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EQuIS for ArcGIS Presentation
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EQuIS for ArcGIS Presentation


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. E nvironmental Qu ality I nformation S ystem F E A T U R I N G
  • 2. ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop Integration
    • Analyze EQuIS project databases using ArcGIS
      • Chemistry, Geology, DMR, and Limnology data
        • All populated EQuIS tables can be viewed, queried, and analyzed
        • Visually detect trends, correlations, or problems with data not readily noticeable when viewing tabular data
    • Extensions for ArcMap and ArcScene (3D Analyst)
      • Style Gallery utility for ArcCatalog provided
        • Output created with ArcMap/ArcScene extensions populate all required FGDC metadata fields, and can be viewed/edited with ArcCatalog
      • Extend the capabilities of ArcGIS not available out-of-the-box
      • System Requirements
        • ArcView, ArcEditor, or ArcInfo 8.1 SP1 or later;
          • ArcGIS 9 or later recommended
        • Windows NT 4.0 or later (through version 9.0); Windows 2000 or later (version 9.1 + )
    • Link to industry-leading 3rd party applications
      • Exporting and launching associated program from ArcGIS
        • Some modules “round-trip” by returning this output in ArcGIS-compatible formats
  • 3. User Interface
  • 4. EQuIS for ArcGIS Features
    • Supports all EQuIS project databases
      • DMR, Limnology
        • Map sample locations
        • Connect to any EQuIS database table within the GIS
          • Creates table joins/relates in the ArcGIS framework, replicating the EQuIS database schema
      • Chemistry
        • All of the above, plus…
        • Create 3D Features
        • EZView LayerBuilder
      • Geology
        • All of the above, plus…
        • View Lithology
        • Create Borehole Logs*
        • Create Fence Diagrams*
        • Solid Modeling, 3D Modeling*
    *Requires 3 rd party application
  • 5. View Lithology
  • 6. EQuIS for ArcGIS Features
    • Other features
      • EQuIS for ArcGIS Project View
        • Enhanced ‘Info’ tool (feature inspector) allowing user to view feature attributes and relationships
        • labeling of selected features using per-project customizable label symbol from style gallery
      • Geodatabase Class Extensions
        • Automated symbology using Color Ranges, Graduated Symbols, Pie Charts, Unique Values
      • Descriptive Statistics
    *Requires 3 rd party application
  • 7.
    • Contours with Surfer
      • Integrated with Golden Software’s Surfer 6 or higher
      • Grid data from any map layer using any of the Surfer algorithms
      • Seamlessly imports various Surfer outputs with ArcGIS
        • Saves in ESRI Personal GeoDatabase or Shapefile format
          • Surfer contours as either polylines or polygons
          • Surfer Vector Map (gradient arrows)
        • Surfer grid as ESRI raster grid
      • Style gallery integration for layer symbology to be applied
    • 3D Utilities
      • 3D Annotation
        • Custom OpenGL renderer for 3D point marker symbols
      • Flyby
        • Microsoft’s Windows Media 9 Series video output
      • Animate Graphics
      • Scene backdrop and associated library of images
      • ArcMap 3D Preview Window
    EQuIS for ArcGIS Features *Requires 3 rd party application
  • 8. 3D Preview Window
  • 9. Contaminant Correlations
    • Represent multiple chemical concentrations using the EQuIS EZView LayerBuilder
      • Visualize in ArcMap using pie chart symbology
    • Visualize in 3D using Multivariate Sphere Multipatch “Beach Balls”
  • 10. Expose Hidden Functionality
    • Multipatch geometries
    • Index Grid report
    • ArcMap Selection tab
      • Table of Contents tab for viewing basic statistics of selected features
    • Geodatabase class extensions
      • Automatic symbology rendering when adding data to ArcMap/ArcScene or previewing in ArcCatalog
    • Automated metadata creation
      • Populates all required FGDC metadata items using information from the EQuIS system administration or project databases
      • Including thumbnail creation showing layer’s symbology applied at time of creation
  • 11. Create 3D Features
  • 12. 3D Annotation and Enhanced Point Markers
    • Add 3D text and labels to ArcGIS 3D Analyst
      • based on ESRI’s ‘3D Text’ Developer Sample
      • Label multipatch layers in addition to the feature layers supported in ESRI’s version
    • Enhanced 3D Marker Symbology
      • 3D point symbols look the just like they do in ArcMap
      • Seamlessly integrated with ArcScene and the EQuIS 3D Preview Window, effectively replacing the way ESRI’s 3D Points are rendered in ArcGIS 8.x
      • Honors layer base heights, offsets, definition queries, and symbols used by the various layer renderers available
    • Enhanced User Interface
      • Toolbar controls: layer dropdown shows feature type icons, along with Office-style font picker dropdown, label rotation dial controls, etc.