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  • Henry Stewert DAM LA 2010 - Rights Management

    1. 1. 1 Copyright © 2010 Earley & Associates, Inc. All right reserved.
    2. 2. Rights ManagementGordon CastleSenior ConsultantEarley & Associates, Inc.www.earley.com Copyright © 2010 Earley & Associates, Inc. All right reserved.
    3. 3. Gordon Castle • Innovator and leader in the media and entertainment industry • 20+ years of experience • Proven track record conceiving, planning and executing large-scale initiatives that have changed organizations and the way people work • Media and entertainment technology and strategic planning, business management, internet technologies, workflow optimization, digital media planning and implementation • Prior roles • Senior Technology Fellow, Company Broadcasting • Internal corporate advisor to Company’s Entertainment and New Products Groups • Lead initiatives to advance high definition acquisition, broadband production, media asset management and new product development. • SVP of CNN Technology • Provided strategic direction for the CNN News Group • Directed technology planning, execution and training3 Copyright © 2010 Earley & Associates, Inc. All right reserved.
    4. 4. The Setup: Need for DAM 2.0 and Rights Management Mass Media Audience Targeted Ratings / Reach Value Engagement • How do we maintain the content value model, relevance, ad premiums and revenue growth?  How do we transition the business? • Capability to understand, manage and optimize content (and ads) utilization across the enterprise will support sustained growth Understand Manage Optimize Growth4 Copyright © 2010 Earley & Associates, Inc. All right reserved.
    5. 5. The Core Issues Media Companies need to: Manage the consumer experience, digital media Deliver an integrated product appropriate to the and intellectual rights audience and platform As well as: Reduce the cost of new Optimize the content lifecycle Leverage content opportunities Which requires: DAM 2.0 Active rights management Content Portfolio Management Digital Supply Chain • Dynamic usage and content tracking • Enables Cross Media DAM5 Copyright © 2010 Earley & Associates, Inc. All right reserved.
    6. 6. DAM 2.0 - Content Portfolio Management Content Rights SOA DAM Portfolio Management Infrastructure Management• Rapidly growing need for media companies to understand content utilization across vertical businesses and platforms  Active content tracking  Utilization reporting  Content licensing models and forecasting• Key component in monetizing fragmented audiences and justifying content costs  Develops, tracks and reports the true value of content and its overall reach6 Copyright © 2010 Earley & Associates, Inc. All right reserved.
    7. 7. Active rights management• Complex• No defined structure, no known lifecycle models• Structure and approach is a competitive advantage• Driven by distribution channel/platform Content Formats Subject Content Area Types Functional Roles Rights Content Status content protection and piracy utilities are improving Business Rights Units Metadata (e.g., YouTube Content Geography/ ID, identification for Locations monetization)7 Copyright © 2010 Earley & Associates, Inc. All right reserved.
    8. 8. Rights Information Management Initiatives•metadata in general: Dublin Core; MXF (Material Exchange Format); NewsML; Prism; XMP(Extensible Metadata Platform)•film and TV: Permissions Direct [unsuccessful]; Rightscenter.com; RightsWorld.com Rights Information Standards[unsuccessful]; Sony Music Finder; SubRights.com [unsuccessful]•text publication: Copyright Clearance Center (copyright.com); Copyright Agency Ltd [Australia];VG Wort [Germany]; XanEdu (xanedu.com)•digital publication: Zinio •Digital Content Identifiers•mobile search: Google; InfoSpace; JumpTap; Medio Systems; MotionBridge; Yahoo •AAP Enabling Technologies Committee [unsuccessful]•image licensing: Corbis (corbis.com); Getty Images (gettyimages.com); Jupiterimages •cIDf (Content ID Forum) •Content Reference Forum (CRF) [unsuccessful] Intellectual Property Management(jupiterimages.com)•trade shows: BookExpo America (BEA); Frankfurt Book Fair; London Bookstandard •CrossRef Fair; NATPE Solutions and Services •DMP Cable Media(National Association of Television Programming Executives); Western(Digital Show Project)•Web 2.0 delivery: Brightcove; Digg; Maven Networks; Yahoo; YouTube•DOI (Digital Object Identifier)•multiplatform delivery: Entriq; thePlatform; Navio’s AV Commerce service •GRid (Global Release ID) The lack of standards and systems •Access Integrated Technologies, Inc./RTS •Amino Technologies/AssetHouse •ISAN (International Standard Audiovisual Number) •ISWC (International Standard Musical Work Code) •AP (Associated Press)/hNews •Microsofts .NET Passport scheme is limiting business models •Book Rights Registry (Google and Authors Guild) •Copyright Clearance Center (copyright.com) •ONIX for Licensing Terms •PURL (Persistent Uniform Resource Locator) •Sun’s Liberty Alliance [unsuccessful] •Counterpoint Systems Ltd. and digital opportunities •Creative Commons/CC+ •Jaguar Consulting/System 7 •UMID (Unique Material ID) •Rights Expression Languages (RELs)/rights management languages •Pilat Media/IBMS •PRISM Rights Language •ccREL (Creative Commons Rights Expression Language) •RightsLine Software Inc. •Contract Expression Language (CEL) •RSG Media Systems/RightsLogic •MPEG-21 •SAP •Sophoi/iPLS The industry needs a cost- •ODRL (Open Digital Rights Language) •SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) •XACML (OASIS eXtensible Access Control Markup Language) •ACAP (Automated Content Access Protocol) •XrML (eXtensible Rights Markup Language) effective, flexible, extensible, secure 8 solution Copyright © 2010 Earley & Associates, Inc. All right reserved.
