EarthLink Next Generation Cloud Brochure


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The Next Generation Cloud supports Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Exchange, Data Center Firewalls, Secure Remote Access, Cloud Workspace and Hosted Exchange.

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EarthLink Next Generation Cloud Brochure

  1. 1. ©2013EarthLink,Inc.Trademarksarepropertyoftheirrespectiveowners.Allrightsreserved.1071-07063 | 1-800-957-4872 | • Latest VMware 5.1 delivers industry leading virtualization capabilities • Windows 2012 supported • Enhanced vCloud Connector for increased flexibility in sharing virtual servers and creating Hybrid Clouds • Monitoring Services powered by Nimsoft GET STARTED • Eliminate capital expenditures • Reduce data center costs • Reduce operating expense • Easily scalable • Engineering consultation • Customized solutions NEXT GENERATION CLOUD EARTHLINK BUSINESS® IT SERVICES HIGH PERFORMANCE, HIGHLY SECURE CLOUD SERVICES The Next Generation Cloud supports Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Exchange, Data Center Firewalls, Secure Remote Access, Cloud Workspace and Hosted Exchange. Performance: • vCPU processing speeds 20% faster for improved performance • New Cisco UCS platform for greater scalability Security: • Intrusion detection and prevention (IPS) for all inbound traffic, an industry leading security feature • New Data Center Firewall powered by Fortinet for more robust security • New Secure Remote Access platform, powered by Juniper, fully integrated with Cloud in multiple locations to provide client SSL VPN access for MPLS and Cloud Hosted services without a separate device • Automated patch management and antivirus • SSAE 16 compliant data centers to meet industry compliance requirements Network Capabilities: • Greater network design flexibility with increased number of internal sub-nets • Enhanced vShield supports simultaneous MPLS and Internet connections without a dedicated firewall and new configurations for increased throughput and load- balancing Storage & Backup: • Improved data protection with new NetApp storage platforms • Faster storage connectivity with 10 Gb links between virtual servers and storage units FEATURES BENEFITS Next Generation Cloud - Deployed nationwide in SSAE 16 compliant data centers on a private MPLS network with Data Center Connect
  2. 2. GET STARTED Intrusion Detection & Prevention: Fortinet Managed Security Options: Anti-virus, Anti-malware, URL & Content Filtering: Fortinet HIGH AVAILABILITY ROUTING & SWITCHING UNIFIED COMPUTING SYSTEMS – UCS Cisco PRIVATE MPLS NETWORK IT Staff Employees SECURE REMOTE ACCESS VPN PUBLIC INTERNET CLOUD OWNERS & VISITORS: HA ROUTING/ SWITCHING VIRTUAL SERVERS SAN STORAGE MANAGED NETWORK & SECURITY SERVICES MANAGED SERVICE OPTIONS NETWORK Primary Office Any Other Office VisitorsMobile - Anywhere with Internet Backup CommVault Patch Anti-Virus Trend Micro Monitoring Nimsoft Data Center Certified Security Staff –Security Services Data Center Engineering Staff: –Provisioning & maintenance Managed Services Team – Backup. Patch, AV, Monitoring Juniper VPN Access FIREWALL ©2013EarthLink,Inc.Trademarksarepropertyoftheirrespectiveowners.Allrightsreserved.1071-07063 | 1-800-957-4872 | How it Works Architecture The EarthLink Next Generation Cloud is powered by VMware vSphere 5.1 hypervisor and runs on Cisco UCS server hardware and Cisco gigabit networking equipment all in a N+1 architecture in our SSAE 16 compliant data centers. The Cloud platform supports over 250 operating systems including 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux virtual machines that can be hosted simultaneously. Virtual machines have their own root accounts that you can control, configure and manage.