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Newsletter: August, 2009

  1. 1. East London Rail Branch News Vol II, Issue 1 September 2009 0626 East London Rail Branch News Email: CK RI R R Secretary: Ed Shine– 07940340128 DE FO L ! TE RR NA R!! VO MA GIO ISE National Union of Rail, Maritime, & Transport Workers’ RE AN GENERAL SECRETARY: Bob Crow G OR SPECIAL ‘BYE-BYE BOWKER’ EDITION !!! YOU STRUCK FOR JOBS YOU STRUCK FOR P A Y YOU HAVE GAINED BOTHNATIONAL EXPRESS EAST ANGLIA– the Company’s offers to BUT: They weren’t strong enough; they were forced by youit’s Trade Unions went from desultory to almost laughable. to negotiate.Having offered £200 (non-incremental on salary, pension, or BUT: There was more money available;allowances), their further offers were effectively identical but AND: Strike action did achieve something!under a pretence of increasing it. The General Grades Commit- So who was right? Who tells you the truth? An employer whotee of the RMT rightly rejected these so-called ‘offers’, as really lies to you for its’ own ends or a Union that keeps you fully in-STILL a pay-cut! On top of the stalling of pay talks and the volved in the negotiating process, even by giving YOU the finalCompany’s failure to make a meaningful offer, the Joint Work- say in a pay referendum?ing Party on contract and agency labour set up during the previ- You were right. We were right. They were wrong.ous dispute made no progress at all with the Company still us- HOPEFULLY THOSE FEW WHO CROSSED YOURing this labour in defiance of the dispute resolution agreement PICKET LINES WILL REMEMBER THIS, AND RE-we gained at the end of the last strike! The JWP has now, fun- MEMBER THOSE WHO FOUGHT AND LOST MONEYnily enough, been set up as promised. Another back-down on FOR THE SAKE OF ALL, GAINED SOMETHING FORtheir part. EVERYONE– whether you think they deserve it or not, ofPEOPLE WHO TOOK PART IN THE THREE DAYS OF course, is up to you!STRIKE ACTION GAVE YOUR NEGOTIATORS THEPOWER TO DEMAND- AND GET-! A BETTER OFFER.The Company’s propaganda to staff before the strike made outthey were strong enough to withstand your action; that therewas no more money available anyway; and that strike actionwouldn’t achieve anything. And Mr. Andrew Chivers claimedthat himself. NEXT BRANCH MEETING: TUESDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER 2009, 1700 HOURS: 1 The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE SECRETARY FOR DETAILS
  2. 2. ber 2009 il 40128 kers’N !!!K KTH orced by you mployer who s you fully in- YOU the final SED YOUR , AND RE- ST MONEY THING FOR it or not, of
  3. 3. East London Rail Branch News Vol II, Issue 1 September 2009 ANGLIA REGIONAL ORGANIZER NOMINEE AND N.X.E.A. TRAIN DRIVER BRO. DERRICK MARR ‘KEBABS’ NATIONAL EXPRESS AT EMPLOYMENT TRIBUNAL Derrick Marr won a resounding victory by reversing his sacking by NXEA at Stratford As many of you will know by now, Bro. Bob Employment Tribunal, because the tribunal ‘Dreadnought’ Rayner, our Regional Or- believed had a strong case for unfair dis- ganiser and Lead Officer of many years, is due missal for trade-union activities. The tri- to retire in September. This means that an elec- bunal said the company had adopted a tion has to take place within the London & “brutal approach” with the dismissal, and Anglia Region for a new Regional Organiser. had displayed no sympathy towards Der- This Branch, along with many others, has rick Marr’s medical condition. The union nominated Bro. Derrick Marr for the posi- argued that Derrick had been dismissed for his high-profile union activities, and the tion. judgment meant that there was a an expec- WE URGE ALL OUR MEMBERS AND tation that Derrick would win his case at a READERS TO VOTE IN THIS ELEC- full hearing. TION AND SPECIFICALLY, TO VOTE ‘DERRICK MARR #1’ General Secretary Bob Crow said; “We WHEN YOU DO. believe it is quite clear that Del Marr was WHY VOTE ‘DEL MARR’?!?!? dismissed because he has been an effec- tive trade union rep for many years". ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS READ THE ELECTION AD- They were forced not only to re-instate DRESSES YOU RECEIVED WITH YOUR BALLOT PAPER- Bro. Marr to his job, but to reimburse him BRO. MARR, AS WELL AS LISTING WHAT HE HAS AL- all lost back pay, and pay an undis- READY DONE (TWO TERMS ON THE EXECUTIVE COM- closed sum in compensation. MITTEE, BRANCH SECRETARY, LOCAL AND COMPANY The Branch wishes Del Marr all the best COUNCIL REP ETC), ALSO TELLS US WHAT HE WANTS TO in his future dealings with these pirates ACHIEVE– FILLING VACANCIES, FUNCTIONAL BRANCHES, EQUALITY, RESPECT, AND CONFRONTING MANAGEMENT BULLYING AND HARASSMENT; AND IM- PROVING UNION COMMUNICATION, REPRESEN- TATION, AND BASICALLY TO PROVIDE STRONG LEADERSHIP SO NOT ONLY DOES THIS TELL US HE HAS THE EXPERI- ENCE AND HISTORY FOR THIS REGION, IT TELLS US HE HAS IDEAS AND PLANS FOR IT TOO. ON WHICH HIS OPPONENT SAYS VERY LITTLE EXCEPT RIGHT AT THE END- A SLIGHTLY VAGUE ‘PLEDGE’. VOTE ‘DERRICK MARR FOR R.O. AND RETURN YOUR BALLOT IN THE ENVELOPE PROVIDED BY 25th SEPTEMBER 2009 IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED A BALLOT PAPER PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL REP, BRANCH SECRETARY (07940 340 128) OR CALL THE R.M.T. FREE HELPLINE ON 0800 376 3706. NEXT BRANCH MEETING: TUESDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER 2009, 1700 HOURS: 2 The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE SECRETARY FOR DETAILS
  4. 4. ber 2009NAL EE ANDRIVER ARRSS ATBUNALg victory by at Stratford the tribunal unfair dis- ies. The tri- adopted a missal, andowards Der- The union smissed for es, and the a an expec-his case at a said; “Weel Marr was an effec- ars". -instatemburse him undis-all the bestse pirates!XPERI-FOR IT - A THEACTALL
  5. 5. East London Rail Branch News Vol II, Issue 1 September 2009 REVENUE PROTEC- TION MEMBER HAR- ASSED DURING THE RETAIL STRIKE REVENUE PROTEC- It was also reported that one of TION DURING THE this Branches’ (working) Reve- RETAIL STRIKE nue Protection members was victimised by a senior managerDissatisfaction was reported whilst on Duty during a strikeamong RPI members at being day, purely, the Branch be-excluded from the strike action lieves, because he was the only NXEA RETAIL STAFF ON STRIKE AT LIVERPOOLdue to not having been in- visible RMT member there at STREET– PART OF THE PICKET LINE, WHICH THEcluded on the ballot, which re- the time. In what can have been GENERAL SECRETARY, BOB CROW, AT-sulted in having to cover little more than an attempt to TENDED, ON 30th JULY 2009ticket-selling duties on the last demean him and his Union, heday. It was felt that his should was told to ’sweep out a waitinghave been foreseen and pre- room’! When the member MISUSE OF MFAvented. The Branch recognised (rightly) refused, the senior Local Reps are increasingly concerned at tthat pay was not an issue due manager attempted to Company’s willingness to place members oto a four year Revenue Protec- send him home. MfA even following a period of absence that wtion pay deal; but it was noted The Branch noted that it is the result of assault at work or Industrithat the ballot was also about a ironic, but of no surprise at all, (workplace) injury. This is in clear breach of thebreakdown of industrial rela- that during a dispute on the own ‘Chain of Care’ and Health and Safety prtions. Even our Lead Officer breakdown of Industrial Rela- cedures, and although the MfA procedure stathas previously stated that the tions, senior managers should quite clearly that each case must be judged on iRevenue Protection depart- continue a blatant policy of merits and that the interviewing manager may ument has probably the worst harming those relations even discretion, the branch hears that Human Rindustrial relations in the more. sources take the view that it should be automatiCompany (having recently re- On a lighter note, it is not often We are dealing with this at both a Company anferred to Revenue Protection that this Newsletter finds just RMT Head Office as ’Renegade cause for congratulating Mr.Management’) somet hing Alan Perry, Head of Revenuecould have been done along Protection, but in the intereststhese lines. A resolution was of giving credit where it is due,proposed (by the Secretary) the Branch was glad to learnand seconded (Bro. Dean Coo- that he personally intervened No retail reports were heard by the brancper) and passed unanimously and the matter was resolved to due to the absence of any other NXEA RMto inform the general Secretary the member’s satisfaction. members. The Secretary noted that it was diof our view. ficult for the Branch to consider and discu the numerous issues facing our retail grad members if none of them ever turned up an reported on their issues. Especially as, ha ing just waged a successful dispute, it wou have been useful to receive feedback and ad vice from those involved in this successf dispute. NEXT BRANCH MEETING: TUESDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER 2009, 1700 HOURS: 3 The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE SECRETARY FOR DETAILS
