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Eat Your Serial is a brand new website connecting writers & readers online using the serial format for storytelling.

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Eat Your Serial - Information

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  2. 2. Eat Your Serial Get your daily serving of _______ stories. Our mission is simple. next installment. Serial formats We are a passionate group have served as the launching that is working to connect pad for a number of classic writers and readers through writers. an innovative new online experience. We aim to With TV showcasing countless promote writers by serials like ‘LOST’ over the showcasing their work as course of many years, serialized serials. storytelling is a tried and true method of entertainment for What does that mean? mass audiences to this day. Well, serials are nothing And that's where we come in... new. We're bringing serialized This storytelling format has content to the Internet on a scale been around that has not been attempted to for generations. The regular date... publication of pieces of story kept audiences hooked and compelled to return for the 2
  3. 3. …But, What IS Eat Your Serial?! “Eat Your” “Serial” Definition: As in don’t waste it, Definition: Installments delivered other people are starving. in separate & regular intervals. *** *** People consume more content now EYS is looking to promote new than ever before. Blogs, Twitter, online writers and creative talent from all genres, magazines, favorite websites, Facebook - and get them out to the widest audience these are what people are spending their possible. All writers retain the rights to time reading. their work after they're done working with us. Eat Your Serial believes there is already a built in audience for manageable, • Every day of the five-day work- easily digested serials of new and well week will feature a different written stories, and we have built the serialized story by a different platform for it. author. Did we mention the stories will be • Every week on that same day the story gets an updated chapter, and available for FREE? this will continue every week until the serial is complete. From Charles Dickens to comic books, serials have a long and proud • When the serials are finished, tradition of engaging and entertaining readers will have a chance to buy audiences. People love ongoing narratives their favorites or catch up on the with clever twists and jaw-dropping ones they missed. cliffhangers that compel you to come back next week for the next installment. Eat Your Serial is more than just a (spectacularly awesome) pun. We’re working hard to create a dynamic, new community to find and promote unheard voices, in perfectly sized servings. 3
  4. 4. What are we looking for? Writers. Press. Eat Your Serial is constantly on the We are looking to be blogged about, lookout for new talent all over the interviewed, sought after, and talked world to write in any genre. EYS will about. Word of mouth is huge and that promote the author, and the finished is why we are present & active on the book is sold on our site upon following sites: completion. And when all is said and done, writers retain all rights to their work Linked In Companies: Eat Your Serial Editors. Our editorial staff is the backbone of Support. the organization. By keeping Eat Your Serial is running a successful writers on schedule and making campaign on and sure that everyone dots their i’s and offering rewards for anyone that can crosses their t’s. contribute even $5 to help get us started. Our costs include web design, hosting, Readers. and marketing materials. We want rabid, voracious readers who will consume and interact with all of our content. 4
  5. 5. Link to Kickstarter! Eat Your Serial is currently What are some of the costs fundraising on Kickstarter funds will – a popular microfunding contribute to? website that allows anyone who finds the project to be full - Web design of creative potential to donate - Web hosting and support. - Marketing materials in order to attract readers, increase We are currently working brand awareness, and show to raise $7,000 in order to support to those launch our website by the end that support us of 2010. - Operational costs associated with launching a small startup (Plus, it is currently the only - Research & development place to see our mind- toward expanding mobile blowingly epic video as well!) platforms 5
  6. 6. Contact Us: Twitter: The Chief; Submissions: President & Founder ***** Shawn Abraham Operations Director Matt Thomas 718.309.2214 Marketing Director Editorial Director Dave Missal Jenn Pedde 646.413.8208 Creative Director Brandon Melendez 6