    9. 9. Devising a rights management solution• Distribution collections have defined structures  Adobe  Apple  Google  Microsoft• Rights management taxonomy and metadata initiatives  business-to-business (B2B)  business-to-consumer (B2C)• Cloud based and content IDs emerging• Enterprise-level rights management integration  using purchased, customized, and proprietary solutions9 Copyright © 2010 Earley & Associates, Inc. All right reserved.
    10. 10. Industry Next Steps• Understand and execute approaches that support integrated content management• Use structured metadata and taxonomy approaches to evolve rights management, from creation to consumption• Use content portfolio management to understand, manage, and track content10 Copyright © 2010 Earley & Associates, Inc. All right reserved.
    11. 11. About Earley & Associates Taxonomy and Metadata experts with a service practice addressing right management initiatives • Focus: Information Architecture (“IA”) • Consulting Philosophy: Services • Organizing Principles based on business context and goals • Founded: 1994 • Four Pillars - People, Content, Process, and • Personnel: Twenty core team Technology consultants, plus a network of other top industry experts • ECM and KM experts • taxonomy specialists • search experts • information architects • usability professionals • technology consultants • business process experts • Headquarters: Boston, MA 1111 Copyright © 2010 Earley & Associates, Inc. All right reserved.
    12. 12. Questions Gordon Castle Senior Consultant Earley & Associates, Inc Gordon@earley.com 404-939-3520 Additional resources at www.earley.com http://www.earley.com/webinars/jumpstarts/digital-asset-management http://www.earley.com/consulting-services/digital-asset-management DAM Survey of Best Practices Help determine Best-in-Class procedures in DAM and get a free copy of the report http://cts.vresp.com/c/?GISTICS/142ab481c9/fef3754238/e695ab477a 1212 Copyright © 2010 Earley & Associates, Inc. All right reserved.
    13. 13. DCI Rights Management Summary Greg Fioravanti VP, Deal & Rights Management Business & Legal Affairs Discovery Communications 13
    14. 14. Rights ManagementStarting Point – 2005/ 06• High demand from business for available content – DCI Producing large volume of hours per year – DCI considering many new business opportunities• Difficulty accessing information – System insufficient – Lack of standardized data capture – Elemental rights in binders• Cost to DCI – Rights reviews could take a long period of time 14
    15. 15. Rights ManagementCurrent State• System Solution – Partnered with RSG Media Systems to build Rights Logic – Provides full program rights picture – Push information out to business• Rights Data Capture Automated – Entered backlog of 10,000 documents over 2 year period – Able to have new contracts input in 2 week timeframe – Process optimized, minimal headcount – Rights analysts only deal with higher level issues• Result – Real time, reliable rights reviews 15
    16. 16. Rights ManagementFuture• Integration – Need to push rights data to client’s systems requiring alignment of process and understanding of long term dependencies – Metadata must be standardized across all businesses and services – Systems need to be adjusted to align to common structure• Result – Real time information available to end users in their system – Administrative burden reduced – Data integration allows business to maximize revenue 16
    17. 17. Who Is Participating in PLUS?• Creators: photographers, illustrators.• Distributors: stock agencies• Users: book publishers, newspaper publishers, magazine publishers, web publishers, motion picture/TV, ad agencies, designers, the public• Cultural Heritage: Museums, libraries, researchers, education al institutions• Other: software developers, attorneys, picture researchers, artist
    18. 18. The PLUS Registry
    19. 19. Join the PLUS Coalition• Learn more: • www.usePLUS.org• For more information: • info@usePLUS.org
    20. 20. Panel Discussion• Greg Fioravanti  VP - Deal & Rights Management, Discovery• Jeff Sedlik  President & CEO, PLUS Coalition• Igor Vezmar  SVP of Product and Services Development, Ascent Media• Gordon Castle  Senior Consultant, Earley& Associates, Inc  Gordon@earley.com 404-939-352021 Copyright © 2010 Earley & Associates, Inc. All right reserved.