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Eagle Bridge North Dakota Oilboom
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Eagle Bridge North Dakota Oilboom


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Eagle Bridge to Offer 49% Return to Ground Floor Investors in Black Gold Rush Town …

Eagle Bridge to Offer 49% Return to Ground Floor Investors in Black Gold Rush Town

Eagle Bridge, North Dakota Development’s partner in resolving the housing shortage in the state, offers 49% annual rental return to ground floor investors. The company claims that North Dakota, being the largest oilfield in the history of the United States and is currently known as Black Gold Rush Town, is very promising for real estate investment because the demand for accommodation is currently high.

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  • 1. HUGE 44% rental yields on investmentRiding OnThe Biggest Oil Boom!!EXCLUSIVE From The Builder
  • 2. What is Happening In North Dakota?THE BOOM BRINGS HOUSING SHORTAGE CRISISNorth Dakota is making all the waves right now...and its new name is called THE BLACKGOLD RUSH Town..We, at Eagle Bridge, LLC provides you, the investor, the ONE & ONLYexclusive & massive 44% return MINI_HOTEL Investment ! No other investment offers suchan exceptional level of return - and it is all backed by the big oil companies. Its high timeto take part of the biggest oil rush of the USA has ever seen- Happening NOW! - right at thebeginning of a boom which is set to last for many years to come! ​With the boom comeshousing shortage crisis. With the boom comes housing shortage crisis. People are rushingfrom all over to secure $80,000-$100,000 jobs. Tom Rolfstadhead (economic developmentfor the town of Williston, ND) said: "I can almost get anyone a job here, probably the daythey get here. But finding them a place to stay is a real challenge". Thousands of workersneed accommodation NOW! Literally thousands of workers are currently sleeping incars, tents and shipping containers, and some even in trees.
  • 3. What is Happening In North Dakota?URGENT NEED FOR INVESTORSDue to the sudden increase of the state’s oil production, it has created a dire housing needfor thousands of workers. This is the reason why the company’s level of urgency in looking forinvestors is high. To date, there are 15,000 workers in Willison oilfield without properaccommodation. Other developers are also experiencing difficulty in building in the said areabecause as soon workers are sent to the site, their staff is poached by oil companies offeringthem 3 to 6 times higher salary. However, Eagle Bridge makes use of advanced buildingtechnology, so the developer can build the site’s main structure and have the mini hotelstransported instantly on site, eradicating this problem. The company also claims that this isan assurance of up to 90% occupancy rates and long-term income for investors.
  • 4. Eagle Bridge is partnering with North DakotaDevelopment to offer North Dakota a solutionto the housing shortage while giving investorsan opportunity to cash in on the real estateopportunity this oil boom has created. The saleof newly constructed housing units (MiniHotels) that will provide lodging for thousandsof workers in North Dakota. Investors canpurchase a single unit or suits of 5 and reapover HUGE 44% rental yields on investment .Exclusive Investment OpportunityBuying Directly From The Builder
  • 5. At the heart of the Bakken Formation oil fields is a small town called Williston, which is defying the laws of economics inthe current US recession. With more oil in reserves than Saudi Arabia and the USA combined, the pressures from thisrapid growth are evident. According to recent reports there could be as much as 24 billion barrels of oil in the BakkenFormation.The world we live in continues to be dictated by the supply and demand for commodities and there are few commoditiesthat are more important in the world than oil.As the world’s largest consumer of oil, the USA is in an incredibly fortunate position to have discovered one of thelargest oilfields ever, known as the Bakken Formation in North Dakota and it is all over the news; BBC, CNN and Time magazineto name but a few have covered this story.This is new, current and causing waves across the USA as engineers, oil workers, and job seekers flood to the area in search of jobsand opportunities, where even manual workers are paid as much as $150 / hour. Of course it goes without saying that the large oilcompanies such as Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Halliburton are already involved heavily.However currently due to the extremely new opportunity and remote location of the Bakken Formation oil fields in NorthDakota, USA, there is currently an incredible shortage of accommodation for 15,000 of these oil workers which means that thousandsare having to sleep in tents or else sleep in their cars in sub zero temperatures.BAKKEN FORMATION?WILLISTON?
  • 6. HOUSING SHORTAGLETHE BOOM BRINGS HOUSING SHORTAGE CRISISAs a result of this incredible prosperity and with money flooding the area, NorthDakota has one of the lowest unemployment rates in all of the USA and land prices arerising dramatically. Currently only a tiny fraction of the 15,000 and rising oil workershave suitable accommodation and as such the vast majority are sleeping in theircars, tents and trailer parks.This is totally unsustainable especially when you consider the location being just southof Canada, where the weather can be extremely cold and is causing health and safetyissues for the multinational oil companies, who have to ensure the safety and welfareof their staff.
  • 7. HOUSING SHORTAGLETHE MINI HOTEL DEVELOPMENTEach mini hotel suite contains 5 self-contained rooms with 2 beds and furnished to ahigh standard. Each mini hotel comes with full, dedicated and professionalmanagement in place to provide a passive, “hands free” income for investors. The minihotel also offers high quality, spacious and fully furnished living room, dining room andkitchen.This offers a truly unique community experience for the oil workers where they cancook their own meals instead of eating out all of the time and the chance to socializewith other workers. This is something that other accommodation choices do not offerand which will ensure these mini hotels achieve not only maximum occupancylevels, but that each worker will stay for a long period of time.
  • 8. Please reserve your unit CALL US NOWTEL: 408-837-0575