Hopkins Community Development Proposalv2


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A sustainable development proposal concept for a local city.

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Hopkins Community Development Proposalv2

  1. 1. Hopkins, MNCOMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL Kelly Kokaisel | 2010 | Design for Community
  2. 2. THE AREAHopkins is a dynamic community of over 17,000 residents located just 13 minutes west of the TwinCities. Founded rich in tradition and growth, Hopkins offers the advantages and conveniences of alarge city but yet the security of a small town.
  3. 3. Hopkins current development isfocused on commercial andresidential construction projects.Future development is proposed toconstruct more commercial buildings,expand Shady Oak Road, one of themain North South thoroughfares, andfinally for construction for a light railconnection into main streetdowntown Hopkins from downtownMinneapolis. This light rail projecthas huge potential for sustainabledevelopment in Hopkins.THE SITUATION
  4. 4.  Proposal 1  Pattern 25: Access to Water There is a stream, Nine Mile Creek, that runs through Hopkins, and is pretty much the only body of water accessible by residents within the small city of Hopkins. There is not, however, many good access points to it.  Solution:  There is a community garden situated next to the creek, and this could be invested in to make it more attractive and inviting to the community. There is a park here that could be used as a bike share station, as there are many bike trails nearby. This would also be a good place for the farmers market, which is currently held in a parking lot.THE DESIGN
  5. 5.  Proposal 2  Pattern 55: Raised Walk The city of Hopkins is essentially divided into 2 areas, a north and a south, by Highway 3, otherwise known as Excelsior boulevard. All of the commercial district is north of the highway, yet most of the poorest housing (and those without cars) are on the south, forcing them to walk across the busy street, often with small children.  Solution:  A raised walk over this road would allow people to travel freely into the business area and home again, by bike or foot, without being disrupted by the traffic.THE DESIGN
  6. 6.  Economic aspects that don’t work:  Pattern 33: Night Life The night life in the commercial area of Hopkins is pretty boring. The bars are dives, there are few good eating establishments, and therefore most people go out of the city for night life. Back during the condo boom, the city built many new condos above the restaurants and bars on the main strip. These residents make it difficult to bring in a bustling nightlife scene.  Solution:  Bring in trendy young hotspots that incorporate organic food and beverages, live music, dj’s, and dancing. Focus on artisan boutiques rather than boozy dives.THE DESIGN
  8. 8. These are just a few ideas that could add some real tangible improvementsto the overall well being and prosperity of the city of Hopkins, MN. More can be generated with the help of A Pattern Life, by Christopher Alexander. THANK YOU