Main ideas and supporting details


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Main ideas and supporting details

  1. 1. Distinguishing Main Ideas and Supporting Details
  2. 2. • Textbook chapters, articles, paragraphs, sentences, or passages all have topics and main ideas. Reading Text The main idea is Supporting details support the "key concept" the main idea by telling being expressed. how, what, when or where.
  3. 3. Main Ideas and Supporting Details in Paragraph A paragraph is a group of related sentences about a single topic: MAIN IDEA: the point that the whole paragraph makes DETAILS: the sentences that explain the main idea
  4. 4. Paragraph Main Idea: TheTopic: Subject of point of the whole the whole paragraph paragraph Details: Transitions: Other Sentences that words and phrases explains main to connect the idea ideas
  5. 5. General vs. Specific The main idea in a paragraph is a general idea. In contrast, the supporting details in a paragraph is made up of specific ideas and details. Supporting details make the main idea stronger since it develop and support the main idea with specific information.
  6. 6. Try this:identify the general word in each group. jealousy hatred emotion worry Biology Physics Science Chemistry Football Reading Interest Baking Travelling
  7. 7. Identify main ideas and supporting details:General ideas: broad ideas that apply to a large number of individual itemsSpecific ideas or terms: more detailed or particular; referring to an individual item
  8. 8. People differ in numerous ways. They differ according to physicalcharacteristics, such as height, weight, and hair color. They also differ inpersonality. Some people are friendly and easygoing. Others are more reserved and formal. Where is the main idea? (most general statement)
  9. 9. Nutrition is the process of taking in and usingfood for growth, repair, and maintenance ofthe body. The science of nutrition is the studyof foods and how the body uses them. ManyNorth Americans define nutrition as eating ahealthful diet. But what is healthful? Ourfood choices may be influenced by fads,advertising, or convenience. We may reflecton the meaning of nutrition while pushing acart down a supermarket aisle, or whilemaking a selection from a restaurant menu.
  10. 10. Looking for the Main Idea• Locate the Topic--person, place, object, idea• Locate the Most General Sentence--the topic sentence ◦ Topic Sentence First (usually) ◦ Topic Sentence Last (second in frequency) ◦ Topic Sentence in the Middle ◦ Topic Sentence First and Last (last = emphasis)• Study the Details—all the sentences in a paragraph must relate/support/explain the main idea.
  11. 11. Unstated Main Ideas
  12. 12. The Statue of Liberty is visited by thousands of people every year. TheStatue of Liberty is a 151 foot statue of woman holding a book and a torch. Itwas a gift of friendship from the peopleof France. It has become the universal symbol for freedom. Where is the main idea?
  13. 13. Recognizing Supporting Details
  14. 14. Types of Supporting Details Examples, Illustrations Facts and Statistics Reasons Incident Descriptive Details Steps or Procedures Comparison or Contrast
  15. 15. where are the supporting details? The Erie channel changed the way people moved goods in the 1800’s. The 363 mile canal connected Albany, New York to Lake Erie in Buffalo for the first time. When the Canal opened in 1825, building supplies and goods could be transported quickly and cheaply across New York State. Canal boats pulled by mules carried people and supplies across New York.
  16. 16. Main Idea: Lake Erie changed the way people moved goods.So, the supporting details are:• 1-The 363 mile canal connected Albany and New York for the first time.• 2-The canal boats pulled by mules carried people and supplies across New York State.• 3-The canal made a way for goods to be transported cheaply and quickly.
  17. 17. 1. Identify the main idea in the paragraph. 2. List all the supporting details
  18. 18. Although cigarette sales in the US havedropped, US tobacco companies continue todo well. Figures show a steady decline indomestic consumption over the last decade.This is because a lot more Americans arebecoming aware of the dangers to healthcaused by smoking. However, cigarettecompanies have ways of coping with theproblem. They are expanding markets in thirdworld countries and in former communistcountries. For example, RJR has made an entryinto the vast Chinese market by tying up witha local partner to market its products there.
  19. 19. When a humpback whale breathes, it blows air andwater vapor out its blow hole on the top of its head.The whale’s breath, forced out the hole at 450 kph, iscomposed of air and water vapour; it can reach 5meters high and seen from 2 kilometers away on aclear day. It contains a fishy smell and oily substance,which can leave a residue on a camera lens, if tooclose. Whale’s breathing or the ‘blow’ is usually thefirst sign that a whale is present.
  20. 20. A list of “things to do” for each day and week is avaluable aid to managing your time. A “to do list”organizes your thinking and planning onto one formin the least amount of time with the maximumamount of efficiency, A “to do list” is especiallyhelpful if it coincides with the record-keeping youalready do for your company. After a short time, youwill find yourself handling a greater volume of workwithout increasing your stress. You will simplybecome efficient.