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  • 2010 – 2012 Strategic Plan Approved by the Board of Trustees March 2010 Developed in conjunction with the City of Worthington and the Worthington City Schools, as part of the Worthington Area 360 Project Asked hundreds of people to share their opinions, ideas, and concerns about the future of the Worthington community. Feedback from community- maintaining core services instead of adding anything new or expanding.
  • Strategic Initiatives Services
  • Strategic Initiatives Services
  • Worthington Libraries provided us with these usage statistics… Want to focus on teens because…
  • Links to Youtube videos/tutorials
  • Collaboration with schools Teen spaces Current customer service Barriers- library card, computer with sound, and access to the internet, or access to the library
  • Currently, both Mango and Powerspeak are listed in under “All Research Databases A-Z”
  • Currently, f one lists research databases by topic, one will find Mango and Powerspeak listed under “Multilingual resources”
  • Currently, ONLY MANGO is listed on the Homework Help Teen Page under “Research tools for students”
  • When you search for Rosetta Stone in the catalog, the library also lists 2 links. First link takes you to Mango Second link takes you to the Multilingual Resource page.
  • Flickr page
  • Providing demonstrations of the electronic resources in the Library Teen areas after school.
  • Worthington

    1. 1. WORTHINGTON LIBRARIES Marketing Plan Earline, Penny, Scott, & Shiva
    2. 2. OVERVIEW • Mission, Vision, Strategic, Action Plan • Executive Summary • Marketing Plan • Promotional Material
    3. 3. MISSION STATEMENT The mission of Worthington Libraries is to encourage lifelong learning within the community by providing exemplary services and promoting equal access to information.
    4. 4. VISION STATEMENT Worthington Libraries serve as community centers dedicated to lifelong learning, the exploration of new ideas and cultural exchange. As a vital part of the diverse community they serve, the libraries capitalize on opportunities to build innovative partnerships and aggressively promote services and programs. The libraries keep promises made to the community by exhibiting careful stewardship of resources and demonstrating fiscal responsibility through the collections and services provided.
    5. 5. 2010-2012 STRATEGIC PLAN • Worthington Area 360˚ Project • Worthington City Schools and City of Worthington • Focus groups, surveys, community meetings • Collaboration opportunities
    6. 6. SURVEY RESULTS Online Databases “The most important things to our family are ... the Rosetta Stone online language program. Family members of all ages have benefited from this wonderful free program. I still can't believe what a wonderful opportunity it is.”
    7. 7. 2010-2012 STRATEGIC PLAN Services – Provide core and niche services… such as foreign language materials – Promote to wide audience using a variety of methods to increase awareness – Maintain and expand “Find Yourself Here” brand – Utilize technology – Evaluate and monitor - enhance or eliminate
    8. 8. 2010-2012 STRATEGIC PLAN Innovation – Libraries as community centers for education – Try new technologies in supportive environment – Collaborate to strengthen community Staff Development – Low/no-cost meaningful training – Develop technology skills
    9. 9. 2011 ACTION PLAN • Engage teens to increase their involvement • Provide community access to technology training (Skype) • Work with area educators and school systems • Utilize social media • Work with community partners
    11. 11. LIBRARIES Old Worthington Northwest Worthington Park
    12. 12. TEEN SECTIONS
    13. 13. ELECTRONIC RESOURCES Sept-Dec 2010 In-house Use Remote Use Total Powerspeak 30 78 108 Mango 73 446 519
    14. 14. INTRODUCTION Find Online Language Learning here. Mango Languages Powerspeak Languages
    15. 15. INTRODUCTION Benefits • Customer will learn a foreign language –Better informed community –Learn about other cultures –Travel abroad –Prepare for college –Prepare for future career
    16. 16. INTRODUCTION Characteristics of Service – Online interactive language training – Provided through Library website – Provide in-person and online customer service – Measure usage through “clicks” – Need library card, access to Internet computer with sound, and the desire to learn
    17. 17. INTRODUCTION Service Description Whether you want to learn a language for personal enrichment, school, or to travel abroad, Worthington Libraries’ Online Language resources will provide you with a fun, easy, and accessible experience to learn new foreign languages.
