Immigration And Outsourcing

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An essay on immigration and outsourcing - pros & cons.

An essay on immigration and outsourcing - pros & cons.

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  • 1. Immigration and OutsourcingBy Kelly Kokaisel Immigration and outsourcing are topics that many people are passionate about. It effects ones qualityof life directly as well as indirectly. Although some people may feel the effects of outsourcing orimmigration negatively in the short term, economics shows us that open markets create an environmentin which in economies can find their natural balance and self regulate.The permaculture principle, Apply Self-Regulation and Accept Feedback, reinforces the idea that in anatural environment, a system that uses feedback will obtain a yield (positive feedback) and limit ordiscourage inappropriate growth or behavior (negative feedback). A open market system that acceptsfeedback creates a cycle that promotes human capital, which makes us more productive and efficient,which benefits everyone in the long run.American companies benefit from outsourcing jobs, services, and products in many ways. Outsourcingwork to countries where production may be less costly allows the company to reinvest money intobetter products and services or to provide the consumer with a more affordable product or service. Anopen market with fair trade practices provides American workers to obtain a better quality of lifethrough safer, more effective products and services. Economic principles teach us that human capital isnot a zero sum formula; occupying one job does not take away a job from creates morehuman capital, which creates more jobs, which makes everyone better off.In a fair trade open market, outsourcing also benefits the country from which one is aquiring humancapital. While reducing a companies costs it is often still possible to pay the workers a fair wage thatthey might not otherwise able to earn. This increase in income stimulates their economy and allowsthem to participate more in the open market, which benefits everyone as well. Those who wish toparticipate in traditional cultural production may choose to do so and also benefit from a larger marketand increased income. Competition may force a worker out of a field but it also provides a newopportunity. Economies and markets are alive and ever-changing, and people need to be adaptable inorder to succeed.In order for the fair trade open market to succeed, governments need to be small enough to be selfsustainable, yet large enough to provide adequate resources for its community. This can be achievedthrough a united and open system which would naturally encourage healthy governments.Just as in the farm analogy where an agronomist comes to the farm town and makes a machine thatincreases their yield, which provides the opportunity to bring in another worker with special skills andhuman capital, improving the quality of life for everyone on the farm in the long run, outsourcing andimmigrating skilled workers improves the human capital of the workforce which can be more productiveand efficient, which allows them in the long run to provide the resources and opportunities to increasethe human capital in unskilled workers, reaching an equilibrium in which everyone is better off.
  • 2. Systems are cyclical; they expand and collapse. An economy will expand until it reaches a point where itis no longer sustainable and will self regulate and collapse. We are currently on a bubble of expanse,economically and environmentally, and will undoubtedly collapse to some degree to maintain balance.We must work together now to develop enough human capital to buffer extreme changes in the future.This is how we will be fit and survive.