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Based in California, Donna is our expert in the real estate, and particularly passionate about North Dakota Oil Boom Real Estate Development. ...

Based in California, Donna is our expert in the real estate, and particularly passionate about North Dakota Oil Boom Real Estate Development.

For the past year she has been in close touch with North Dakota developers and builders assisting them in funding requirements ( private equity, venture capital, and angel investor, etc) to create strategic partnerships. Donna has been working with JW capital with the whole process including fund formation, fund raising, deal sourcing, execution, managing relationships with builders, corporates, investors, institutions.

Donna also specializes in sourcing and analyzing investment opportunities in the North Dakota Real Estate Market, originating loans and private equity investments.
RWP Capital Partners provides advisory services to companies in terms of their capital requirements. At RWP, we focus on a wide variety of sectors, including:
Real Estate (Commercial, Multi-Family, Portfolio, Residential and Developments, Hospitality, Medical Offices)
Finding Acquisition Capital for companies in buying real estates
Finding equity partners for real estate projects
Cleantech & Renewable Energy
Oil & Gas Energy and Infrastructure projects
Manufacturing projects
Expansion capital for industrial companies and franchises
Hospitality (Hotel Acquisition, Developments and Refinance)
Working Capital and Special Situation Financing

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  • 2. OUR PHILOSOPHY How We Are Different? Research based networking Taking initiative. approach. When RWP Capital Partners believes in a This includes extensive research into both our project, we do everything we can to make it investors and lenders, done in order for us to happen. Our team is unrelenting: we believe better understand their criteria and preferred that there is more than one kind of solution to a opportunities. We match deals according to the problem – we will even participate in criteria of our investors & lenders. opportunities. Communication matters. Network. What sets us apart is communicative liquid With members based on both the East and network. We are in constant contact with both West coast, RWP Capital Partners has contacts sides, which enables us to find the right deals all over the globe. Networking is key, especially for the right investors. Timing matters – and when it comes to finding the right match. Our we know that. members also have extensive international experience in different industries.© TRUSTCOMPANY 123 Street Name, City, County | T: 123.456.7890 | |
  • 3. MANAGEMENT 3 Meet our team.Thomas Su Van Bettauer Donna ZhaoManaging Member Partner PartnerThomas Su has diverse experience Investor Relations & Research Business Development, West Coastand background. A self-made Van is an expert in leads generation Donna specializes in sourcingentrepreneur, Thomas owns a and has experience in finding capital and analyzing investmentnumber of web related and providers using both conventional opportunities in the Northmarketing businesses. He and non-conventional tactics. He has Dakota Real Estate Market,established Informed Investors, a worked with various companies as a originating loans and privatefinancial publication for Asian consultant, including Wall Street PR, equity investments.investors in Australia with a Smart Info Buzz and Research White6,000+ circulation; he also formed Paper Group, Inc. Donna has an impressiveMCW Consulting, which provides background as Businessinvestor relations services for His specialties include building up Development in multiplelisted companies in Australia, Asia investor relations with various capital industries, including technology,and United States. sources, as well as understand their recruiting and real estate. investment criteria.Thomas is the Founder of RWP Her passion in real estate &Capital Partners & Van is based in Vancouver, Canada. North Dakota has made her intoResearchWhitePaper Group, Inc. a well-known expert in the area.He splits his time between Canada& USA. He is also creating a new Donna is based in San Jose, CA.Kids 4 Finance Franchise.© TRUSTCOMPANY 123 Street Name, City, County | T: 123.456.7890 | |
  • 4. MANAGEMENT 4 Meet our team.Pedro Arce Kerri Colegrove Marlon McPhersonPartner Partner PartnerBusiness Development, East Coast Research & Analysis Residential PropertiesPedro specializes in sourcing and For over 20 years, Kerri has been a Marlon is our youngest member,analyzing investment opportunities California real estate investor. In the a self-made real estate investoron the East Coast, originating loans last several years she has had and entrepreneur; he is already aand private equity investments. investments in Atlanta and North owner of multiple investment Dakota oil fields. For project properties in the U.S.Pedro specializes in real estate, financing or selling a project, Kerriearly stage opportunities. Based in has access to over 100 sources to Marlon is a professionalBoston, he is also very active in take care of your business finance marketer with strong businessinternational business, venture needs. and real estate investments. Kerri specializes in Research & His skills are helping us inPedro is multi-lingual, and sources Business Developments, her superb building up relationships withdeals in South America. analytical skills ensure that our deals individual investors interested in meet with our investors / lenders’ residential properties in the U.S. criteria. Marlon is based in Toronto & Kerri is based in Southern California Atlanta.© TRUSTCOMPANY 123 Street Name, City, County | T: 123.456.7890 | |
  • 5. TYPES OF INDUSTRIES 5Target Industries Real Estate Cleantech & Energy Expansion Activities Our network of investors Our network of investors Our capital sources provide provide funding for real provide funding for expansion capital for all estate opportunities, both different technology and sectors – both in U.S. & in the U.S. and selective industrial opportunities international markets. international markets. such as clean- Our investors & lenders tech renewable energy, They like acquisition provide funds for deals oil & gas and other opportunities, new ranging from $1 million engineering or developments, pre-revenue upwards. Type of manufacturing related opportunities and structure includes debt, industries. These include consolidation activities. equity and joint venture both debt and equity investments. financing.© TRUSTCOMPANY 123 Street Name, City, County | T: 123.456.7890 | |
  • 6. TYPES OF INVESTORS 6 Our Investors & Lenders Private Equity Direct Lenders Family Offices REITs Groups Strong relationships with Alternative Assets All Asset Classes Balance Sheet Financing global REITs Joint Venture Development & Participation Loans & Real Estate Investments Investments Construction Loans Investments Both US & European Portfolio Purchase or Equity Investments Asset Based Loans Family Offices Transactions Alternative Financing – Invest in development Mezzanine Investments Contract Monetization, Multiple Industries opportunities as well Factoring and More Joint Ventures & Equity or Loan Loan Equity or Loan Transactions© TRUSTCOMPANY 123 Street Name, City, County | T: 123.456.7890 | |
  • 7. CONTACT US 7 Get in touch with us. If you have any questions, or have a project you would like us to review, please contact us. For Business Enquiries & Joint Ventures: E-mail: E-mail: West Coast Real Estate Opportunities E-mail: East Coast Opportunities E-mail: Residential Properties & Marketing E-mail: Get social with us:© TRUSTCOMPANY 123 Street Name, City, County | T: 123.456.7890 | |