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Eve Lurie demonstrates the features of the Suffusion theme to the East Bay WordPress Meetup in April 2012

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  • Customizable and great• 5 upgrades in the past year, 2 of them adding major upgrades.Active Forum where you can ask questions and read documentation.The Hook and Markup reference will help when you are putting in your custom cssOpen pp.
  • Color schemes and Sidebars Layout
  • If have time open Transmit: and explain @import and show instructions.
  • go to the blog first:• The links to it don’t say blog, but rather, the topics in the blog.• There are links in the WP install that go back to the html site so you can go between the two seamlessly.• Logo on the WP install goes to the index.html page for full integration and the menus are the same on both the html site and the wp site.Go to the html site: The client wanted to create an experience, to inform, and inspire as well as provide information about her practice. To provide the means for her patients to get Intake and Medical History forms, excercises, diets, reading lists
  • The WP install is a later phase of the web development project when it became clear that we were going to proceed with some new projects.The Tips and Tricks sections are in WPThe next project will be: Membership management, Member Login, MailChimp integration, and integration with the join page.Here again, the menus match those in the HTML site, and you can go freely between the html site and the wp install.
  • I have been playing around with Suffusion and what it can do with the blog part of my site.Again, The menus are the same as the HTML site and you can navigate back and forth between the HTML site and the WP install.I have the Blog and will put some future projects on the WP install. Those projects that would benefit from using a backend database. Compilation of a list of WP plug ins for various jobs, typography sites and sources.
  • There is a demo on showing how to develop your custom layout, and some directions in the dashboard as well.The "Custom Layout" template offers you 5 special widget areas that you can use to build pretty much any layout that you wish. Each widget area can be defined with a different number of columns. The heights of the widgets in each such widget area can be further controlled so as to maximize your look and feel effects. Define your defaults here, then use this template while creating a page.The following is an example layout using this template.Tip: If you want to use this template and override the defaults from this page, save a draft of your page. That will activate the Custom Layout optionsNote:This template will not display the post content - only the widget areas.To get different widgets on different pages, use this capability with a plugin like Widget Logic.You can pick a specific sidebar layout for a page with this template.
  • I made a magazine layout to show two specific categories, The description is showing
  • Using Espresso to easily see my custom styles before pasting them into the Custom Includes box
  • Suffusion Theme Demo

    1. 1. Suffusion - A Free WP Theme Customizable through options and plug in Integration.  Export/import options for revision control  Dashboard>Appearance>Suffusion Options>Introduction>Import/Export Great Support on the developers site  Active Developer —  Support Forum —  Developer’s site is full of instructions and tips. Of special interest is the Markup and Hook Reference:
    2. 2. Suffusion Theme Basic Install—Color Schemes / Widget Areas box/04 Included Color Schemes- use as is, or as a starting place for customization  Dashboard>Appear ance>Suffusion Options>Skinning> Theme Selection Widget Areas Diagram  Dashboard>Appear ance>Suffusion Options>Sidebars> Sidebar Layout
    3. 3. Child Theme Support Download Child Theme Pack from the aquoid themes-tips-and-tricks/ Child Theme Pack folder structure
    4. 4. Customizing Suffusion- 3 Examples Integrated html/wp sites that use the Suffusion Theme Customize look and feel with Suffusion WordPress install brings added functionality to html site
    5. 5. 1. Suffusion Blog Customized To Matchhtml Site WordPress Install: blog/  Integrated into html site  Menus match  Logo returns to index.html HTML Site: This is the site of an Osteopath  Multi purpose site:  Inform  Inspire  Office and doctor info.  Increase patient access
    6. 6. 2. Suffusion Used To Add Functionality HTML Site for an RV singles club: WordPress Install to match:http://lonersonwheel  Menus Match in both sites  WP install has Tips&Tricks  Next WP projects: : Membership management, Member Login, MailChimp integration, join page integration.
    7. 7. 3 a. Suffusion All Widget CustomLayout HTML Site: http://evelurie.c om/ WordPress Install: http://evelurie.c om/blog/  Custom layout with all widget areas Query Posts Widgets
    8. 8. Widget Only Layout
    9. 9. 3b. Magazine Template>Appearance>Suffusion Options>Templates>Magazine Magazine Template Options – This page has exerpts of posts in two categories
    10. 10. 3c. Custom Styles Custom Style Sheet support and the ability to add custom styles in Dashboard  Dashboard>Appearance>Suffusion Options>Back End>Custom Includes
    11. 11. SUFFUSION Options & Features Child Themes menus, Child theme pack  Featured sliders  Tabbed sidebars  18 pre-defined color Export options for easy schemes back up, moving a site, or  RTL support built in design versions.  Many Languages available Typography- built in Google fonts  Custom Post Types and custom Taxonomies are Mega-Menus integrated Custom layout templates  BuddyPress support pack Customizable drop-down
    12. 12. SUFFUSION Options & Features (cont.) Magazine layout pack Lots of enhanced  Suffusion Commerce Pack. This plug in aims to extend template support to widgets for Twitter, Flickr, popular e-commerce plug ins for Google etc Suffusion. The e-commerce plug ins currently supported are: Jigoshop and Prospress. Support for other plug ins It has 19 widget areas such as WooCommerce or WP- ecommerce will be added in the near It has one-column, two- future column and three-column fixed-width and flexible-  Custom Stylesheet width layouts support and the ability to add custom styles 8 pre-defined templates Suffusion commerce