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Newsletter: February, 2010

  1. 1. East London Rail Branch News Vol II, Issue 5 February 2010 0626 East London Rail Branch New s Email: Chair: John Clarke– 07795237318 Secretary: Ed Shine–07940340128 National Union of Rail, Maritime, & Transport Workers’SACKED GENERAL SECRETARY: Bob Crow GLENN WALLIS– SIGNALLER– R.M.T. REPRESENTATIVE- BRANCH MEMBER AND COMRADE... NETWORK RAIL CURRENTLY DELIGHTS– IN ITS DEALINGS WITH THIS UNION– in mealy mouthed words of semi-agreement and pacification while ignoring the basic issue at stake. They have now gone one step further, and sacked a loyal, dedicated, hard-working Branch member, who has held many positions within the Branch structure for and onbehalf this and other Branches, and, fundamentally, an ACTIVIST, who this Union can ill-afford to lose.THEREFORE: NETWORK RAIL– WE SERVE YOU PERSONAL NOTICE: ALL BETS ARENOW OFF. THIS WILL NOT BE SUFFERED IN SILENCE OR WITHOUT LOSS TO YOU.We may look concerned to the future, knowing what happened last time a Railway Company sacked a comradeof this Branch; but well might they look more fearfully, for what ever they sow, so shall they reap. THEY WILLPAY, AND PAY AGAIN FOR THEIR ARROGANT BUT INEFFECTUAL DISMISSAL OF ONE OF OUR LADS.We refute the claim that they are merely– and „regretfully‟- following „procedure‟; they have sacked an RMTRepresentative; they have sacked a Health and Safety Representative; we refute any claim that does not recog-nise this dismissal as what it is– part of the spider‟s-web of betrayal, hypocrisy, and deceit, that has emanatedfrom the aptly named „Black Tower‟, one Melton Street, since the current dispute started (which incidentally in-cluded LYING to the Government– so do not hold your breath for any truth or honesty to RMT members in thenear future!) DAMN YOU PRIVATEERS, DO YOU NEVER LEARN? NEXT BRANCH MEETING: TUESDAY 16th FEBRUARY 2010, 1700 HOURS: 1 The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE SECRETARY FOR DETAILS
  2. 2. East London Rail Branch News Vol II, Issue 5 February 2010  Refuse to give further assurances about no compul- sory redundancies beyond 2010.  Will not give guarantees‟ about capex work to be undertaken in future years by our maintenance mem- bers.  Refuse to place potentially redundant members inREORGANISATION OF NETWORK RAIL permanent jobs within the maintenance organisation thereby offering no future job security.MAINTENANCE (PHASE 2 B&C)  Have confirmed that the offers made in its letters dated 20th January 2010 in regards to the paymentsThe following meeting (and many others around the for the working practice changes and proposed super-country including Three Bridges, Birmingham, Pre- visors terms and conditions (including new bargainingston, Newcastle, Plymouth, Cardiff, Ashford, Bristol, arrangements and pay anniversary date) representsPenzance, Doncaster, Edinburgh, and Exeter) has its final offer.been arranged to discuss Network Rail‟s job cuts  Failed to provide details of further changes beingand planned Phase 2 B&C reorganisation. These planned by the company that affect all our membersmeetings are an opportunity for all members to hear in the Network Rail Maintenance organisation.from your national officials, regional organisers,Council of Executive members and area and local THE GENERAL GRADES COMMITTEE, R.M.T., HASreps and for everyone to voice their opinions. THEREFORE DECIDED THE FOLLOWING: „Given all these factors we instruct the GS to inform the th Thursday 11 February 17.00 company that this union reject the offers made for our IM and Supervisory members in the company‟s letters dated 20th January 2010. St Aloysius Church Hall Further in view of the above and the refusal of the com- 20 Phoenix Road pany to confirm a real commitment to no compulsory re- Euston dundancies and confirm that our members will not have London NW1 1TA terms and conditions imposed contrary to assurances pre- Bob Crow, General Secretary viously given that members can “stay as you are”. We reit- erate our previous decision that we are in dispute Network Alex Gordon, RMT President Rail and the General Secretary is instructed to serve notice no later than 15 February 2010 for Strike Action and Ac- COMRADES– PLEASE BRING THIS TO THE tion Short of a Strike. ATTENTION OF ANY NETWORK RAIL COL- In the meantime we are receiving reports that the company LEAGUES YOU KNOW WHO WOULD BE IN- is seeking to introduce rosters based in its revised propos- als. Our representatives are instructed not to agree any TERESTED IN ATTENDING. BUT ALSO POINT rosters other than in line with their current terms and con- OUT THE FOLLOWING...! THAT THE COM- ditions and to ensure that negotiations on rosters are dealt PANY- with in accordance with the agreed bargaining arrange- Refuse to give further assurances about no ments.