    18. 18. TARGET MARKET • Teens • Geographic Demographics • Library Stats • Occasions • Trends • Lifestyles- trends • Benefits • Demand • Media Habits
    19. 19. CURRENT MARKET • Competition – Bookstores, Schools, Online (e.g. Amazon) • Worthington Area 360˚ Project –97% overall satisfaction –Place • Customer Service • Barriers
    20. 20. OPPORTUNITY & ISSUE Opportunities –Partnerships with local schools and businesses –Reach key market segment (Teens) –Educate about other/own cultures –Increase staff training and awareness –Increase awareness of Library services
    21. 21. OPPORTUNITY & ISSUE Issues –Budget constraints –Competition for time –Sparking interest –Creating awareness
    22. 22. GOALS & OBJECTIVES Awareness – Goal: Provide core and niche services, such as foreign language programs – Objectives: • Collaboration between local schools and businesses • Promote through variety of techniques
    23. 23. GOALS & OBJECTIVES Usage – Goal: Increase usage of foreign language electronic resources – Objective: • See an increase of 10%+ during 6 month project
    24. 24. GOALS & OBJECTIVES Staff Knowledge and Skills – Goal: Develop library employees skills regarding foreign language electronic resources – Objectives: • Provide awareness of resources to staff • Provide enhanced knowledge training for public service librarians • Inform staff to direct public queries to trained librarians
    25. 25. GOALS & OBJECTIVES Funding – Goal: Use existing resources to implement project with minimal cost – Objectives: • Utilize online sources for marketing • Utilize current librarians and resources
    26. 26. MARKETING STRATEGIES Core Marketing Strategy Engage teens to maximize their involvement in using the Worthington Libraries and the foreign language electronic resources, through collaboration with appropriate partners in the community, in order to solidify the Library’s position as a key provider of this service.
    27. 27. MARKETING STRATEGIES Positioning Strategies • Make Worthington Libraries the first place teens turn to when looking for language learning service. • Worthington Libraries offers unique combination of one-on-one support and interactive online resources with convenient and anonymous access to the Mango and PowerSpeak resources. • Worthington Libraries will build upon existing strengths to achieve optimal results for the community.
    28. 28. MARKETING STRATEGIES Marketing Mix • Service: Highlighting existing online resources by skilled library personnel in various dimensions • Price: Applying for library card and dedicating time to access to online services • Place: Providing physical or virtual library access. • Partnership: Creating relationships between the library and local businesses, schools, and homes. • Promotion: A coordinated effort to use print and online material, and demonstrations to schools and businesses.
    29. 29. TACTICS/ACTION PLAN March 1st - August 31st 2011 • Product- Foreign Language Electronic Resources • Price- Staff Time and Promotional Material • Place- Library, Library Website, Social Media, Schools, Businesses • Promotion- Print, Online, Programming, Local Collaboration
    30. 30. IMPLEMENTATION • Pilot Project: March 1 – August 31, 2011 • Plan administered by Director for Community Engagement • Bi-weekly Staff Meetings • Monthly Reports to Library Director • Objectives and Controls • Budget and Staff Resources
    31. 31. SUMMARY • We will deliver a high-quality learning experience. • We will enhance the lives of our customers. • We will build upon existing partnerships in the community. • We will excel.
    32. 32. Print Material
    33. 33. Web Presence
    34. 34. Local Collaboration
    35. 35. EDUCATORS GET ONBOARD • Contact administrators at Worthington public and private middle and high schools • Invite Spanish and French teachers –Set date and time to host foreign language teachers at Old Worthington Library –Write invitations- Deliver personally
    36. 36. EDUCATORS GET ONBOARD • Contact This Week Community Newspaper Worthington- for press coverage • Order food and drinks • Packets containing fliers- classrooms and library card applications
    37. 37. EDUCATORS GET ONBOARD • Day of meeting- Prepare meeting room • At meeting – Welcome attendees – Introduce Teen Librarians – Introduce Mango and Powerspeak – Tour Teen section – Pass out packets – Take questions – Thank everyone • Clean up meeting room
    38. 38. Programming
    39. 39. PROGRAMMING • Skype Pals – Suyama, Japan; Riquewihr, France; and Fornalutx, Spain • Mondo Manga • Conversation Groups – Expand beyond English
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