebba.Ossiannilsson@ced.lu.se FB:Ebba Ossiannilsson T:@EbbaOssian Phone: +4670995448 S:http://www.slideshare.net/Ebba Ossiann Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • Ev workshops
  • PLE och COP Filter; Netvibes, Feedly Curate; ScoopIT, Pinterest, Educlipper Collaborate; Padlet, Conceptboard Free cloud tools: Google drive, FB, Twitter, Blog etc Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • • MOOCs • Badges to accredit learning • Learning analytics • Seamless learning • Crowd learning • Digital scholarship • Geo learning • Learning from games • Maker culture • Citizen inquiry Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • Learning design Ossiannilsson_LTU2014
  • Ossiannilsson_LTU2014 The Networked Teacher – my PLN m eWork Frien ds Twitter (# and people) Conferenc es/PD meetings Blogs Social mediaWikis Twitter chats Website s & media