‟ compulsory redundancies beyond 2010. WHAT HAPPENS ON NETWORK· Will not give guarantees‟ about capex work to be undertaken in future years by our RAIL AFFECTS ALL RAILWAY maintenance members. STAFF, WHATEVER GRADE, Refuse to place potentially redundant members WHATEVER COMPANY! in permanent jobs within the maintenance SAY NO RISK, SAY NO MORE organisation thereby offering no future job POTTERS BAR! security. NEXT BRANCH MEETING: TUESDAY 16th FEBRUARY 2010, 1700 HOURS: 2 The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE SECRETARY FOR DETAILS
  3. 3. East London Rail Branch News Vol II, Issue 5 February 2010 GRATEFUL THANKS TO BROTHER DERRICK MARR, SECRETARY OF OUR RECRUITMENT! SISTER BRANCH, SOUTH EAST ES- SEX, AND LONDON & ANGLIA RE- GION LEAD RECRUITER, FOR AL- LOWING US TO REPUBLISH HIS RE- GIONAL RECRUITMENT PLAN HERE. THIS IS ALL HIS OWN WORK. THE PLAN IS LAID OUT IN THREE SECTIONS: 1. JANUARY- MARCH 2. APRIL- SEPTEMBER 3. OCTOBER- DECEMBER Section 2. is the traditional day out where each Branch is allocated a date and Sections 1. and 3. are for the respective Branches to select a date of their choice within the two quarterly periods .All regional Council delegates should raise the following points at their next Branch meeting:  The need for EVERY BRANCH to name a date of their choice for their Branch Rep‟s and Activists to carry out recruitment and or- ganising activities within their Branch‟s sphere of influence;  The date must be decided before the next Full Regional DERRICK MARR, LEAD RECRUITER Council in March;  And take place no later than the 31st March 2010;  And be held in conjunction with the Regional Council Organising Committee and regional activists which will be funded from the Council‟s Recruitment fund;  And finally to get Branch Secretaries to contact Bro. Marr on or 07903322911 with all the details, not least of Branch participants.AS YOU MAY ALREADY BE AWARE a Regional Branch Secretaries will no doubt have problems finding mem-Recruitment Account has been set up with a bers who will be available to attend their Recruitment days.£6,500 allocation on production of a satisfac- Staff Reps are the most obvious place to look for prospectivetory Organising Strategy and ALL Branches recruiters as they have a legal right to be released for recruit-can be subject to a 10% levy of their annual ment within their constituency. Branch Secretaries shouldBMF contribution each year. This account will urge and assist Reps to gain release in advance from their re-be used to fund Regional Organising activities spective companies and co-ordinate these release dates withthroughout the year but will only be available their recruitment day. Assistance can be received from thefor activities that are carried out in conjunc- South East Regional Office and the regional Organiser. Secre-tion with the Regional Organising Plan, it is taries should remember that just because a member is not atherefore imperative that ALL Branches get Rep does not automatically mean they are active and thetheir dates confirmed so that their activists can same goes for activists– they do not have to be Reps. Theybe paid the £65 they earn from a day‟s recruit- should view any member who shows an interest in the Unioning from the Regional Recruitment Fund. as a prospective activist and approach them accordingly. NEXT BRANCH MEETING: TUESDAY 16thTH OCTOBER2010, 1700 HOURS: NEXT BRANCH MEETING: TUESDAY 20 FEBRUARY 2009, 1700 HOURS: 3 The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE SECRETARY FOR DETAILS Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE SECRETARY FOR DETAILS
  4. 4. East London Rail Branch News Vol II, Issue 5 February 2010 THE NEED IS TO IDENTIFY the areas in each Branch that are in need of recruitment and or- ganisation and then to get a team to attend to that area. The easiest way to do this is by cross- referencing rosters with membership list print- outs, then the Branch and Regional Organising Committee will assign activists to those areas. It is essential that forward planning is done before a team goes out so as they do not turn up and find they cannot access the workplace or that the depot is empty or the wrong shift is on duty, By co-ordinating our organising activities we can get a combination of „youth and experience‟ by giving new activists opportunities to