  6. 6. ber 2009T LIVERPOOLE, WHICH THEB CROW, AT-ncerned at the members on sence that was or Industrial breach of their nd Safety pro-rocedure states e judged on itsanager may use t Human Re-d be automatic. Company and y the branch NXEA RMThat it was dif- r and discuss retail gradesurned up andcially as, hav-pute, it would back and ad-his successful
  7. 7. East London Rail Branch News Vol II, Issue 1 September 2009 THOUGHT(S) FOR THE MOMENT “All too often miners, and indeed other trade unionists, underestimate the eco- nomic strength they have” “The labour movement had the best op- portunity in 50 years to transform not merely an industrial situation and winNEXT BRANCH an important battle for workers in MEETING: struggle, but an opportunity to change the government of the day” “The trouble with the Labour Party leader- TH ship and the trade union leadership, theyre TUESDAY 15 quite willing to applaud millions on theSEPTEMBER 2009 streets of the Philippines or in Eastern(NOTE CHANGE OF DAY!) Europe, without understanding the need to also produce millions of people on the streets of Britain” ‘THE RAILWAY “Theres a feeling that strength is deter- TAVERN’ mined by the size of a union. That clearly ANGEL LANE is nonsense” “Yet what you need is not marches, demon- STRATFORD strations, rallies or wide associations, all of 17:00 HOURS them are important. What you need is di- rect action. The sooner people understand that, the sooner well begin to change things” Arthur Scar- gill, Presi- dent, Na- tional Union of Mine- workers NEXT BRANCH MEETING: TUESDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER 2009, 1700 HOURS: 4 The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE SECRETARY FOR DETAILS
  8. 8. ber 2009 ed other the eco- best op- orm not and winrkers ino change y leader-p, theyres on the Easterne need toe on theis deter-at clearly , demon-ons, all ofeed is di-nderstando change Scar- Presi- Na- Union
  9. 9. East London Rail Branch News Vol II, Issue 1 September 2009 The Secretary introduced Sister Janine Booth, Stations Functional Council Rep on London Underground, Secretary of the RMT London Transport Regional Council, and author of the new book, ‘Guilty and Proud of it: Poplar’s Rebel Councillors and Guardians 1919-25 discussing the significance of the London Borough of Poplar Rates’ Strike of 1921 (and the imprisonment of Councillors who refused to uphold unjust and oppressive laws and went to jail rather than betray the people who elected them) and its’ relevance today, and to update the Branch on its proposal to jointly affiliate to LTRC as well as the London & Anglia Re- gional Council, to present proposed changes to the RMT Rule Book to be heard at the Spe- cial General Meeting to be held in Doncaster on Friday 6th November 2009, and to request that this Branch supports these Rule changes.LONDON TRANSPORT PROPOSED RULE CHANGES WITHIN THE R.M.T.REGIONAL COUNCIL–BRANCH AFFILIATION Four proposed rule changes designed to improve communication, democracy and rep- resentation within the Union. Branches with no delegates like this one can send in aFor East London Rail Branch to written statement of support which must be read out according to Rule.jointly affiliate to both the LTRC as The age restriction on AGM delegate eligibility to be reduced from five years to three, hopefully increasing the number of newer and younger members;well as London & Anglia would be The Rule Book provides less than a month to enter amendments to Resolutions beforebeneficial not just to the LOROL the AGM, so adding an extra week would allow all Branches who meet four-weekly,members of this Branch but for TfL like his one, to be guaranteed the chance to have a Branch meeting to discuss and pro-members within the LTRC too. It pose amendments, which is not necessarily the case now;would