Export Compliance Management Seminar 29 & 31 May 2012: Global Trade Management Products and Solutions


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Export Compliance Management Seminar 29 & 31 May 2012: Global Trade Management Products and Solutions

  1. 1. OCR Services, Inc. Global Trade Management Products and Solutions
  2. 2. Agenda  Introduction to OCR Services Inc.  Our Solution  Product Demonstration  Questions and Answers
  3. 3. OCR Team Introduction Sudhir Bhatnagar, General Manager, International Operation Sanat Kumar, Director of International Operations Saurabh Arora, Business Analyst Robbert De Groot, Business Development Netherlands
  4. 4. Who is OCR?  Founded in 1981  Headquartered in Washington, D.C.  Leading provider of enterprise software solutions in global trade compliance  Serving over 900 clients  Created the first electronic classification for products – Electronic Request for Item Classification (ERIC) in 1994 for the Bureau Of Industry and Security(BIS), USA  Created the first licensing system for dual use controls in 1994 for the Bureau Of Industry and Security (BIS), USA  Provided the first electronic system support for licensing of military items under ITAR – 1999 – Electronic License Entry System (ELLIE) for the US Department of State (DOS)  Provided the first electronic industry interface to D- Trade licensing system 2003 for the US Department of State (DOS)
  5. 5. OCR Client Base Government Regulatory Agencies Fortune 500 Corporations Mid-Market Corporations Major Industries Served • Aerospace and Defense • Electronics and Computers • Banking, Insurance, and Finance • Pharmaceutical • Chemical and Petroleum • Federal and State Governments • Legal Community • Freight Forwarders and Distributors •Textiles •Food
  6. 6. Global Presence London, UK Amsterdam, NL Philadelphia, PA Boston, MA Spain Washington D.C. Los Angeles, CA Delhi, India Miami, FL Shanghai, China Dubai, UAE
  7. 7. Software Portfolio EASETM North America Global EASETM Single Window Solution• U.S. Trade Regulations • Global Trade Compliance • Denied Party Screening• Denied Party Screening • Denied Party Screening • License Determination/ Tool • Global Product/Customs Applications• Product Classification Classification • Global Trade• Export/Import • Global Export/Import documentation Documentation Trade documentation • Product Classification• Automated AES Customs • Customs Filing • Visitor and ID Filing • License Management Management• License Management • Anti-Money Laundering• Data and Services Export Authorization • E-tendering• DOS/DOC Licensing• Compliance Incident Reporting/Tracking• Visitor Management End-to-End Regulatory Compliance Management
  8. 8. Global EASETM – SystemComponentsPrepare Purchase Orders, Invoices and Product Classification – Customs andEntry Summary Declarations Export ClassificationFlexible Internal Review process Global HS and ECCN dataIntegrated with Watch List Screening Multiple Country Classificationsand License Management Multilateral Export Control RegimesFacilitate compliance validation U.S. De-minimis content Import Commodity Audit Trails and ReportsGenerate Import Documents Management ClassificationElectronic Customs FilingAudit Trails and Reports GLOBAL EASE Export License Management Management License determination - Screen againstPrepare Export Shipments and InvoicesFlexible Internal Review process Global Licensing regulationsIntegrated with Watch List Screening Watch List Integrated with Export/Importand License Management Screening ManagementFacilitate compliance validation Export/Import License ApplicationsGenerate Shipping and Customs Internal License Review processDocuments Central repository of licensesElectronic Customs Filing License decrements with notificationsAudit Trails and Reports Audit Trails and Reports Identify and flag Prohibited/Restricted Parties Global Trade Watch Lists End-User and Party Screening Sophisticated Fuzzy Logic Full Audit Trail Fully Customizable
  9. 9. TMGlobal EASE Features End to end Export/Import Global Trade Solution Denied Party Screening against global watch lists - International Trade Restricted party lists and Local list Multi Country Export compliance and classification data (HS, ECCN etc.) Multi Country Licensing regulations/ U.S. De-minimis content Multi Country currency handling Facilitates Multi Country Licensing requirements for export items and adjusting license values in multiple currencies. Generate multi country export documentation, as per country requirement Localization of Electronic customs filing/ Manual submission of documents for customs clearance Localization of Languages
  11. 11. Application Workflow & DEMO GLOBAL EASETM – PRODUCT DETAILS Add New Product Add Classification (Manually/ from ERP) Details EXPORTER IMPORTER Multiple Countries Export Classification – Dual Use/ Military Goods Manufacturer Details/ Country of NOTIFICATION Origin/ De-minimis Content Multiple Importer evaluates/ Countries Product Add Free Trade Attach relevant Agreement/ Documents/ compares HS codes Customs Classification (HS GSP Worksheets provided by the Classification – codes and Export HS Codes Classification) Exporter and Finalizes Classification for Customs clearance
  12. 12. Benefits Automated and simplified Global Trade Compliance Reduce transaction delays and costs Get easier, better and more accurate access to intelligent information and databases Improve coordination and integration between all parties involved in trade Increase control, monitoring and tracking of merchandise and documentation Expedite Export/Import License Application process Streamline processes for collecting, processing, submitting or archiving information Enhance transaction security
  13. 13. Q&Awww.ocr-inc.com
  14. 14. Confidentiality This presentation or demonstration contains OCR confidential and proprietary information. The information is presented only to assist you in evaluating OCR’s software for your business needs. This presentation may not be duplicated, recorded, or disclosed to others, in whole or in part, for any other purpose.
  15. 15. Thank You!