observe the more experienced hands at work. All activ- ists have different ways of approaching and dealing with prospective members and each individual will tailor their own style. It is the in- tention of the Regional Council to set up re- cruitment schools, specifically so as activists can attend induction classes and be armed with the necessary information and ability to deal with situations. Once again different styles can pro- duce different results but as long as we give a professional introduction to the RMT then our goal is achieved. Being able to approach a com- plete stranger or even a group of strangers is by no means easy; the most important ingredi- ent is confidence. A RECRUITER MUST ALSO BE AWARE OF RMT SERVICES AND BENEFITS THAT ARE AVAILABLE TO NEW MEMBERS– WITH AUNBELIEVABLY, EVEN ARRIVA CAN SEE THE TRUTH SOME- GOAL OF NOT JUST RECRUITING NEW MEM-TIMES....! NOT THAT THEY ARE MUCH BETTER AS OUR COM- BERS INTO THE UNION BUT ORGANISINGRADES ON ARRIVA TRAINS WILL DOUBTLESS WISH US TO NEW ACTIVISTS INTO THE MOVEMENT.POINT OUT... NEXT BRANCH MEETING: TUESDAY 16th FEBRUARY 2010, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, 4 Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE SECRETARY FOR DETAILS
  5. 5. East London Rail Branch News Vol II, Issue 5 February 2010 Our Council of Executives’ member, Bro. Michael Lynch’s Report to the London & Anglia regional Council Executive Com- mittee on the 1ST February 2010The following are “urgent” matters for the information of the Executive Committee:General Grades· Network Rail Maintenance Phase 2 b&c – Following recent legal developments, a major effort has gone into preparing a ballot matrix that cannot be challenged in court. Every member has had a letter regarding their grade and location; we have recorded our actions as a paper trail and man-hours spent on the prepara- tion. The GGC will action the ballot shortly and we, as a Regional Council will have to get fully behind the cam- paign. Meetings have been organised over a period of 2 weeks. Branches should do all they can to ensure good attendance Ideally, every branch with Infrastructure / Maintenance members will have a special branch meeting to dis- cuss this issue and we will try to get speakers along. We must do all that we can to ensure that our members are fully briefed and up to speed with the issues and to ensure a yes vote.· Network Rail Operations – Rostering, PTR&R & T3 – It is clear that management want the ability to im- pose rosters without agreement and we already have a major dispute and strike action in South Wales. With PTR&R, Seniority is not being observed in redundancy selection; consultation is taking place at Local rather that Area level and displaced staff are not being allowed to apply for posts more that 1 grade below with retention of salary. On T3, NR wants to get rid of detonator protection and push responsibility for posses- sion / protection from track worker to signaller. We want the proposed system withdrawn. Work is being done on the ballot matrix to ensure accuracy and any assistance that can be provided from the Reps, Branches and Activists will help.Notice of intention to ballot on both of these major disputes will be served soon and it is likely that we will run the ballots in tandem to maximise the impact and effect. This Regional Council must do all it can to support the disputes N The R.M.T‟s online TV channel where FO EW F R you can get up-to-the-minute informa- AL ROM LM R tion from your union - and vice versa. EM .M.T BE . This is a fully functioning email account – with one RS ‘’ email address. You can access the ser- vice using your web browser, or configure mails to be sent and received on your phone. Includes 1 gigabyte of storage. The union’s social networking website gives RMT members a place to meet online to discuss workplace and other issues in a secure en- vironment. The ‘Facebook’ of the Union! NEXT BRANCH MEETING: TUESDAY 16th FEBRUARY 2010, 1700 HOURS: 5 The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE SECRETARY FOR DETAILS
