Concord, MA – June 12, 2014 — EarthSoft announced today that Critigen
has joined its Business Partner Program. With signif...
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Critigen Business Partner Program


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Critigen Business Partner Program

  1. 1. Concord, MA – June 12, 2014 — EarthSoft announced today that Critigen has joined its Business Partner Program. With significant user experience with EQuIS software, Critigen is certified as an EarthSoft Business Partner providing EQuIS services to industrial and government clients. Critigen’s consultants have the EQuIS licenses, experience and talent needed to deploy large EQuIS Enterprise systems. Critigen has invested heavily in training its staff who are experienced as practitioners of the tasks EarthSoft users perform daily in addition to their software and IT skills. EarthSoft is pleased to recommend Critigen for EQuIS implementation and management services, project management, systems integration, historical data migrations, and other services necessary for large-scale Enterprise implementations. EarthSoft will work with Critigen developing opportunities for EQuIS software and Critigen services. Industrial and government clients and prospects will be referred to Critigen when implementation, migration or management services are required. The EarthSoft Partner Program recognizes the skills developed by our Partners and provides a forum to be engaged by those in need of services. The Partner Program generates services revenues, makes happier end users, and accelerates EQuIS deployments. EarthSoft CEO Mitch Beard commented “EarthSoft has been working with Critigen for several years and values the talent and skill provided by Critigen professionals. With a long history of data management projects, the experience Critigen brings to the table in our discussions is invaluable”. About EarthSoft: EarthSoft’s EQuIS is the world’s most widely used environmental data management system. For further information about EarthSoft or EQuIS, please visit or email About Critigen: Critigen is a full-lifecycle spatial systems integrator driving government and private-sector performance through spatial IT solutions. With global reach and top-tier partnerships Critigen delivers all components of a geospatial program: data collection, spatial processing, analytics and intelligence, application development, and mobile solution development. Critigen’s data management environment makes multi-party collaboration an affordable reality with state-of-the art environmental data management tools and best-in-class IT infrastructure and support. Centered on Earthsoft’s EQuIS line of tools, Critigen’s data management system (DMS) enhanced with proprietary tools and Critigen services to meet your data management challenges. Visit