provide greater unity and bar- The Council of Executives should recognise a ‘Strike Committee’ of members whengaining power, as well as being in involved in a dispute and would organise the election of this Committee. The purposeline with Union policy on parity of of the Committee would not be to make final decisions, the authority to do that wouldesteem between staff doing the same remain with the Executive Council, but to organise focussed and cohesive activity,job for different rates and conditions propaganda, and take recommendations to the Executive. This would guarantee betterwithin the two Companies, and help communication between the Executive Council and the members in dispute and would ensure any decision made by them would be the wishes of the members. It would alsopromote equality of promotion and prevent the Executive being blamed for ‘unpopular’ decisions. The difference betweentransfer for staff. It is also in accor- what this Rule Change would produce and now is that instead of ad hoc meetings ofdance with the Rule Book which DFC etc at Unity House, such meetings and their purpose would be laid down in Rule.instructs Branches that are a member Delegates to the AGM are currently elected on Regional Block votes, which effec-of one Regional Council that if they tively means that smaller Branches like this one have no real chance of having theirhave members within London Trans- own delegate unless they are able to persuade larger Branches to support their dele-port, they must affiliate to the gate. But if the number of delegates were increased from 65 to 100 this would improveLTRC. It is a very active Council, members’ representation at a stroke. And Branches with over 500 members wouldwith training days for activists and elect their delegate directly from the Branch (meaning their delegate could speak di-Rep’s, a web-site, recruitment days, rectly for them) - so they have their own delegate. Their block vote would then be de- creased by 500 per delegate, which would give smaller Branches much more chance ofso would be beneficial for the mem- having their own delegates elected.bers of this Branch. NEXT BRANCH MEETING: TUESDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER 2009, 1700 HOURS: 5 The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE SECRETARY FOR DETAILS
  10. 10. ber 2009 on Londonuthor of thes 1919-25’,21 (and theand went tod to update Anglia Re- at the Spe-d to requestM.T.racy and rep- send in ayears to three,utions before -weekly,cuss and pro- embers when The purposedo that would sive activity,arantee betterute and would It would alsoence between meetings of own in Rule. which effec- having theirort their dele- ould improve mbers would uld speak di- d then be de- ore chance of
  11. 11. East London Rail Branch News Vol II, Issue 1 September 2009 ‘IMPOSED ROSTER’ THROWN OUT The Branch was pleased to learn of a victory in the face of an attempt to impose rosters on sta- tion staff on the GOB Line which involved the removal of the one long weekend staff had. After tough negotiations at a local level the ‘new’ ros- ter was withdrawn and the status quo main- tained. The Branch noted that LOROL are now aware of our members’ strength and willingness to fight (following last years’ successful dispute) and no doubt this contributed to their change of heart. The Branch congratulated all those in- volved. ADVERTISING HOARDINGS Concern was raised over the erection of new adver- ‘NEW CONTRACTS’ REJECTED tising boards at most stations on the line, because due to their size, structure and positioning, they Concern was raised at a recent attempt by may constitute a safety issue. It was proposed that LOROL to impose new contracts on staff which the GOB Line H&S Rep Bro. Tatum investigates had some subtle, but important differences re- this and reports back to the Branch whilst taking garding rest-day pay rates among other things. any measure necessary with the Company. However this was also fought at a local level and thrown out, to be replaced by the issue of Job Descriptions. This is what should have been is- sued in the first place- not a new contract- and what staff have been waiting eighteen months STAFF ACCOMMODATION for. The new staff accommodation is now generally com- plete and greatly improved. There appears to be an