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EQuIS for ArcGIS Presentation
EQuIS for ArcGIS Presentation
EQuIS for ArcGIS Presentation
EQuIS for ArcGIS Presentation
EQuIS for ArcGIS Presentation
EQuIS for ArcGIS Presentation
EQuIS for ArcGIS Presentation
EQuIS for ArcGIS Presentation
EQuIS for ArcGIS Presentation
EQuIS for ArcGIS Presentation
EQuIS for ArcGIS Presentation
EQuIS for ArcGIS Presentation
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EQuIS for ArcGIS Presentation


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. E nvironmental Qu ality I nformation S ystem F E A T U R I N G
  • 2. ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop Integration
    • Analyze EQuIS project databases using ArcGIS
      • Chemistry, Geology, DMR, and Limnology data
        • All populated EQuIS tables can be viewed, queried, and analyzed
        • Visually detect trends, correlations, or problems with data not readily noticeable when viewing tabular data
    • Extensions for ArcMap and ArcScene (3D Analyst)
      • Style Gallery utility for ArcCatalog provided
        • Output created with ArcMap/ArcScene extensions populate all required FGDC metadata fields, and can be viewed/edited with ArcCatalog
      • Extend the capabilities of ArcGIS not available out-of-the-box
      • System Requirements
        • ArcView, ArcEditor, or ArcInfo 8.1 SP1 or later;
          • ArcGIS 9 or later recommended
        • Windows NT 4.0 or later (through version 9.0); Windows 2000 or later (version 9.1 + )
    • Link to industry-leading 3rd party applications
      • Exporting and launching associated program from ArcGIS
        • Some modules “round-trip” by returning this output in ArcGIS-compatible formats
  • 3. User Interface
  • 4. EQuIS for ArcGIS Features
    • Supports all EQuIS project databases
      • DMR, Limnology
        • Map sample locations
        • Connect to any EQuIS database table within the GIS
          • Creates table joins/relates in the ArcGIS framework, replicating the EQuIS database schema
      • Chemistry
        • All of the above, plus…
        • Create 3D Features
        • EZView LayerBuilder
      • Geology
        • All of the above, plus…
        • View Lithology
        • Create Borehole Logs*
        • Create Fence Diagrams*
        • Solid Modeling, 3D Modeling*
    *Requires 3 rd party application
  • 5. View Lithology
  • 6. EQuIS for ArcGIS Features
    • Other features
      • EQuIS for ArcGIS Project View
        • Enhanced ‘Info’ tool (feature inspector) allowing user to view feature attributes and relationships
        • labeling of selected features using per-project customizable label symbol from style gallery
      • Geodatabase Class Extensions
        • Automated symbology using Color Ranges, Graduated Symbols, Pie Charts, Unique Values
      • Descriptive Statistics
    *Requires 3 rd party application
  • 7.
    • Contours with Surfer
      • Integrated with Golden Software’s Surfer 6 or higher
      • Grid data from any map layer using any of the Surfer algorithms
      • Seamlessly imports various Surfer outputs with ArcGIS
        • Saves in ESRI Personal GeoDatabase or Shapefile format
          • Surfer contours as either polylines or polygons
          • Surfer Vector Map (gradient arrows)
        • Surfer grid as ESRI raster grid
      • Style gallery integration for layer symbology to be applied
    • 3D Utilities
      • 3D Annotation
        • Custom OpenGL renderer for 3D point marker symbols
      • Flyby
        • Microsoft’s Windows Media 9 Series video output
      • Animate Graphics
      • Scene backdrop and associated library of images
      • ArcMap 3D Preview Window
    EQuIS for ArcGIS Features *Requires 3 rd party application
  • 8. 3D Preview Window
  • 9. Contaminant Correlations
    • Represent multiple chemical concentrations using the EQuIS EZView LayerBuilder
      • Visualize in ArcMap using pie chart symbology
    • Visualize in 3D using Multivariate Sphere Multipatch “Beach Balls”
  • 10. Expose Hidden Functionality
    • Multipatch geometries
    • Index Grid report
    • ArcMap Selection tab
      • Table of Contents tab for viewing basic statistics of selected features
    • Geodatabase class extensions
      • Automatic symbology rendering when adding data to ArcMap/ArcScene or previewing in ArcCatalog
    • Automated metadata creation
      • Populates all required FGDC metadata items using information from the EQuIS system administration or project databases
      • Including thumbnail creation showing layer’s symbology applied at time of creation
  • 11. Create 3D Features
  • 12. 3D Annotation and Enhanced Point Markers
    • Add 3D text and labels to ArcGIS 3D Analyst
      • based on ESRI’s ‘3D Text’ Developer Sample
      • Label multipatch layers in addition to the feature layers supported in ESRI’s version
    • Enhanced 3D Marker Symbology
      • 3D point symbols look the just like they do in ArcMap
      • Seamlessly integrated with ArcScene and the EQuIS 3D Preview Window, effectively replacing the way ESRI’s 3D Points are rendered in ArcGIS 8.x
      • Honors layer base heights, offsets, definition queries, and symbols used by the various layer renderers available
    • Enhanced User Interface
      • Toolbar controls: layer dropdown shows feature type icons, along with Office-style font picker dropdown, label rotation dial controls, etc.