  6. 6. East London Rail Branch News Vol II, Issue 5 February 2010 AUDIT OF ALL BRANCHES/ MEMBERS WITHIN THE REGION Following reports that the Regional Council Executive Committee discussed the transfer of all London Over- ground Rail Operations Limited (LOROL) members from their respective London & Anglia Regional Coun- cil Branches, to a LOROL designated Branch, this Branch calls upon the Regional Council Organising Committee to carry out a root and branch Audit of all Branches within this Region ensuring that the spheres of influence reflect any necessary changes and that all members are allocated into their correct Branches as per the agreed Spheres of Influence. This is not meant to interfere with a members‟ per- sonal choice of Branch but will enhance our local or- ganizations and focus our activities. Yours fraternally Ed Shine John Clarke Secretary Chairman Pulling Together pro-SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL HARD-DONE vides an engaging and colourfully illustratedBY BANKING EXECUTIVE, HEDGE history of RMT.FUND MANAGER, OR THATCHERITEBLOODSUCKER. AND IF YOU’RE A Available FREE to RMT members. EmailTURKEY, SEND BERNARD MATTHEWS withA CHRISTMAS CARD! your name and address.REMEMBER: AN ARSEHOLE IS NEW from RMTNOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS... a FREE popular history of the union! NEXT BRANCH MEETING: TUESDAY 16th FEBRUARY 2010, 1700 HOURS: 6 The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE SECRETARY FOR DETAILS
  7. 7. East London Rail Branch News Vol II, Issue 5 February 2010 NXEA Revenue and Fleet THOUGHT grades 5 year harmonisa- FOR THE tion pay period has been exhausted and this year is MOMENT their first pay nego- tiations. The two year ‘Those who do not move, do not deal was accepted by unions giving other grades rpi + 0.5% notice their chains.’ increase. ‘Not a bad starting point for negotiations’, it has been suggested, and there is absolutely NO REASON why either of these ‘Freedom only for the members Grades should be offered less than their colleagues inn Retail, and, of of the government, only for thecourse absolutely NO REASON why they should accept less! If the Companytry and negotiate separately we will need to ensure we are invited to Fleet members of the Party - thoughtalks as they like to deal solely with Unite and vice versa. The Branch believes they are quite numerous - is nothat joint negotiations are fundamental to all fair deals, and will be keeping a freedom at all.‘close eye on events as they unfold in the next couple of months. ‘History is the only true teacher, There are rumours of a hurricane within Revenue Pro- the revolution the best school tection at the moment, apparently not only because of for the proletariat.’ uncertainty over the coming pay negotiations, but the Com- pany have already stated they need to ‘look at’ Rosters (having ‘Freedom is always the freedom made vacant posts redundant in the latest re-Org), and this too will of dissenters’require the full involvement of RMT. The Branch notes that the twomost important things in the workplace– the pay, and the hours youwork for that pay, are potentially the two biggest battlegrounds weface. It may, unfortunately, require all members to show some re-solve and determination to prevent an all-put attack on Revenue payand Ros- ters, but watch this space... It has been drawn to our attention that the Company has recruited a number of new staff for the Liverpool street gateline link. Our members there have already recently won a significant victory in the allocation of spare Sundays to permanent staff, which until recently were being Rosa Luxemburgworked by contract and agency staff to the detriment of NXEA employ- (5 March 1871[1] – 15 Januaryees. This policy appears to have now been rescinded, and we congratu- 1919)late the members and Rep’s concerned, and advise vigilance being Worker, Socialist, leader of themaintained to ensure allocation of Sundays stays this way. However, the 1919 German Revolution– she,new staff on the Gateline link (some of whom are from the Agencies) and hundreds of her supportersare all on six-month rolling contracts, which has NEVER been agreed were captured, manhandled andwith this Union. This sets a dangerous precedent for current Terms and shot without trial.Conditions as well as any future recruitment. The Branch condemns thisblatant disregard for equal opportunities among new starters and like- “In her assassination Hohen-wise the breach of Collective Bargaining with this Union, as this was zollern Germany celebrated itsNEVER agreed and brought n without telling anyone. We urge these last triumph and Nazi Germanystaff to join RMT as a mater of urgency and PROTECT YOUR JOBS NOW! its first" NEXT BRANCH MEETING: TUESDAY 16th FEBRUARY 2010, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, 7 Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE SECRETARY FOR DETAILS
  8. 8. East London Rail Branch News Vol II, Issue 5 February 2010 PHONE: 0207 7529 8835 NEXT BRANCH MEETING: TUESDAY 16th FEBRUARY 2010, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE SECRETARY FOR DETAILS. 8