issue with some toilet doors which open out-wards together which has in fact already led to bruises if That Bro. Brian Whitehead (the current holder both opened at the same time. Although the Branch of the position) is the only candidate who has appreciates the new accommodation, it was noted sent a personal letter to this Branch requesting that this was both no less than what members’ de- nomination, and in consideration of his current served and were entitled to, and also only achieved excellent record in the position, especially re- after the threat of action last year. garding his support in the build up to last years’ LOROL dispute, and the fact that he has always shown himself willing to support and visit the branch, East London Rail Branch nominates Bro. Whitehead for the above position. Proposed: E. Shine ELECTION OF RELIEF Seconded: D. Cooper Passed Unanimously. REGIONAL OR- GANISER (SOUTH) NEXT BRANCH MEETING: TUESDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER 2009, 1700 HOURS: 6 The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE SECRETARY FOR DETAILS
  12. 12. ber 2009ROWN ictory in s on sta-olved thead. Afternew’ ros- main- are nowillingness dispute) hange ofthose in-CTEDempt byaff whichences re- r things. evel and e of Job been is- and monthsnt holder who has questing current ially re- st years’as always visit theominates
  13. 13. East London Rail Branch News Vol II, Issue 1 September 2009 NEW REPRESENTATIVES CONDUCTORS– STRATFORD DEPOT: Bro. Dean Cooper was nominated your new Health & Safety Rep. The Company have been informed and Dean can be contacted on: 07795 237 280 ALL GRADES– GOSPEL OAK/ BARKING ROUTE SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE TRADE UNION MOVEMENT, working class education has been a high priority– from the founding of the Workers’ Educational Sis. Rosa-Lee Watson has been elected our Association in 1903, to the more modern invention of the Branch’s Union Learning Representative. Union Learning Representative. Since 1999 these Reps She will be maintaining a high profile in this have been paving the way for members to be able to ac- new role and can be contacted on: cess the basic right of obtaining knowledge. These Reps work hard to break down the barriers to learning and em- 07884 375 084 power members to address their own skills gap and to continue to learn throughout their lives. From April 2003, ULR’s were given statutory rights at work equivalent to Health & Safety Reps. These rights include reasonable paid time off to carry out trade union duties such as assessing training needs, ar- ranging training, promoting learning, and consulting the employer on these needs. The major focus of a learning Rep are skills for life, which are the maths, English, and IT skills needed to do our jobs, run our homes, manage our money, and enjoy a social life. They are also key skills needed to get involved in the community (including a Trade Union) and are essential to health and safety. As Union Learning Reps are in such a position of trust this makes them ideally placed to encourage colleagues to come forward without embarrassment at their perceived level of education. Reps support and encourage members in continuing to expand their knowledge and follow their interests; this could be anything from learning British Sign Language to taking a University degree. Such skills newly acquired from Union Learning might enable members to get promotion at work, solve problems, and make sound financial decisions. Together with employers, education providers, and the TUC, the railway Union Learning have made steps to overcome barriers to learning faced by members– like shift work– and have provided thousands of high quality learning and training opportunities. LEARNING REPS ARE NOW STANDING PROUDLY SIDE BY SIDE STAFF REPS AND HEALTH AND SAFETY REPS TO MAKE YOUR WORKPLACE A FAIRER, SAFER, AND NOW SMARTER WORKPLACE! NEXT BRANCH MEETING: TUESDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER 2009, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, 7 Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE SECRETARY FOR DETAILS
  14. 14. ber 2009EPOT:ur newhaveactedARKING ted ourntative. e in this Theseeds, ar- d to dod to get Uniongues toterests; newlyd makee stepsof high AND NOW
  16. 16. ber 2009AN-ELF!ne,