Pattern Based Design


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A re-design of a space according to human factors and sustainable principles.

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Pattern Based Design

  1. 1. Green BodySaint Paul, MN Kelly Kokaisel | Fall ‘10
  2. 2. Green Body specializes inPersonal Training and GroupClasses. This is acommercial space on the 1stfloor of a condo building, butit is open to the public. It islocated in the historicSchurmeier Wagon Companybuilding near LowertownSaint Paul MN. It is in acommercial district, withsome light foot traffic. Thisspace has many good thingsworking for it and wouldbenefit further from somesmall element changes.
  3. 3. The space is currentlylaid out very well.There are beautifulexposed wood beamsand columns definingthe spaces; the weightarea, the stretchingmat area, the officespace, the kitchen,and the changingarea. An instructor insmall groups of 5 orless can work in thesespace withoutdisturbing anindividual or group inanother portion of thespace.
  4. 4. The office area was previouslyused by just one person, theowner. Now that the gym isgrowing with more trainersthere is a need for moreflexible office space. The deskhas been added on to, creatinga corner desk with additionalshelving attached to the wall.There is now room for 2 peopleto work, 1 on the desktop, and1 on a laptop. The addition ofanother desktop computer isin the works. Being that theoffice is in a corner, there ispotential to put chairs in theopen 2 sides of the square tocreate a meeting space.
  5. 5. The office is currently located in the backcorner. There are no windows, and Ioften see the trainers looking out thefront windows while working. The deskarea needs to be in natural light andwould have windows overlooking life(192). It has been suggested thatwindows be cut on the west wall. Thesewindows would allow natural light fromtwo sides, and a view of the Capital ofSaint Paul, the St. Paul Cathedral, andoverlook of the downtown area andskyline. These windows may be best tobe placed high on the wall in order to getthese views, and to avoid seeing theparking lot directly on the other side ofthe wall. As a side note, this wall isheated extensively by the sun, and thewindows would allow more of that energyto come into the studio. There is somegardening and compost area in the backof the buildings property, but is notcurrently inviting to the public. Acommunity garden for the condo unitshas been proposed to bring moreattention and use to this resource.
  6. 6. There is a large bench at theentrance for visitors to sitdown on to change shoes, orto put their personal items onwhile they are working out. Acubby locker for shoes andbags adds functionality. Thereception is welcoming withmany various green plants, asoothing water fountain, andbright natural light. A softchair and table has beenplaced for reading materialswhile the clients are waiting.
  7. 7. Green Body has a functionalkitchen area with seating for5. People gather here oftenand it is definitely the heart ofthe space. Clean Eatingclasses, coffee, tea, andsmoothie sales, and pre-packaged items for sale in thisarea would bring more peoplein to the gym and makeefficient use of the communaleating space.
  8. 8. Green Body participates in many initiatives to make the spacesocially, environmentally, and economical efficient. This is asmall space for a fitness studio, relative to most popular gyms,but Green Body clients prefer the small space and personalattention they receive their. It is a quite calming and balancedspace, yet full of positive energy and comradery. Energy andwater efficient appliances were chosen during the recent rehab,as well as reclaimed, recycled, and reused materials. Theflooring is composed of sustainably harvested bamboo andcork flooring, with has a low environmental impact. Greenbody supports local and organic producers, recycles andcomposts, uses energy efficient lighting options, and ismaintained by the owner. Simple lifestyles are encouragedhere, through education and training in clean eating, greenliving, and environmental stewardship, in addition to personalphysical efficiency and human powered activities. It is truly aunique environment in the Twin Cities area.