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Social recorded webinar Social recorded webinar Presentation Transcript

  • @marklogic + You = WIN2013 Social Media Initiative
  • as @marklogic, we’re going to focus on:1) using social media to engage with our community2) drive awareness towards MarkLogic and it’s initiatives3) Create new sales opportunities
  • What you can do to be a part of the@marklogic community:Share with friends articles that you havewritten, “liked”, or found to be industry specific.Give “shout outs” to people and places for greatwork, or just because!Be sure to tag/mention MarkLogic and MarkLogiccommunity members in posts and tweets.-We all like a little attention every once in a while. ;)Take photos of MarkLogic events and make yourpresence known!
  • Its a platform wherein users share their thoughts, news,information and jokes in 140 characters of text or less.Twitter makes global communication cheap andmeasurable.Profiles are (usually) public — anyone in the world can seewhat you write, unless you elect to make your profileprivate.Users "follow" each other in order to keep tabs on andconverse with specific people.
  • Twitter TerminologyThe first step is to understand and master thevernacular. There are certain words andjargon native to Twitter that you may alreadyhave heard in passing.These terms and their abbreviations (inparentheses) are essential for understandingthe network.
  • The next time you see a particularlyfascinating tweet, click "reply" and add yourtwo cents.Interacting with people is a great way to getthe hang of the "@mention" (just use the"@" sign before that persons handle).See if you can identify what’s going on?
  • Tips and TricksWhen to use #marklogic vs. @marklogic#marklogic: when you are referencing the product itself.ex: Woo hoo! Semantics to wrap your brain around #marklogic #semantics@marklogic: when you are referencing (or talking TO) the companyex: @marklogic What’s the big deal about data? #bigdata #NoSQLHere are some Industry related hashtags that can be used with #marklogic and @marklogic tweets#BigData#NoSQL#Xquery#Cloud#Semantics
  • 8Don’t be afraid to like or share a MarkLogic post!Take photos and tag your coworkers!Facebook is fun! Let’s try to create anatmosphere where we can display our cultureand allow for visitors to be a part of our page aswell.The more interactions each post has, the morepotential eyeballs we will reach. :)
  • Be a part of the@marklogic community!
  • 10Unlike content shared on social networks likeFacebook and Twitter, LinkedIn updates tend tobe industry- and professionally-focused.Keep that in mind if you’re attempting to increaseengagement.You can share updates from a number ofdifferent places, both on and fromoutside web properties. Post a status updatefrom the LinkedIn homepage, and it will beshared as well as posted to your profile under theactivity feed.Also, when you engage in discussions inLinkedIn groups, that activity counts as anupdate.
  • LinkedIn Groups:You can use the Search bar on LinkedIn to find most active groups + join them and let’s talk data!Search for: Chief Data Officer / Big Data & Wall Street / Big Data in Media / NoSQL Databases / InformationManagement etc…
  • Don’t know what to share or post? Use this handy-dandy roadmap!
  • Social Media EtiquettePlease refrain from creating or engaging in behavior that would be placingMarkLogic in a negative light.More importantly, it will be incredibly embarrassing to be the sole reason as to whyemployee social media accounts will have to be monitored at all times.We all know that you’ll be using your personal accounts to help bolster MarkLogic’sonline presence, but please do it in accordance with how we conduct ourselves inthe office.